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(RP) First Round Election Results! Event Timetables! & Missing Person's Announcement!

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Adol, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Adol

    Adol Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 28, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Your Soar-away Sausage was there at the death for the first round announcements! Unlike a certain Escaflowne who was not there at all!

    Yes, if you have seen Escaflowne please let the Sausage know! Check all the dens of iniquity and vice; the brothels, the speakeasys and sleazy motels! Perhaps he's out in your back yard right now, rummaging through your garbage, wearing your discarded things over his face like some disgusting freak?

    The Daily Sausage of course wouldn't dream of suggesting that's what he's definitely doing... BUT HOW CAN YOU BE CERTAIN HE'S NOT?!

    We are just reporting on the possibility that's where he might have been, instead of at the electoral announcement today...

    ... in other news, the results of the elections so far were as follows;


    In 8th place, with 9 votes (2.41% of turnout) was Fynn Barrett.

    In 7th place with 18 votes (4.83% of turnout) was Kou.

    In 6th place with 21 votes (5.63% of turnout) was Heimlich.

    In 5th place with 24 votes (6.43% of turnout) was Nathan Hawke.

    In 4th place with 50 votes (13.40% of turnout) was Aron Swordmaster.

    In 3rd place with 78 votes (20.91% of turnout) was Alaster The Mad.

    In 2nd place with 86 votes (23.06% of turnout) was Escaflowne.

    In 1st place with 87 votes (23.32% of turnout) was Lord Irvyn

    Thus Kou and and Fynn Barrett are eliminated, and the top 6 go forward to the next round.


    There will be an extension into a third week of voting, the next round will not decide the winner but eliminate all but 2 candidates.

    There will be events on the following dates;

    Tuesday 22nd of November, at 8pm UK time.

    Thursday 24th of November, at 8pm UK time.

    (Both at normal EM event times basically)

    It is not known yet what these events may entail, but it could be combat so come prepared.

    So... the final question is; who was gracious in defeat, who was magnanimous in victory, and who frankly was scandalously naked in front of women and children? Here are the election day speeches! Colonel Clegg was today the Election Results Officer.

    [Colonel Clegg]: Good evening everybody
    [Irvyn]: Good evening Colonel.
    [Trent Edwards]: *puts them on!*
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Salutes*
    [Ayara-Bee]: good evening
    [Nathan Hawke]: Evenign Colonel
    [Irvyn]: *bows head politely*
    [Mary-Ann]: aha
    [Irvyn]: *looks along and nods to Heimlich*
    [Heimlich]: *nods back*
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Pats a pocket on his tunic*
    [Jessica]: *Looks round*
    [Colonel Clegg]: I have here the results of the first round of the elections
    [Jessica]: The Vesperians are late...
    [Fargo]: Hmm...
    [Irvyn]: Neither Escaflowne nor Fynn are here yet.
    [Kou]: Punctuality is not a trait of chaos
    [Aron Swordmaster]: What ever the results so far, I trust we can continue to respect each other as we have so far
    [Colonel Clegg]: But before I read out the results, I have some news
    [Irvyn]: *nods along with Aron's words*
    [Irvyn]: *looks to Clegg*
    [Colonel Clegg]: We've decided to add another round of voting to the Elections
    [Fargo]: *raises an eyebrow*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Another round of voting, good good
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *nods in approval*
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Colonel Clegg]: This first round of voting we had 8 candidates
    [Weasel II]: Alaster No*1
    [Colonel Clegg]: After tonight, we will continue with 6
    [Heimlich]: weezle your words are a knife in my heart
    [Colonel Clegg]: Next weekend we'll have another round of voting
    [Colonel Clegg]: After which only 2 will remain
    [Amantala]: ello mush
    [Weasel II]: :( sorry heim but alaster rocks
    [Alaster The Mad]: this is a good idea
    [Colonel Clegg]: Then we will do the final round to decide on the winner
    [Irvyn]: I concur, this will be fairer.
    [Irvyn]: The majority view will be much more clear.
    [Heimlich]: *nod*
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Nods* I think so too
    [Aron Swordmaster]: And will allow more time for awareness of this vital issue to develop, a wise course
    [Nathan Hawke]: Where is Escaflowne?
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: Im not sure Sir
    [Colonel Clegg]: I have no idea...
    [Alaster The Mad]: i trapped his shoes
    [Heimlich]: esca who?
    [Nathan Hawke]: Ahh thank you
    [Colonel Clegg]: And Fynn isn't here either...
    [Colonel Clegg]: Strange
    [Irvyn]: *mutters just slightly too loudly: "Eaten by bears, possibly."*
    [Mary-Ann]: well of course fynn isnt here!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: This mystery of the whereabouts of Escaflowne sounds like a job for the Daily Sausage!
    [Nathan Hawke]: They are plotting our downfall somewhere?
    [Heimlich]: lol
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Looks somewhat alarmed*
    [Mary-Ann]: *chuckles at nathan*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Makes sense to me
    [Nathan Hawke]: *nods*
    [Colonel Clegg]: You never know with those Vesperians....
    [Irvyn]: *looks round at Nathan*
    [Trent Edwards]: I'm from Vesper!
    [Mary-Ann]: haha
    [Irvyn]: Are you sure you are not just imputing your own motives to them?
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: Vote Esca!
    [Alaster The Mad]: this proves those words
    [Irvyn]: *innocently raised eyebrow*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Perhaps we should be asking ourselves whether we are prepared to think better of them ourselves?
    [Trent Edwards]: Might have a point there...
    [Aron Swordmaster]: (Ugh so tired, repetition of words, sorry)
    [Anira Cuilwen]: *sighs a little*
    [Alaster The Mad]: today 50% discount on pants at PWAL Shop !
    [Colonel Clegg]: I guess we're just going to have to carry on without them....
    [Irvyn]: *makes another attept to get comfortable*
    [Jessica]: The results? this bench is getting really uncomfortable
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: *sniffs Alaster*....hmmz
    [Colonel Clegg]: Alright, I would like to call all the candidates forward

    Clegg begins to teleport Candidates onto the steps in front of the throne at this point

    [Mary-Ann]: I really need to pee
    [Alaster The Mad]: omh
    [Alaster The Mad]: omg!
    [Mary-Ann]: lmao!
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: put some cloths on man
    [Irvyn]: *eyes Alaster with slight suspicion*
    [Heimlich]: oh great
    [Heimlich]: i get the slightly lower step
    [Colonel Clegg]: Good good
    [Alaster The Mad]: * scratches nose*
    [Colonel Clegg]: So... the results!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Wait, how do we get down again in case of a sudden emergency of a pants-tacular nature?
    [Nathan Hawke]: *smiles a little*
    [Colonel Clegg]: In total there were 373 votes cast
    [Heimlich]: ooh
    [Alaster The Mad]: wow
    [Colonel Clegg]: And I have to say.... it's very close between the front runners indeed
    [Nathan Hawke]: *listens*
    [Colonel Clegg]: In the very last place... with only 9 votes
    [Mary-Ann]: *crosses legs tightly*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I believe the campaigns were of an equally high quality, so this is unsurprising
    [Irvyn]: *maintains an entirely relaxed demeanour*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Was Fynn Barrett
    [Nathan Hawke]: Ouch
    [Fargo]: *claps politely*
    [Irvyn]: *rubs chin*
    [Mary-Ann]: ouch
    [Colonel Clegg]: Next was Kou with 18 votes
    [Nathan Hawke]: Shame
    [Nathan Hawke]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Sorry Kou
    [Fargo]: *sighs*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: This is not to say he is not admired, just that we have chosen others
    [Alaster The Mad]: Kou rocks!
    [Kou]: *Grins*
    [Irvyn]: *looks along the line and gives her a sympathetic smile*
    [Heimlich]: *claps for kou*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: And m'lady, you will always make an excellent host
    [Colonel Clegg]: I'm afraid both Fynn and Kou are out of the running
    [Nathan Hawke]: *blinks*
    [Nathan Hawke]: *looks surprised*
    [Colonel Clegg]: But I'd like to thank Kou for running
    [Nathan Hawke]: Aye
    [Kou]: Shall I go back to my bench and cry, now?
    [Kou]: *Grins*
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Claps for Kou*
    [Trent Edwards]: Woo!
    [Irvyn]: *applauds her*
    [Ayara-Bee]: *claps*
    [Fargo]: *applauds warmly*
    [Amantala]: *claps*
    [Mary-Ann]: *claps politely*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * applause*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: No, I expect you to go back to your duties like the admirable guard you still are!
    [Nathan Hawke]: *claps*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Do you want to say something Kou?
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: *claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: The realm still needs ye both!
    [Nathan Hawke]: Who will you support now Kou?
    [Kou]: *Looks thoughtful* I think I best not *Grins*
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Nods* Very well
    [Colonel Clegg]: You may return to your seat
    [Kou]: *Nods*
    [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [Colonel Clegg]: So.... we are left with 6 candidates for the next round
    [Colonel Clegg]: I will continue with the results
    [Colonel Clegg]: 6th place was for Heimlich
    [Nathan Hawke]: *claps*
    [Heimlich]: omg
    [Fargo]: *claps politely*
    [Colonel Clegg]: With 21 votes
    [Alaster The Mad]: * claps*
    [Irvyn]: *claps*
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: *claps*
    [Ayara-Bee]: *claps*
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Tetsuo]: LOSSER !!!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *applause*
    [Colonel Clegg]: 5th place for Nathan Hawke with 24 votes
    [Nathan Hawke]: Ahh
    [Irvyn]: *claps*
    [Fargo]: *claps*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * applause*
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: *claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *claps too*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Aron Swordmaster made it to the 4th place
    [Colonel Clegg]: With 50 votes
    [Heimlich]: *claps*
    [Fargo]: *claps politely*
    [Irvyn]: *claps*
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *nods solemnly*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * applause warmly*
    [Colonel Clegg]: And the 3rd place is for Alaster the Mad
    [Alaster The Mad]: at least one from me !
    [Nathan Hawke]: *woops*
    [Anira Cuilwen]: *claps politly*
    [Alaster The Mad]: omg!
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Colonel Clegg]: He got 78 votes!
    [Nathan Hawke]: Well done Alaster
    [Irvyn]: *claps and smiles*
    [Irvyn]: Well done.
    [Fargo]: *raises an eyebrow then claps*
    [Alaster The Mad]: thank you all !
    [Aron Swordmaster]: 78 votes for getting their pants back!
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: *claps, holds his trousers firmly*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: But well done, good mad sir
    [Alaster The Mad]: ahaha i keep each pants
    [Alaster The Mad]: thanks aron !
    [Colonel Clegg]: The first and second place might as well be shared
    [Colonel Clegg]: Irvyn got 87 votes for first place!
    [Fargo]: *warm applause*
    [Heimlich]: *claps*
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * claps heavily*
    [Irvyn]: *looks surprised*
    [Nathan Hawke]: *claps*
    [Colonel Clegg]: And Escaflowne made 2nd with 86 votes
    [Jessica]: *Claps*
    [Alaster The Mad]: really well done !
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: Very close.
    [Nathan Hawke]: Now that is close
    [Gerrick]: *claps*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Just one vote between them!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Indeed, and a strange portent, although excellent candidates both
    [Ayara-Bee]: *claps for all candidates*
    [Mary-Ann]: will there be more campaign speeches?
    [Colonel Clegg]: Would you all like to say a few words?
    [luke]: yes heimi smells!
    [Nathan Hawke]: *looks left and right*
    [luke]: oh them?!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: After you gentlemen?
    [Nathan Hawke]: No no after you
    [Tetsuo]: lol
    [Colonel Clegg]: Yes, the candidates
    [Alaster The Mad]: thank you all for participation !
    [Colonel Clegg]: Irvyn first
    [luke]: sowwy!!
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Step forward Duke
    [Irvyn]: Well, firstly I would like to say thank you to all those who voted for me.
    [Heimlich]: i knew this lower step was abad omen
    [Irvyn]: Thank you for your trust in me, I will do my best not to let you down.
    [luke]: irvyn must be 102 irl now hes been in dot for yrs
    [Irvyn]: And I am glad that at least in this round, Order came ahead of Chaos.
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Heimlich]: *grin*
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: *Strokes beard*
    [Alaster The Mad]: hehe
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Claps*
    [Fargo]: *applauds*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Alaster, would you like to say something?
    [Alaster The Mad]: * applauds*
    [Alaster The Mad]: Yes sure
    [Colonel Clegg]: Step forward please
    [Alaster The Mad]: i'd say thank you everyone, cause it's a real honor to be here, with those guys, and those votes
    [Mary-Ann]: put some clothes on!
    [Alaster The Mad]: so, even if i loose, it will be someone who rocks !
    [Alaster The Mad]: and that's a good thing
    [Alaster The Mad]: thank you all !
    [Fargo]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *whispers* He's certainly rocked the vote so far
    [Nathan Hawke]: *claps*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Aron, do you have anything to say?
    [Irvyn]: *claps*
    [Heimlich]: *claps hats together*
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: *claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Firstly, I would like to thank you Clegg for extending the vote
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Win or lose, that all voices are heard is what matters
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Nods*
    [Mary-Ann]: suck up
    [Alaster The Mad]: * nods*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Secondly, my congratulations to Kou and Fynn
    [Aron Swordmaster]: They have helped sharpen the debate, and for that I thank them
    [Heimlich]: oh
    [Fargo]: Hear, hear!
    [Kou]: *Grins*
    [Heimlich]: was expecting a marriage announcement
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: And finally, to those who I continue to campaign against, I will continue to admire them even as I question your policies in turn!
    [Fargo]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: *chuckles*
    [Nathan Hawke]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: *claps*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * applauds*
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: *claps*
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Claps*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Nathan, do you have any words?
    [Nathan Hawke]: Do you really have to ask?
    [Nathan Hawke]: *coughs*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Go on then...
    [Nathan Hawke]: People of Sosaria
    [Nathan Hawke]: My people
    [Mary-Ann]: * wolf whistles at nathan*
    [Nathan Hawke]: The people I have protected for so long
    [Nathan Hawke]: The people I have loved
    [Nathan Hawke]: Forget these other candidates, worthy though they be
    [Mary-Ann]: *laughs*
    [Irvyn]: *momentary cynical expression*
    [Nathan Hawke]: They just cant cut the mustard
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Alaster The Mad]: wuaargh
    [Aron Swordmaster]: So says a man who wasn't even able to protect his own pants the other day
    [Nathan Hawke]: *looks around for a baby to kiss*
    [Jessica]: Nathan, do you still need lessions in humility?
    [Alaster The Mad]: yeah i had to give them back !
    [Trent Edwards]: *searches in his pack*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Jessica yes, yes I do indeed
    [Nathan Hawke]: Vote for me!
    [Nathan Hawke]: *smiles a little*
    [Jessica]: Rather vote for my Uncle...
    [Nathan Hawke]: Just make the right choice
    [Nathan Hawke]: DOn tlisten to the flim flam
    [luke]: hehehe
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: Your uncle Esca?
    [Nathan Hawke]: Vote for the humble Nathan Hawke
    [Nathan Hawke]: YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE
    [Irvyn]: If you can find him.
    [Nathan Hawke]: *grins to the other candidates*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Indeed, vote for Nathan, free death robe with every vote
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Claps*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Thats how to do it
    [Colonel Clegg]: And finally, Heimlich
    [Mary-Ann]: *cheers for nathan*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * takes some notes on a used sock*
    [Nathan Hawke]: *chuckles to himself*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Do you have any words Heimlich?
    [Heimlich]: ehm
    [Heimlich]: i have no words, thankyou
    [Mary-Ann]: loser!
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Nods* Very well
    [luke]: hes sulking!
    [Heimlich]: just thanks for voting and hopefully you'll give me more next round
    [Heimlich]: *smile*
    [Mary-Ann]: at least say thx to the people that voted!
    [Mary-Ann]: ahh
    [Fargo]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Mary-Ann]: good heimi
    [Alaster The Mad]: * claps*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Let's have another round of applause for all our candidates
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Jessica]: *Claps*
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: *claps*
    [Mary-Ann]: WOOOO
    [Fargo]: *claps*
    [Heimlich]: *claps*
    [Reann]: *Claps*
    [Ayara-Bee]: *clpas*
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Claps*
    [Amantala]: *claps*
    [Trent Edwards]: I'm open to bribes
    [Gerrick]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: *claps to the others*
    [Trent Edwards]: *claps*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * sneaks nathan's socks*
    [Nathan Hawke]: *claps*
    [luke]: Ort Sanct
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *applauds behind everyone else*
    [luke]: ill vo6te for ya if u get me a castkle for free
    [Colonel Clegg]: That is all for tonight
    [Nathan Hawke]: Sosarian wave?
    [luke]: ill even votye on all my accs
    [Colonel Clegg]: But you will be seeing more of the candidates next week
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Not quite all surely?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: (just received your email, only fair to warn them?)
    [Colonel Clegg]: On Tuesday and Thursday we have something planned for them
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *nods*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Thank you all for coming
    [Nathan Hawke]: Good night all!
    [Colonel Clegg]: And Good Night!
    [Mary-Ann]: *runs for the nearest loo*
    [Ayara-Bee]: good night
    [Anira Cuilwen]: *nods politly*
    [Heimlich]: good night
    [Nathan Hawke]: Vote for me!
    [luke]: nighty night!!
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Salutes*
    [Alaster The Mad]: good night !
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Good night all
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I have a sausage to attend too...
    [Alaster The Mad]: * steals nathan's undies*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Kal Ort Por

    So there you have it; conclusive proof that one of the remaining candidates makes ladies pee themselves. But which one?! Your Super Sausage says it's ... (*snip* - EFE)
  2. Heimi

    Heimi Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You left the alliance chat in, now everyone can see my secret thoughts :D
  3. Adol

    Adol Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 28, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I could have sworn I deleted all of that, including your discussion of highly dubious methods of coercion for those members that hadn't yet voted. Whipping, starvation, sleep deprivation, I cut all those abusive attempts to get more votes out in the next round... didn't I?! Which bit is private? PM me and I'll remove the offending line :p
  4. Escaflowne

    Escaflowne Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I'm sorry i could not make it but i had one bloody bad weekend. I did not sleep Friday night and didn't get in till 7am Sunday morning and in that long bloody time since friday afternoon at 6pm when i went out i've managed to break down in my car, break my hand in a car door, lose my phone down a drain and crash into a car. So im sorry but i spent Sunday in bed and dieing infront of my TV as i couldnt face logging in or working techology lol. But its great to see i came in second and i wont be going out for a long time :p Worst weekend ever! I didn't even vote on any of my chars lol and it has to end up that close! :(

    Well heres to another week :D
  5. Irvyn

    Irvyn Guest

    Aww, sorry to hear that Esca, that's definitely a bad few days :stretcher: I really hope the week gets better :grouphug:

    Thanks Aron for the Daily Sausage reports, and for their completeness ....

    *falls off chair laughing*
  6. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    Congratulations to all the candidates. Especially it seems the Duke who does correctly appear to be 102 years old having been duke for centuries :p

    Esca that sounds like a hell of a weekend. Hope all the injuries get better soon
  7. Escaflowne

    Escaflowne Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Yeah i wish i stayed in playing UO :p
  8. Cailleach

    Cailleach Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:

    Comfrey compresses every night for the hand, and daily drinks of aloe vera juice will help it heal up quickly. Tastes like weasel pee, mind, so better have a couple of beers after it, just to take the taste away!

    Better the car and phone than you; they're replacable, you are not. And yes, I mean that exactly as you think I do!

    You know where to find me on FB if you want comfrey and aloe destructions :)
  9. Adol

    Adol Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 28, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Here at the Daily Sausage, we care more about that mobile phone you dropped down a drain; how are we going to hack your messages now and learn all about your SCANDAAAHHHLS over the weekend?!

    But seriously, that sounds like an incredible run of bad luck, so try and think that you've got all the bad karma out of the way now; and just one sympathy vote will put you over the top to victory, eh?

    (Don't sympathise with him, I need your votes more! ;) )
  10. Escaflowne

    Escaflowne Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hahaha nah i wouldn't want sympathy votes anyway! Going to earn my votes with hard work and bearishly good looks :D

    :heart: you Cailleach :D
  11. John II SRC

    John II SRC Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 25, 2005
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    Which leaves us with the question: how does Caill know this?

    The horror, the horror!! :sad3: