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[Fishing] fishing templates?

Discussion in 'UO Fishing and Treasure Hunting' started by haladrigis, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. haladrigis

    haladrigis Guest

    this is what i have so far
    archery 120
    tactics 120
    anatomy 120
    fishing 100
    chiv 100-120?

    should this be a good enough temp to fish up chests and levithians??
  2. Salty Pete

    Salty Pete Guest

    My fisherman has this template;

    GM magery (scrolled to 110 using an item for the extra magery)
    GM med
    GM eval
    GM hiding
    GM fishing
    GM begging
    80 stealth
    40 ninja

    Items: 100% LRC 40% LMC SDI +35 50ish resists suit.

    I can solo a leviathan and have no problem with serps, krakens, or water elementals
  3. haladrigis

    haladrigis Guest

    hmm i was thinking of staying with this
    archery 120
    tact 120
    anat 120
    fishing 100
    chiv 120
    and gm magery

    the reason i chose magery is because not only could i use my bow to kill things but i should be able to cast EV right? or does your eval int or any other skills that affect your EV? i already have on mage which is my tamer. was just trying to get away from magery with this guy. had archery on my old fisherman and it worked great.
  4. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    you don't need Eval for summons, heals and mind blast.

    You might want to pack some EV scrolls for emergencies where you 100% want to succeed in casting one.
  5. Narval

    Narval Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 28, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hi Salty Pepe

    Why you only put 40 Ninja in your templete?
  6. haladrigis

    haladrigis Guest

    ok my fishing has beeen stuck at 95 for 2 days whats up??? my skill cap is around 400
  7. ZippyTwitch

    ZippyTwitch Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 5, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Mine is a Fishing Stealth Mage Chef.

    100 Fishing
    100 Magery
    100 Eval
    100 Med
    100 Hiding
    100 Stealth
    100 Cooking

    This way I can cook all my fish steaks.
  8. Rotgut Willy

    Rotgut Willy Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I was gearing my fisher towards:

    GM Fishing
    120 Archery
    GM Tactics
    90 Healing
    90 Anatomy
    GM Swordsmanship
    GM Magery

    I used a similar template way back when, and it worked great. But that was years ago. I enjoy the template because of it's versatility and am hoping it will be viable. I should be able to kill sea serpents, deep sea serpents, krakens and water elementals. Not sure about leviathans though. (I've never fought one.)

    I realize that with both archery and magery that swordsmanship is sort of moot. But I like the RP aspect of it. I'd be willing to drop it for something else but I'm really not all that knowledgeable on some of these other skills people have talked about, like chivalry, etc. Those skills didn't exist last time I played. I could go with meditation to enhance my magery for more heals, ebolts, poison, etc. Or resist.

  9. haladrigis

    haladrigis Guest

    HELP!!! im stuck at 95 fishing been stuck here the passed 4 days i have tried fishing in just about every body of water in the game with no luck...my skill cap is at 400 something so i know i havbe the skills to gain. any suggestions?
  10. Intrepida

    Intrepida Guest

    I went the esay way

    100 Fishing
    100 Sword
    100 Tactics
    100 anatamy
    100 Parry
    90 resist
    85 healing
    45 Chiv

    Its very easy even takeing two at a time. Once they attack just move along the edge of the boat towards the back till you have to step in towards the center just stay at the rail there and you can hit them. Yes they might move off and heal but normaly kill them to fast for that but if they do they come back. I like it better then the old range attacking this way I vever have to move the boat around to loot the boddies.

    P.S. I do it with a old GM katana and a scraped to gether luck suit my resists are all in the 30's its easy and cheap.