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Fixing The Real Problems With Potions

Discussion in 'UHall' started by BillyDanzig, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. BillyDanzig

    BillyDanzig Guest

    There are definetly problems with potions currently but the problem is not with greater heal potions .. The problem is with cure potions greater cure potions can cure any level poison from low level to deadly and lethal poison with one swift chug .. This makes making a Nox character of any type worthless .. Cure method should work something like this lesser poison - poison should take 1-2 potions to cure .. Greater poison takes 2-3 potions with a minimum of 1 Tickof damage before cure .. Deadly and Lethal poison 2-4 potions to cure with a minimum of 2 ticks of damage before curing ..This also should go for chivalry heals and arch cures

    I belive this idea will fix several current issues first it will make Nox characters useable again .. Also balances pot chuggers - mages and paladins that will fail trying to cure higher level potions instead of just insta cures

    Also before orange petals get questioned they should work as follows orange petals should only prevent lesser and regular posion effects - and take 1 less use on greater posions so instead of 2-3 potions/ cure/ cleanse by fire it takes 1-2 - and high level poisons like deadly and lethal 2-3 cures

    Same deal with resisting spells this only avoids lesser ,regular and greater poison , Deadly and Lethal posions should still need to be cured .. Something like this 80 - 99.9 Resist No chance of lesser poisons 100-110 blocks regular posion and 115-120 blocks greater poision.
    Which leaves deadly and lethal to be cured with arch cures , potions or chivalry