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fletching and carpentry runic drops

Discussion in 'UHall' started by peanutbutter, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. peanutbutter

    peanutbutter Guest

    so, after becoming a fletcher/carp and doing the quest a few times, i decided to keep a count of the boards i use between kits.

    *this isn't a rant, it's just a way to lead into a suggestion that i've seen expressed many times in the past few years*

    my records are a little flawed, since i don't count oak kits. they are useless, so i use them to complete the quests when i run out of normal tools.

    i do both the saw and fletching quests alot because this semester has been too tough for me to focus on anything else. so i run the quests while i'm writting or researching.

    anyway, in the past 4 months or so (doing the quest ALOT) , i've gotten:
    3 ash fletching kits - 4 ash saws - 2 yew fletching kits - 1 yew saw - 1 heartwood fletching kit - 0 heartwood saws

    unfortunately, i received all of those (except 1 ash saw) in the first month of doing the quests. i have gotten nothing better than an oak kit (minus the 1 ask kit) in about 3 months of doing the quests.

    and, i have gone through approx 950,000 to 1 mil boards in 3 months. that's about 3200 boards 5 times a day about 20 days a month for 3 months.

    i mean, i can't tell you how many useless oak kits i've gotten - but i can tell you that there are friggin tailor and smith runic kits ALL OVER the place, but you can hardly find a carp or fletch kit anywhere.

    somehow, the drops need to be equalized. i'm sure others of the same opinion have better suggestions, but here are mine:

    1) you can trade in smaller kits to attain larger ones: like 5 oak kits = 1 ash kit, 5 ash kits = 1 yew kit, 5 yew kits = 1 HW kit


    2) simply increase the drop rates


    3) make the quest faster and use less materials. it takes SO long to collect a mil boards so you don't have to worry about LJing for a while and, even though UOA helps, it's still a very frustrating and costly quest.

    oh, also... i would like to suggest that (for crafted armor only) there be a chance that wooden armor be crafted without the elves only specification OR that wooden armor for humans be designed. fletchers and carpenters are simply TOO limited compared to smiths and tailors.
  2. Fink

    Fink Guest

    I feel the "elves-only" property should be restricted to loot drops. If a carpenter or tailor wants to make elvish armour that both elves and humans can wear, they should be able to do it. Have it take up a mod slot if it must, but it should be doable.