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For anyone who activates and house will not uncondemn read this

Discussion in 'UHall' started by goldenpower, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. goldenpower

    goldenpower Guest


    My account is reactivated, yet my house is still condemned.

    Updated: 6/28/2011
    This article is here to hopefully field your concerns regarding this process. Firstly we will briefly review how this system works, then cover some commonly asked questions.

    The intention of condemning the houses of inactive accounts is to free up the house spots for active players. To clarify, when we say "inactive account" this refers to accounts that are no longer paying. This does not refer to any level of login activity. When an account suspends payment it becomes inactive and a 90 day timer begins. Reactivating the account before the 90 days is up will result in no affect on the houses owned by that account. At 90 days of inactivity all the houses on the account become condemned and begin a 5 day decay timer. Now one of two things can occur during this 5-day decay period:

    You reactivate the account and can save one of your houses. How this works is that if you own more than one house on the inactive account, when you reactivate only the most recently gained home will be saved. All others remain condemned regardless. At no point can you go back to owning multiple homes on the account once you reach this decay stage.
    Your account remains closed and the house decays. Your home disappears and all it's contents fall to the ground and are free to the public.

    Common Questions

    How do I actually uncondemn the house?

    Your house will uncondemn itself within 24 hours of your account reactivation. Should it not do so then please open the house sign and select the Ownership tab. On there you will see a button for Make Primary. Selecting this will make this your primary home and stop the decay. Should this button be grayed out you will want to see the next question, "My house won't uncondemn?!" The house status is always listed on the Information page of the house sign.

    My house won't uncondemn?!

    To find out why lets go down the short list of possibilities. Firstly, is this the only house on the account and/or the most recently gained? If yes then has it been more than 24 hours since you reactivated the account? We generally say 24 as it can take up to 24 hours for all the various involved databases to synchronize. This includes the transaction for your account payment, the account database and the housing database. As long as the house still has 48 more hours before it decays then go ahead and wait 24 hours. Should your house still not uncondemn after 24 hours of account activity then please page a game master. Do this by selecting Help on your paperdoll, then the Other option and Other once more. In your page text be absolutely certain to mention that, "I have reactivated my account more than 24 hours ago and my house will not uncondemn and it is now beyond the slightly worn status!" The exclamation mark is optional of course, but the point is to clearly relay the fact that you have in fact followed the process correctly and now require an intervention. As this is a time sensitive issue please be as clear as possible.

    How do I know which house is the most recent?

    As you read above, only the house you most recently gained on the account can be made primary. Really the only way to determine which is the most recent is your own memory or you may find some useful info by checking the house signs information tab.

    What if I want to save an older house? How do I do that?

    In this situation you are going to need another player or account. Basically you are going to have to trade away the condemned home and once your account is empty of all houses have it traded back to you. Please be crystal clear on how the housing rules work before attempting this otherwise you could end up losing the house or condemning a friends house or who knows what.

    I reactivated my account and then it got canceled (for one of many reasons). Will the house still decay?

    Did the house become primary? If you were active long enough to set the house to primary for a good 24 hours then when the account closes it will start from scratch with the 90 day timer and then the 5 day decay timer. Otherwise, yes it will decay still. The only way to know for certain is to only have active accounts with houses.

    I can't seem to reactivate my account and the clock is ticking!

    If you are having troubles getting an account reactivated, please use the E-mail Us' link to contact our account support department. Please be certain to fill in your email address and all the requested information. They will reply to you as soon as possible.