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For Merchants... Speculating

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well I posted about a Sonoma thing I was doing. For those that are interested, I finished at about 12 million. That was starting with halloween rares and buying up for this recent patch. I bough runics, blackrock, and rubble.

    So in about 6-8 weeks time, you could use what the game offered and make millions playing a merchant.

    I still have on Sonoma 200 pieces of blackrock and 400 pieces of rubble.

    All my rubble was bought for 5k or less and some was only 500 gold. Go figure.
    The blackrock was bought in groups of 25 for 250k. I understand that vendor is now mysteriously gone.

    Now its a speculation game...

    But I will continue to build up my blackrock and rubble collections for anticipated turn in.

    Merchants are an aspect of the game I enjoy.
    Blackrock can still be mined and rubble can still be bought. If your looking to speculate... Give it a try.

    Its always good to watch the patch updates to see whats changing.

    If any players want help in becoming a merchant to supply their warriors and mages, Id be glad to help.

    I have free vendor spots on atlantic for learning purposes. Give it a try.

    I made about 3 million selling my stuffys from a 6 player account on atlantic. Its a great way for new players to start.
    150k for plain stuffys
    300k for colored stuffys.
    Bought and resold with the gold too. Thats why the math doesnt work.
    Paid 100k for colored stuffys at Brit to resell in Luna for 300k.

    Sold the first 2 days. Remember dont get attached to stuff, and sell fast.
  2. People are buying that garbage for 100-300k? LOL

    Some of mine went on random floors at various banks.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A merchant is a merchant.
    I sell what sells.
    Some toss it. Some collect. Some buy it and resell it. Some just need that pink guy to finish their collection.

    To each their own.

    Oh and if you got a white one. People are paying 3 to 6 million for them. No luck on my end.
  4. Didn't even look in some of my boxes. [​IMG]

    Each to their own, sure... but, err, a collection of hued animal frames? Guess I'll never get it. =P It's not even new content, just pulled the frames as items, colored them and distributed them randomly.

    Good luck to the "collectors" though, I guess. I'm sure they'll find lots of use out of these... [​IMG] For sure new players could make good profit from the people collecting.
  5. Heh, I'd need someone to come take a look at mine to tell me if they were white or pink. Sometimes being color blind bites. [​IMG]