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For those curious about pack instincts

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by YuriGaDaisukiDa, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. First of all, if your going for a pack instinct animal group, your probly more concerned about damage output, then anyhting else, since most pack animals will die real fast anyway, even the tougher ones.

    With that said, here are the average damage calculations for those who wanted to know what packs to choose (average damage fore the entire pack hitting all at once) calculated by damage listed in hunters guid. none of these monsters have stats lowered when tamed, firesteeds have high max str, damage may vary slightly.

    Fire steedsX2
    average damage 210 ((60X1.75)X2) Max stamina 125
    advantages-fire breath, not sure on the damage, also, less likley to die instantly than one slot creatures, which is the differance between being able to heal, also can have more then gm wrestle i believe, which increases hit chance, also take less stable slots

    frenzied ostardsX5
    average damage 300 ((30X2)X5) max stamina 127
    advantages, probly the highest damage output pet combo, but these will die real fast

    large hellcatsX5
    average damag 200 ((20X2)x5) max stamina 125
    advantages- can be found with 130 hp, which is more than the other 1 slot pets, who will cap out around 125 i think, also fireball

    small hellcatsX5
    average damage- 150 ((15X2)X5) max stamina 150
    advantages- max stamina 150, so increased attack speed, which is potentialy more dps- also, i believe fireball is hp based, and since all animals under 125 hp have the same cap, i think their fireball will do the same damage as hell hound and hell cats (but dont quote me on that)

    hell houndsX5
    average damage 250 ((25X2)X5)
    advantages- fireball also, 80% fire damage, so can be used against things with high physical

    dire wolfX5
    average damage 250 (basicaly a hell hound without fire breath)

    averagge damage 120 ((12X2)X5)
    advantages- 50taming and lore for controll, + vet for heals and stable slots, you can build a more powerfull character tab, with the extra points.
    also, double damage deadly poison, with 5 hitters, this will be applied constantly, so perhaps a good pvp pet

    bearsX5 (huh... bears you say? yea why not?)
    average damage 150 ((15X2)X5)

    average damage (who cares?)
    advantage, hello, twin flame strikes/energy bolts with +25% damage? well, it could be usefull >.>

    *note that these are not calculated from base damage, they are calculated fomr the damage on hunters guid, which is based on the str, tact and anat they spawn with, the pets with lower tactics and anatomy, may have much higher potential, than say fire steeds, who are calculated at almost gm levle already

    My favorites

    1.Fire steeds low damage for pack group, but still good, but i like that i dont fill up my stable with them
    2.frenzied ostards, highest damage output, and also i think they are super cool
    3.scorpions low controll requirement, and poison
    4.small hell cats reason is, people will not expect to be taking insane ammounts of damage from small hellcats, so great for surprise in pvp. also they probly out dps most big pets when fully trained meow!

    Later i will update this to calulate the actualy max potential of each one based on base damage, and potential str tactics and anat
  2. ok >.> this will be the third time i retype this entire thread >.<, everytime i hit submit, it clears the screen and doesnt update it


    frenzied ostard

    hell hound (dire wolves are weaker then hell hound and have no fire breath)

    hell cat

    hell kitten (140 max stamina)

    grizl/polar bear

    frost spider (145 max stamina)

    scorpion (deadly poison)

    imp (25% spell damage increase)

    fire steed

    *these are max potential damages of each pet pack, assuminf fully trained with max strength
    *i believe you can summon an imp for 1 controll slot or something? thats what ive heard, that would make duel imps/fire steed even better
    highest damage=frenzied ostard and hell hound
    all of the packs are good, and with the exception of scorpions and maybe hell kittens, they should all out dps any other 5 controll slot pet combo. They work especially well if a friend is using a rune beetle as a tank, which will corrupt then enemy armor.

    get whatever pack you think is coolest, because the damage is worthwhile on all of them, and use them to kill things real fast, or in combination with someone's greater dragon as a tank
  3. the first calculation were way off, since i multplied the final damage by the pack instinct,

    in reality it works just like damage increase, so it increases baase damage
    thats why they look way lower the second time
  4. Uthar Pendragon

    Uthar Pendragon Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jan 7, 2005
    Likes Received:
    The summon fiend spell gives you an imp that is one slot and works with the fire steeds.
  5. Hinotori

    Hinotori Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You can mix up frost spiders, giant spiders, and scorpions since they all have the arachnid instinct. The hell kittens also have that 90 max fire resist. I use ossies when I'm going for damage, though.

    Bulls also have pack instinct, and all the bears can be mixed up (polar bears have nice cold resist).