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[Price Check] for various gargoyle items

Discussion in 'UO Europa Trade' started by moritz, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. moritz

    moritz Guest

    I have been farming some mini-champs in SA and now am interested to sell some of the stuff from it, but I dont know nothing about them prizes ... :( So I'd be glad, if you could help me there.

    Gargoyle only
    Str Bonus 5
    Dex Bonus 5
    HP Inc 5
    HP Reg 2
    Damage INC 10%
    Phy 18%
    Fire 16%
    Cold 4%
    Poison 8%
    Energy 12%

    Gargoyle Only
    Energy/Cold/Kinetic Resonance 20%
    Mage Weapon -10 Skill
    Hit Harm 50%
    Spell Channeling
    Defense Chance Inc 10%
    Lower Mana Cost 5%
    SSInc 20%
    Damage Inc -40%
    Energy/Cold or various Damage 100%

    Gargoyle Only
    Velocity 35%
    Hit Harm 40%
    Hit Life Leech 45%
    Str Bonus 5
    SSInc 30%
    Damge Inc 50%
    Cold Damage 100%

    Gargoyle Only
    Hit Lightning
    Hit Lower Def 30%
    Battle Lust
    Str Bonus 5
    SSInc 30%
    Damage Inc 40%
    all damage classes 20%

    Hit Fireball 40%
    Hit Lower Def 40%
    HP Reg 2
    Hit Chance Inc 10%
    SSInc 35%
    Damage Inc 45%
    Phy Damage 100%

    Thanks a lot if you could help me! ;)

    So long, Moritz / Mephisto