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(Player Event) Foray into Pirating

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Yalp, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Yalp

    Yalp Guest

    Last night a small band of rag tag's joined me to take on a pirate or 2.

    Here's some helpful tid-bit do's/don'ts

    1) Get quest from G.B. Bigglesby at floating docks.
    2) Check pirate names from the bulletin board over his head
    3) Hang out on docks near the fish monger for NPC's to spout location information
    4) If using UO Cart you can mark the location for sailing ease
    5) Last night the pirates were hanging out east of Jhelom.. and there were several there.
    6) I went through a good 3k Salt peter making everything that would be needed.. and we were still short.
    7) Make enough heavy canon supplies... the light canon's seem to do little if any damage. *Fired nearly 25 times with light canon {both grapeshot and canon balls} on a moderately damaged boat with no change*
    8) Bring tons of cloth and boards for repairs... I mean 5,000 easily. Put it in your hold before you set sail.
    9) Need ingots to repair canons .. so bring a good 1000 for that
    10) Boats can be repaired near shore or at docks, the pirates will follow you to inshore where you can keep your boat repaired
    11) Looks like you have to destroy the boat before you can board it, see #7.
    12) We couldn't get into the hold of the pirate ship, but we could get into the chests/crates on the deck
    13) We never got an option to capture the pirate. I tried the rope and clicking the pirate but we no joy.
    14) When you are the boat owner and take the pirate quest, a pole is placed on your deck. It is reported that this pole decays if you dry dock.
    15) Killing the pirate provides a deed in your backpack *think its if you do enough damage*
    16) Take the deed back to G.B. Bigglesby for reward.. 1400 gold.. :(
    17) Very little deaths, as the pirate's crew was easily killed. The pirate themselves have insane hit points.. takes forever
    18) Until you destroy the boat, you can't board. So dexers should do alot of the canon firing at first.
    19) Spell casting pets, Mages and Archers do well.
    20) Use the Garg type ship instead of the Tok one.. more canons = more damage