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Formulaic Questions

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Kazumi the Wild, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. I'm trying to figure out, among other things, the defensive and offensive capabilities of the pets I tame.

    I have a few questions for the experts (or more sharp observers) out there.

    1. How often does a fire-breathing pet use its Fire Breath? How long does the animation take? Does using the Fire Breath prevent the pet from casting spells and/or performing melee attacks?

    2. Does anyone have a basic idea on how fast a pet casts, how much delay is there, if there are any spells it does NOT ever cast, or if it has spells it casts but has no effect (I've heard they changed teleport to basically be like this for all monsters... haven't had a monster teleport to me recently, and it used to happen occasionally)?

    3. Is there any effect to defensive ability (aka how often one is hit) based on current stamina or health levels?

    4. Are the formulas for melee/spell damage accurate? Is the formula for chance to hit similarly accurate?

    I sincerely appreciate all answers. Thanks!
  2. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    #1 When a greater dragon breaths fire(not the spell) They will cast and claw at the same time. Some times the animation doesnt even flare up. It starts thn the claw again. There was a post out by a dev(i think) about dragons having a lowered defence when breathing fire. I have not noticed it! On a reptilion and a fire steed and any other lowend fire breathers, They tend to stop when the breath fire. The GD does not.

    #2 This is pet specfic so bear with me. My GDs dont cast if they dont feel threatened. I will lore him and hes full mana through out a fight if hes not getting damaged. As for casting speed, The GD seems to be quite slow.FC1FCR1 where the rune beetle is closer to 4/6 and the bake kitsune can hit 6/8. Differnt pets are different. Most other pets mare WW RD all seem to cast at the same speed. Imps(low end) also have a casting speed bump.

    #3 stm/HP have no effect on your pets getting hit in combat. In fact low health helps only in that they tend to start walking(limping) away. This is completely based on the wrestling skill. I have witnessed many tests where a pet (owned by a peace/tamer) was trained up to max skills TheN left to spar for hours with a guildies pet(same creature). After a full day the pets gained in barding difficulty. There has been a few arguments about this "mystery skill and what it actually effects. My guess is its parry for lack of a better argument.

    #4 the Base average for to hit/to be hit go according to player melee skills. GM><GM 50% Leg><120 50% The is scales by different skill bases and caps. I would venture to say "in most cases" that a very high wrestling score on a GD is more important then a high resist score. But having both is a very nice find! As to damage Melee is based on Base damage(lore gump) and tactics/str bonuses the same as a player. I tend to ignore STR on pets but some players swear by it. If you use the damage calculators ive found, STR leads to very little end value benefit to damage. Eval intl is your spell damage. The only pet that has higher then gm post tame is the rune beetle and caps about 114(rarely). Mine is 111.8 WOOT!

    Hope this helps!

    I want a tamed :spider: Mephist!