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(RP) Fortune's Fire Resort & Casino Experience

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by nidarosmayor, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. nidarosmayor

    nidarosmayor Guest

    A messenger came riding up to the Townhall building of Nidaros, half out of breath. "What is it my good man?" I asked. "Haven't you heard ? There's rumor that a new Resort/Casino that opened in the lands of Sosaria" I looked at him with puzzlement.

    My entrusted Emissary, Judge, over hearing the conversation, immediately headed in the direction of the townships stables. "Where are you going?" I questioned. "Why, I'm going to grab my mount and head over to see what all the excitement is about!!!!. I want to check out this new place that the messenger just mentioned".

    I to wanted to go, but knowing that I was responsible for the towns funds, I dared not dip into the coffers. I just watched as Judge headed West to the nearest gate and make his way to the Resort.

    As I , Judge, arrived at the entrance to the resort, I was met by "Barbie, one of the attendents at the gate. "Good Evening. I would like admission to this fine resort and check out all the fine establishments inside I overheard was beyond these gates". The attendent looked me over to make sure I was in appropriate attire and informed me that pets were not allowed and that I would have to stable that pet before permission could be granted. I immediately stabled my pet and approached the gate. "You must read the rules before entering the Resort/Casino sir". I was told. "This must be done prior to admission". I scrammbled over to the book and with excitement, read it.

    I was adimitted after promising not to be rude or disorderly. Once inside, I scanned the area with my eyes wide open. What a beautiful place. Palm trees swaying in the wind, the smell of orchids flowing through the air. Gentlemen and Ladies walking around in a pleasent atmosphere. Then I saw it. The DICE TENT !!!! My heart raced as I bolted straight for the tent. Again, instructed to read the rules of the game, I made myself comfortable on one of the stools provided for gambling pleasure.

    "This is the Game of chance and these are the bets", the dealer announced. "Checks only". Oh!!!... all I had was about a $1000 in coin. But thats all I had. I need money. HMMMMm ! I wonder. I know Mayor Zanku and I are related, but I wonder if he would mind if I *Borrowed* a little from his account? If I won, he would be so happy. I do have the account number to the bank. Nah. He won't mind. I'll bring back a fortune and he'll be so proud of me. he'll be able to put more into the townships coffers.

    With that, I told the dealer I will be right back and to hold my seat. I immediately headed for the bank they built on the resort grounds. "How much should I dare pull"? I asked myself. Well, $250,000 shouldn't be to much. If I double this, he'll be very pleased and will let the *Borrowing* part go.

    With checks in hand, I headed back to the tables. After losing half my holdings, I then headed to the Dart Boards. Again, lady luck just wasn't on my side. The idea of losing money was getting to me so I decided to go and check out the "clothers optional" beach. I found a few swimmers there so decided to take a swim in the warm waters of the tropics.

    At the end of the night's session, I was penniless. but, I had the best relaxing time I have had in ages. The resort was what the messenger had described, beautiful and well worth the visit. Wasn't sure what I was going to tell the Mayor but I would recommend everyone to visit Fortune's Resort & Casino. (The mayor will deal with Judge later).

    I want to thank those involved in putting this together (EM's,Devs, etc.). They did a GREAT job. This is what makes playing a game worth while. I look forward to more exciting projects such as this in the near future and hope they return to the resort for another fun time. Thank you EM's for a great time.

    Mayor Zanku of Nidaros