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Found! The Original Community Meet Up

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by AirmidCecht, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. AirmidCecht

    AirmidCecht twitch.tv/airmid
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Apr 9, 2004
    Likes Received:
    For documentation purposes other than my cluttered up file folders and for Sabina who has been asking me, I searched files and found the original meet up post from 2005. It was towards the end of the Britain invasions where we had been meeting at the Warrior Guild Hall to discuss strategy.

    The Skara Brae Community Center sounded like the perfect community gathering place and as such the Meet Ups were born. Soon after we started a young/vet meet up hunt to take newer players on dungeon tours to help them train every Thursday night. Sabina will have to help fill in the rest like which came next, the Friday Champs or the Wednesday Peerless. Tuesdays closed the gap and while we've tried weekend hunts before, it's hard to find an organizer for it. General Chat should help with that now.

    For 5yrs now the meet ups and hunts have continued without pause because it has been the community itself that keeps it going and most importantly when Sabina took over as host you have had a loyal soldier to depend on. Thank you Sabina!

    So here is the post for you Sabina (et al):

    Community Meeting: Warriors Guild Hall / Last Monday


    Status on Invasion of Britain

    Free From Invasion Celebration - have plans set for when the invasion is over
    Circus Themed? Parade through towns, then through Britain with lots of tamed animals in a row, jesters as fire eaters (cast fireball), roleplay ogres and lizard men being taken in custody w/them saying “we’re sorry” or something and any other suggestions

    Golden Glenn Town Meeting

    Thunters Quest - Trekkon

    UCC Winter Festival - resume planning
    UCC is not a guild but a coalition of people from all shards that host seasonal festivals on the same day and city when possible. We bring together guilds and people who host events for one day of multi-events that the community can enjoy for free. The Winter festival was postponed until more was known on the invasion. The festival will continue now but with a few changes. Recently a few key UCC Staff have stepped down due to other issues and it takes a good team to successfully do this. Nathan Windfall, Trip Skullsmash, Lord Shadow and myself still remain but we need help organizing the days events. For more on what we do and to decide if you’d like to be involved, please visit: ultimacommunity.com/forums

    Open Floor - please introduce yourself and anything you’d like to share. It doesn’t have to be an event it can just be that you are looking for good people to hunt with or that you have a guild recruiting. If you have a vendor, a town or concern this is your time to speak as well.

    The High Council Meeting is tonight at 9pm CST - Magincia Parliament Bulding

    Community Event Next Monday Feb. 7 8:30pm CST -
    The Long Journey
    As one of our fist Community Efforts I thought a little RP scenario might be fun. Now its not die hard RP so don’t feel like you can’t participate if you don’t speak with thee’s and thou’s. It’s just a taste and more than anything a chance for everyone to work together and help each other.
    For those interested there will be books provided with details and what to expect.

    Location of Community Meeting for the Month of February

    Post on it:
    Who's to say we can't have more than one a week at some point *smiles*
    But for now to get things started it might be nice to start the week off knowing ahead of time what people and guilds have going on. If all goes well the next few weeks, hopefully we can post it as real [News] to share with the community so a lot will depend on word of mouth right now...call it a test of sorts to see what we can do collectively.
    Sadly just about everyone has experienced an amount of grief at public activities. Instead of spamming and gating at the bank, please tell a friend and have that friend tell a friend. The chances are better these are people that actually want to be there to work as a community.
    I will say briefly that when we host events that others dont appreciate, I use my Ignore option instead of trying to duel in fel. Sometimes its nice to be oblivious.
    So, lets see what happens. The invasion meetings went so well and we have a great start to what we hope will benefit everyone. After each meeting, we'll have a mini-event. A brief hunt or rp scenario that wont last long on a weekday.

    Here's a brief list of topics tonight:
    Thank you to Sabine from the Library of Knowledge and Shadowlands for coming to our first Community Meeting. We had a very nice turnout considering the Generals had regenerated an attack and many were fighting in battle.

    It was a hard decision to continue with the get together and not postpone it again but we did go with an army of golems once we were done and put forth our best efforts. It was a pleasure to meet a few more good people from Lake Superior and discuss things on how to make the community better.

    One thing I did learn from last night is I talk too much, hehe. It takes away time that could be better spent actually getting to know others more and finding ways to broaden our ideas. There are people wanting to do more rp towns, and have quests and events in mind that we can all be a part of.

    So its all live and learn right now, make adjustments and no matter what continue meeting and encouraging others to meet too. After each meeting for those that can, we'll do a group hunt or activity. Have an event or quest idea? Try it out on us first!

    We'll meet again next Monday February 7 at 7:30 CST. For the month of February we will have it at the Skara Brae Community Center right next to the bank and stables in town. It is too hard to recall into Britain right now for meet n greets there.