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Found this when googleing my name Blast from the past...

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by Rhoads, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Rhoads

    Rhoads Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 18, 2004
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    Faction War Reports: Xavier Rhoads [​IMG]Greetings, pilgrims.
    As reported earlier, The Factions Wars are reaching a zenith and communiques continue to pour in from the front. Rumors and reports of dissension among several of the faction groups continue to circulate, as this latest missive will attest. Instability allegedly reigns supreme on the battlefield. For one perspective on this issue, read on.
    Hail. This is Xavier Rhoads. I am here to address the True Britannians as well as all the other readers. I have left TB for they have lost their honor. I will be joining the Minax faction and will be seeking out TB's with a vengeful bloodthirsty passion. My reason for this vengeance is this....
    A lot of my W K D warriors were tired of dying due to the ignorance of most of the TB's. So we decided we would no longer fight at the castle but patrol the city only. Well, Rockem did not like this too much and tried to defend the other TB's saying they were not that bad, as warriors.
    I reply'd telling him that without W K D and G N R they could not hold the castle if attacked. Rockem thought that they could so I made him a bet that I would arrange an attack from other factions and that they would be slaughtered by the enemy without GNR and WKD for 10k. Rockem agreed and things were then set in motion.
    I then talked to the W K D and G N R around and told them about the bet, attack was about to happen and to not help defend the castle and to get out but, that if they decided to stay that was there decision. But of course many did stay for they well knew that the TB's could not stop the attack. G N R also came to their aid. Now just to explain why I would not help defend and did not want the others was to show their leader and the others that they are not as good as they think they are and should spend more time training on how to fight. And maybe they would see that they should listen to us veterans such as me and Clark Grizwald when we instruct them on what to do and what not to do.
    But the TB's did hold off the attack with the aid of W K D and G N R and a traitorous Minax named Gul Dukat who blocked the doors to the stronghold which caused the attacking Minax to take murder counts for they would have to kill him to clear the door way. Not very honorable as you can see. Which is why I decided to leave the TB's. While I had many reports of W K D cursing my name and other TB's doing the same because I would not help them defend the castle.
    They curse me for standing by my agreement many of us made to not defend the castle??? They are hypocrites I say. I stood by my guildmates and defended them from others who would curse them and this is how they repay me for that? For this all the ex-W K D I see will have my vengeance and lust for bloodletting vented on them 10 fold.
    Now I get reports from my brother that all of the TB faction has used me as a scapegoat for this incident so that their leader shall bear no guilt in it. Your leader agreed to it, but you do not curse his name, only mine. Well, curse me and blame me all you want. I have my honor where yours has left you.
    I make it my mission to bring down the True Britannians.
    And the battle for supremacy in Felucca rages on.
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  2. Ah yes... This was immortalized in my song "Legend's Drama" --- Sadly, your goal didn't work out so well.

    Excerpt from "LEGENDS DRAMA" by Sorcon Gartius

    Now of all the places to have a drama hole
    We picked the TB Faction base to patrol
    Trying like **** to maintain control
    Rhoads and Rockem had the same damn goal
    Faction Armor, Faction Horses and Sigils stole
    But they fought over who would have the leadership role
    And when Rhoads took his troops it really took a toll
    We defended the base, and they took a stroll

    But not everyone falls down and makes a blood stain
    Some people actually had a ****ing brain
    And with Rhoads betray'l they felt shame
    So as TB was going down the UO Drama drain
    From behind the enemy... came Acid Rain
    GNR rode hard and every ****er was slain
    Rhoads was gone, but Rockem would reign
    Our accomplishments were not in vain
    The actions of Rhoads proved to be mundane
    TB became the greatest in the domain
  3. The truth is that you convinced Acid Rain and GNR to leave with you, but once they realized that you were only out for your own agenda, ticked off that the people chosen Rockem as leader over you, you took your ball and you went home. What happened after that is that TB was nearly wiped out, barely able to hold off the attack from you and all your new traitor friends, but at the last moment...in the ZERO HOUR, GnR, and more specifically, Acid Rain, told you to suck it and turned on you, reuniting with TB and coming from behind your entire pseudo army, crushing them instantly because they put everything they had into taking down our front line.

    What you did in real life would be desertion, followed by treason, punishable first by imprisonment, then by death. Let's not forget the part where you NEVER, EVER managed to win or take the sigils from Rockem.
    #3 Sorcon Gartius, Aug 5, 2012
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  4. RL'S pker

    RL'S pker Sage
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    May 24, 2008
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    #4 RL'S pker, Aug 6, 2012
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