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Free Large Tower 8-0

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by UMP guy, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    Kudos to Ilika Ustuff of Wak for this idea.

    500 word essay on UO and what it means to you. Contest closes Nov. 17. Only one prize here My large tower. Good Luck and have fun.
  2. Mase of UMP

    Mase of UMP Guest

    I see this post has had over 50 hits and no one posted????
    When someones giving away a LARGE TOWER, ussually some people get excieted
    But not seems not these peeps
  3. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    That was just me clicking on it 49 times.
  4. Aladrian

    Aladrian Guest

    That becuse they started on the essay as soon as they read it! haha
  5. Element-Khil

    Element-Khil Guest

    ...or they have enough homework as it is.
  6. It depends on its location. Then I might be interested /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  7. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    Didnt think Id have to work at this. Tower is located in tram.

  8. Loki SL

    Loki SL Guest

    What UO means to me.

    Ultima Online is an escape to me, much as it is for many people from the real world. I enjoy the people in it, whether they are annoying, young, or just plain mean. The greatest thing in Ultima in my opinnion, is PvP. It has become off balanced with all of the runics and power scrolls and such, but the experience is the same, maybe just a bit more frustrating. I appreciate all of those who play, and make this game great. (or what was great) Yes, even the Rpers, you guys make it fun as well. Enjoy the game however u like it, whether it be pvp, pvm, or rping. Just dont take it so seriously. :p

    Dont want tower just wanted to write. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  9. Oedipus

    Oedipus Guest

    blah blah blah... that is what UO means to me.. hehe oh and a side not my tower is in a better place then that /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif try a gate tower closer then mine and I might be interested...
  10. Mase of UMP

    Mase of UMP Guest

    I new theres a reason I want to leave this shard
    Just couldn't put my finger on it till now
  11. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    Always get others opinions bro, Im getting some good feedback in PMs so, it will take some time for creative minds to write their bit. Ignore anything less.
  12. AlmracAvanti

    AlmracAvanti Guest

    Yes, this is a good idea, and I am sure you will get good feed back. There are some people on stratics that can only post negative thoughts.
  13. Aladrian

    Aladrian Guest

    yeah it's really nice to see people doing this type of thing..though rudness has been seen already..
  14. I just realized... you see that log cabin on the left side, in-between the castle and the large marble? That's one of my current houses right now /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif
  15. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    *scratches head*
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    how about a way to get away from my nagging soon to be wife thats what uo is to me....lol
  17. What UO Means to me hu? Thats simple, freedom. It's the one thing that every one that play's enjoy's in one way or anouther. UO is the only game that I've ever played that has that.
    PK's have the freedom to kill other player's as much as they want or can. Sure there are a lot of player's that that dislike PK's because of that but they also have the freedom to do something about. They can go and hunt down PK's if they want to or go kill some player's them self's or anything else they want.
    Factoner's have the freedom to fight anywhere in Fel. They can run around killing each other right in front of the bank if they want. OR they can choose to set at the moongate's and blast away at each other. O/C has that same freedom in Tram.
    RP'ers have the freedom to RP as they want. They can be evil or good or anything in between. They can RP as a orc or a undead lord. They can choose to be a elder mage or a heroic hero. What ever thier imagination can come up with.
    And lets not forget about the merchants. They can sell what ever they want for how ever much they want. Not saying that they will be able to but hey thats thier chose, thier fredom.
    And that thats just the top of the barral. Feel like going out and seeing if ya can solo a dragon? Go for it. Wanna go mining in the orc cave's? Grab a shovel and start digging. Wanna set at the bank all day and BS with people. Grab that glacier staff and pull up a seat. Got bored of the same old same old? Start a new charecter and go from there. Used to playing a mage? Try a warrior this time, or a bard, or a PvP charecter. The choses are endless.
    Freedom is one of the greatest thing's in life and being able to play a game that give's you that same freedom is what keep's me coming back./php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  18. Caitsidhe

    Caitsidhe Guest

    What UO Means to Me

    This seemed like such an easy essay to write, until I actually started sorting out the many reasons I have for being here in UO. For the sake of brevity, I will address only the top four, in order of personal importance.

    The first reason is the people. Yes, I know people aren't perfect. Many of them use this venue to express the most unpleasant sides of themselves. It is an unfortunate fact that negative experiences will make a much larger impact on us, so we tend to remember them longer. In spite of that, there are so many more who show their best sides. I have met a lot of wonderful people, and received help and blessings from total strangers. I cherish each encounter of this sort, and because of them, retain my faith in human nature. I know that for each person who enjoys making things miserable for someone, there are ten who commiserate, and wish to help. This is much more obvious here than in real life, where we tend to simply avoid one another. In short, my experiences here make me a more hopeful person out of game than I would be otherwise.

    The second reason is the incredibly diverse number of things to do and learn here! I have all my character slots filled on AOL Legends, and still cannot possibly hope to cover all of the skills and crafts available to me. I enjoy learning new things and mastering them, even in a virtual arena. The constant changes and challenges here keep my mind fresh and working. Working on skills in UO helps me to learn to concentrate. It also helps me remember how to make and meet personal goals.

    The third impact regards the exercise of my imagination. I can be anyone here, from a strong willed swordswoman to a practical, merchant minded craftswoman. I take each part in turn and play it according to my moods. Through this medium, I can explore different parts of myself and express them without scaring my friends or relatives. For a woman, this is a more valuable experience than some might realize. I especially enjoy the imaginative use of response. There is nothing more enjoyable than building a story with another person. It teaches me to think and innovate “on the fly.” It very often provides me with inspiration in real life, with regard to writing and poetry.

    The fourth, and arguably misplaced reason is the plain joy of play. This game is fun! I never find myself tense or stressed out when I play here, unlike some of my experiences in other multiplayer games. I can set the pace and go slowly, or run myself happily ragged. It’s entirely up to me whether I am going to relax or let it rip. This game keeps me smiling, makes me laugh often and brings out my personal best. I think that’s enough to keep me here for a long, long time.
  19. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    Sent via PM.

    "UO is a land of wonderous adventure and endless excitement. The next adventure is always there for those who are willing to embark upon it. Indeed, the quests to be had are nearly endless.

    Many times have I ressurrected some poor soul in a grey robe at the bank and offered mine assistance in regaining his belongings. Other times I have gone hunting the monsters of the land with my fellow guildmates for fun and fortune. When a champion of the dungeons reared its ugly head I wouldst go to slay it along with friend, foe and stranger alike. If a dastardly PK began to spread chaos amongst the innocent in the dungeons I would help bring them to justice if possible. If my combat skills were lacking then I could practice with guildmates to improve my odds the next time. When my bank box runs dry I am off to raid the dungeon chests guarded by vicious denizens of the darkness and hope to live to tell the tale.

    Other activities were not quite so noteworthy but still very enjoyable. Venturing into the realm of business in Britannia by crafting, vending and exchanging goods at the great UO bazaar known as West Britain Bank has always been interesting. Sometimes I play the role of consumer advocate, steering others clear of dastardly scammers. Working for the smithy shops by fulfilling their Bulk Order Deeds was fun for a time. Recently, I have been humbly serving the role of recruiter for my guild by carefully seeking out recruits of good heart who will honor our traditions.

    Perhaps the greatest joy of all in UO will be when my son becomes old enough to play He's only 2 1/2 right now but a few years down the road we'll be sharing some quests together and for this I am planning in advance by starting his account now so he can start having fun right away when he is old enough. True, there is much more to life than just UO and it's far from the only thing I do, but it's been a great experience for me! And I cannot think of a home away from home that is more thrilling or easier to reach. "
  20. RevAcid

    RevAcid Guest

    i hope your gonna post my poem !! =p
    mine was the Pimps Poem !!
  21. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    Well if its in line with the the Why I like UO thingy, then by all means enter it or something else if you want a chance to win. I dont believe Ive seen it though. Creativity would certainly make me turn a blind eye to the word count issue.
  22. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    There seems to be a problem here. Did I shy some people away, for the thought of writing something. Send it to me in PM and Ill post it annonomous. Spelling and Grammar dont matter.. thought and creativity counts...........Feed meeee. 2 days left. Good Luck and have fun.
  23. Well, when i first started Uo, i thought it meant it would be just the same old ultima type game only an online version . So i pretty much played as though it was an "at home" game. Then, i started to go off and try this "smithing" thing liek i saw Tenja do. This was WAY back i nabout Apr or May of 2000.

    Anyways, it turned out to be a pretty cool game after i finally GM'ed smithing though, after the fact, i found myself sitting at the bank a lot watching Gian and Warlord Rod argue back and forth >) Then i met other cool ppl liek Sangria and Cyn bakc then and certain "other" people for whom i could call friends. Some still play, thought the majority do not. What really sucked for me back then was getting deployed /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif going out on "war" maneuvers when i wanted my crack fix.
    Pretty much though now it seems every time i play for awhile i find myself doing the same boring repetitous things over and over. yea, its fun being uber rich and all, but what the really COOL thing so far about UO is. the friends you make /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif Kind of weird putting it this way, but meeting peopl in game isnt too all unlike meeting people in the active army... for the most part, I have met some fairly intelligent people, i have also met soem really cool people whom i call IN REAL LIFE friends, and yet of course, like the military, I have also met the pre-adolescent types, who just want to have fun by makeing other peple's playing experience miserable. Defineately thought, the single most important thing UO does for me is: heh, this is goofy but here goes anyway... I get to see my sweetie almost every day /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif yep.! even though we both are seperated by over 3000 miles. i still get to hang out most of the time when shes off work and im off duty:) thats the best part for me. thought it does NOT replace "in the flesh" hugs and kisses i still get to at least SEE her--so to speak. All in all, id say i have met the coolest ppl here even if we havent met for real but well blah, now im getting corny :p I wouldnt give it all up for the world though, for if i di not log almost every day, i wouldnt get to see Peg at all /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif almost the same as callign o nthe phone but i get to tlak and "see", albeit a pixel imitaion of her
    *thinks*,, yup,, shes the best! one thing ive noticed though about UO, is that my typing and grammar skills seemed to have declined since i started playing :p THAT part i could live with out. What this all boils down to i guess, is simply, heh
    simply FUN! If i never signed up WAY back i nthe old day, i would never have met the people i DID, never have talked to the people i DO and mostly, id be staring at a wall right now in my shoebox room waiting for my sweetie to get off work. blah. im babbling hope anyones who read this can understand my ONE LONG sentence! heh

    Darth Casca
    PS Ilove you guys!
  24. maligant

    maligant Guest

    I can't partake because my luck I would win and then I couldn't get the tower because I don't use AOL hehe.
    I actually just came across here from looking at the who's online and clicking on the post that someone was reading about a free tower.
  25. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    22 hours left!
    I have not read anyones entry yet except for the obvious non entries. I will post the winner on Monday I hope.
  26. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    *coughs* "Borrowed" this from Mase of UMP hope he doesnt mind. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    "As the night fell upon Moonglow a strange silence fell over the town. On the western outskirts of the town lies a small marble workshop where a band of brothers and sisters made there lives work in creating all that is good in life there goal. Where out of nowhere as if the sky had opened up and the ground shook. An orb of light descended from the heavens and pummeled to earth with a crash. As the brothers and sisters awoke and peered out, out walked a man, naked and weary of where he was. As the stranger approached the brothers and sisters house they took guard as they were sure he was not of there world.
    As the leader spoke out to the stranger, "Halt, who thou goes there?"
    The stranger stood still for a moment and collapsed.
    The brothers and sisters not knowing what to make of this man approached him wearily as they seen he was not a threat as he had no movement they took him in and set his limp body onto a cot.
    After 5 days of nursing and taking care of the stranger, the man awoke.
    Ophelia was standing by to see him awake and alerted Hamlet and Beldorean to come. As they arrived they could see the man was of human feature but had the aura of something not of this world. Then Hamlet the Guild Master spoke," Hail young stranger, how does doth feel?"
    The stranger estranged looked up at them and responded, "Where am I?"
    "For you are in Moonglow and home of UMP. Does thou have a name?"
    Silence and puzzlement fell upon the stranger, "Name?....My name is ...my name is Mase"
    "Welcome Mase, and where art thou from, Mase?"
    Puzzled again Mase responded, "Funny I don't really know?"
    Hamlet turned to Beldorean with the look of puzzlement.
    Beldorean turned to Mase, "Well young one you must know of were born then, yes?"
    Mase looking very nervous," I..I don't remember being born....." As no sooner said Mase had a flashback of fire and blades of light piercing his body and sending him into a cold sweat and then before he passed out a voice repeating the words, "He shall be sent to earth, He shall know what it is like to be human, He shall know of great things, He is my son whom walks the lands seeking the goodness and to fight the evil that plagues mankind so sayth I, God of......"
    3 days later mase awoke fully aware of his surroundings and whom had taking care of him. As Hamlet and Beldorean sat to talk with him they explained what had happened the night he arrived to them and Mase told them of the voice and what it had said.
    Hamlet and Beldorean both knew this could be only work of the Gods, and set forth in bringing Mase up into the Brother warrior, a member of the UMP.
    Mase lived his life as a man in Moonglow training with his brothers and sisters of UMP. There teachings of what family, goodness, and what one means to each other set Mase forth to grow into the Great Warrior Brother they could be proud of. Knowing one day that he would lead them on an epic journey and a great battle. They raised their King well. As Honor was written upon his soul he never faulted in his judgements and gave better than he received. Never forgetting his King Fredrick that he served in the beginning of his time here on earth. Knowing there was nothing stronger than Brotherhood and Honor. He lives his life as such, keeping the faith still till this day.
    "One Land, One King!" "
  27. Mase of UMP

    Mase of UMP Guest

    well thanks for posting it
    Im honored
    *bows to brother Bel*
  28. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    and another from PM

    UO means many things to me. One of my favorite things about UO is its customization for roleplaying. I was an old school AD&D'r ( 2nd edition ) and that game was everything to me. Sure other video games came out, but none quite lived up to it. Until UO came along. You can make your character as custom as you want, even down to the color of your leather gloves. You can have a home to live in, there is an established economy, along with REAL LIFE characters in the game. No more stupid npc's repeating the same line over and over, i get to interact with real intelligence.

    As of now my biggest pride in UO is home decorating. Not too many guys out there like me but oh well. I enjoy making my homes look very roleplaying, and spend a great deal of time and gold on it. Rune libraries are also a big thing for me. They in a way educated people of things in britannia and at the same time bring people into my house . Its my way of giving back.

    I have been on AOL for about a year now, and i might say it is the best shard i have played on so far. People seem more friendly here, and i think its because it is not a heavily populated shard like other shards, a closer knit community. Of course there is also better economy, i dont have to spend so much time saving up gold for items, so i can invest that time into better things.

    Probably one of thee most enjoyable things for me in UO is to be a newb. I enjoy starting from scratch, and building my way up, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment, and allows me to create. If i counted all of the time ive spent on character creation and put that towards gold mining i'd probably have a tower right now. I will admit that it is the one thing in UO that ive wanted since the begginning and still dont have. But it is a dream, if i have it, cool, if i dont, i'll still continue to play UO and have a good time. UO is in a large way a creative outlet for me.

    UO also helps me stay in contact more often with my best friend, who lives out in Indiana, a ways from my home ( MN ). And another friend in Florida. Its is also a great place for meeting people with my same interests, and ive meet some of the funniest and nicest people here on UO.
  29. Mase of UMP

    Mase of UMP Guest

    Ahh my brother bel goes for the tower
    UMP guy does this mean Im in the running too now
    Hail Brother Bel
  30. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    Hell Id enter you in a second if I didnt know that youd turn around and sell it on your next post. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
    jk btw on the sale part, and I know you have no need for it.
  31. Xavior

    Xavior Guest

    What UO means to me??

    COLD HARD CASH! 'nuff said!

    (Most of the people on this shard with Gold to burn, usually sell it for RL Cash)

    It's fun to PLAY, but it's EXTREMELY EXCITING to be able to sell Gold, Make RL cash, Play with friends, meet people, annoy people, peiss people off, PvP when you SUCK at it, use it as an escape to everyday woes and generally to do something other than Drink Alcohol, "Smoke weed everyday", Eat out, etc, etc etc.

    (This reply made no sense, but I don't give a rat's ass.. LOL)
  32. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    Congratulations Dryst, PM me and let me know when you will be around to take possession of your shiney new Tower. Thanks to everyone who responded. By the way it was the last PMed storey that took it.
  33. Caitsidhe

    Caitsidhe Guest

    Congratulations Dryst! I have to say, I didn't envy UMPGuy having to decide between the entries. I enjoyed reading them all, and wouldn't have wanted his job for the world..heh. Contests like this are another excellent way to find out who you are sharing a shard with. These posts have reinforced my opinon that I've made the right choice! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Not to mention it gave me the nerve to stop lurking and actually post!! LOL
  34. Mase of UMP

    Mase of UMP Guest

    To my brother UMPGuy
    I probably would had tried to sell t
    Finnally got rid of mine today
    I feel so free
  35. Dryst

    Dryst Guest

    Thanks again to UMP Guy for so graciously giving away his large tower. You wont be disappointed with your decision /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif I've been waiting for a looooong time to get my hands on one of these and now i finally have one!!! This is greatly appreciated and i cant thank you enough. Deco'rs look out cause here comes Dryst.........

    *you hear a techno-like dance beat in the background*

    deh deh du di di di......deh deh du di di..... ive got the tower!! deh deh du di di di.....ive got the tower!
  36. UMP guy

    UMP guy Guest

    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Breathes sigh of releaf. I was hoping I didnt give it to a seller. After seeing what you have done so far, Im very happy. Enjoy.