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Friday Governors Meeting Train Wreck Log

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Jerec KTM, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. Jerec KTM

    Jerec KTM Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 20, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I guess we aren't allowed to talk about the train wreck on the UHALL in what seemed like the appropriate thread... so I'll just post the whole log and let people see for their own eyes the fact it was an absolute train wreck.

    Here you go!

    [King Blackthorn]: Welcome governors and citizens to our fourth Council meeting.
    [Sirius]: evening
    [Dot Warner]: Your Majesty
    [The Black Wizard]: umm 2 min late
    [King Blackthorn]: We have a lengthy agenda for this meeting, so let's get started.
    [Sirius]: thats better than tues night events
    [The Black Wizard]: lmao
    [Tanda]: *nods*
    [King Blackthorn]: If a governor will not be able to attend a meeting of the Council,
    [The Black Wizard]: i hears its 5 to 10 min late on those
    [King Blackthorn]: I ask that he or she send me a pigeon at [[email protected]] or [[email protected]].
    [Sirius]: like clockwork
    [King Blackthorn]: If you would like to make a request for your town,
    [King Blackthorn]: Send a petition by pigeon to [[email protected]] at least three days before a Council meeting.
    [King Blackthorn]: Then be prepared to discuss your request and answer questions about it at the Council meeting.
    [King Blackthorn]: Now I invite each govenor to give a State of the Town status report,
    [Miss Kitty]: i left a detailed book in the em MB at next to teh awards hall
    [King Blackthorn]: With each governor yielding the floor to the next in line.
    [Miss Kitty]: do i need to do an email as well?
    [King Blackthorn]: Yes, you do.
    [Miss Kitty]: damn
    [Miss Kitty]: ok
    [The Black Wizard]: ems dont check their stuff
    [King Blackthorn]: It can be addressed at the next meeting.
    [King Blackthorn]: We shall discuss this later in the agenda though.
    [King Blackthorn]: As well as the three day rule.
    [King Blackthorn]: Now I invite each govenor to give a State of the Town status report,
    [King Blackthorn]: With each governor yielding the floor to the next in line.
    [King Blackthorn]: We will start from the Jhelom side this meeting. Governor Laleyan, you have the floor.
    [Meriadoc]: :/
    [Neptune]: *look's over*
    [The Black Wizard]: everyone Welcome Gov Laleyan
    [Alista Laleyan]: *Sighs* One of these days, Your Majesty, You will start at the other end
    [King Blackthorn]: Next time. *smiles*
    [Neptune]: why he know's where the trouble is
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: *smiles*
    [Alista Laleyan]: Jhelom has given the architects the supplies for the Governor's Office
    [Sirius]: with a capitol T
    [Alista Laleyan]: shush Neptune.
    [Neptune]: *nod's*
    [Alista Laleyan]: And we appreciate very much the Ballot boxes, in spite of Neptune's evil pranks on them...
    [Matthias O'Hare]: *looks towards the Governor*
    [Neptune]: *look's over* what prank's?
    [Alista Laleyan]: Mmmhmm.
    [Alista Laleyan]: That is all, Your Majesty. Miss Kitty?
    [Neptune]: now wait aminute
    [Miss Kitty]: Evening folks
    [Miss Kitty]: hush while i talk u get a turn
    [Neptune]: what di i soposadly do ?
    [Miss Kitty]: couple of issues
    [Miss Kitty]: some citizens are leaving the Magincia area
    [Miss Kitty]: due ot a laack of a response
    [Miss Kitty]: form the builders or developers
    [Miss Kitty]: waiting on a town banner
    [Miss Kitty]: that should have been approved
    [Miss Kitty]: Thorrian is this correct?
    [Thorreain]: it was approved
    [The Black Wizard]: it was approved
    [Miss Kitty]: ok it has been approved
    [Miss Kitty]: some time ago
    [Miss Kitty]: yet the gov office went up right away
    [Thorreain]: they just didn't deliver in 6 mo so now there are 5
    [Miss Kitty]: i need to know what the hold up is?
    [Miss Kitty]: these are good people
    [Thorreain]: was full but 2 lots
    [Miss Kitty]: who did it the correct way
    [Matthias O'Hare]: *chuckles lightly*
    [Miss Kitty]: other thing is how to rebuild the once great city
    [Miss Kitty]: which i guess will be discussed later
    [Miss Kitty]: Tanda
    [Thorreain]: and i want my banners taxed
    [Tanda]: Thank you Governor of Miss Kitty, Your Majesty
    [Tanda]: Minoc was graced with a Governor's office quite speedily
    [Thorreain]: 1 event each a mo for great shard of great lakes
    [Tanda]: There are plans in the works for several projects
    [Tanda]: to build an inventory in the City
    [Tanda]: I received a threat on the City Bulletin Board which is being investigated
    [Tanda]: my Inaugural event is Wed Sept 25th at 8 p.m.
    [Tanda]: at the Grotto in Minoc
    [Tanda]: and the vote on the Trade deal stands in favor
    [Tanda]: of the Merchants Association
    [Tanda]: governor Warner
    [Dot Warner]: Thank you, Governor Knighthawke.
    [Tanda]: *nods*
    [Dot Warner]: Your Majesty, Britain appears to be doing well, however, complaints regarding the blackrock dome in the eastern part of the city are numerous.
    [Dot Warner]: The merchants are saying that the dome is scaring away their customers and homeowners say it is devaluing their properties and ruining their view of Brittany Bay.
    [Dot Warner]: I have attempted to ally their fears and inform them that the Royal Guard and other organizations are doing their best about the problem.
    [Dot Warner]: Other than that, the only other things were in the proposal I sent in earlier today, Your Majesty.
    [Dot Warner]: I yield to Governor Fl’Gith.
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: Thank ye, Gov'ner Warner, Your Majesty...
    [Hugh the Hand]: bzzzzt
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: I am workin' wi' due diligence t' catch up on th' affairs o' Trinsic, but
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: th' city seems quite peaceful at present.
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: M' first order o' business shall be t' settle 'pon a date an' 'old a gatherin' fer th'
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: citizens o' Trinsic t' come t'gether an' meet wi' each other, a celebration o' th' city itself.
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: Th' date fer that shall be announced wi'in th' week, as I need t' confirm some plans.
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: I shall definitely work along wi' th' citizens o' Trinsic t' see that there are
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: plenty o' things t' do in th' days t' come.
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: Thank ye... Gov'ner Tyrell, I yield t' ye.
    [Walter Tyrell]: Thankyou Governor FI"Gith and your Majesty *smiles*
    [Walter Tyrell]: I am happy to report that the city of Moonglow is faring well.
    [Walter Tyrell]: I plan on holding a town meeting next week to meet with citizens and discuss their needs
    [Walter Tyrell]: and desires.
    [Walter Tyrell]: The exact time and location will be posted within the next 48 hours.
    [Walter Tyrell]: I hope with a better understanding of the needs of Moonglows citizens
    [Hugh the Hand]: *gears whirr*
    [Walter Tyrell]: to encourage more people to make Moonglow their city of choice for commerc.
    [Walter Tyrell]: That is all I have to report and I now yield the floor to Governor Neptune
    [Neptune]: thank you govner
    [Neptune]: first thing first Artemia seen's her regard's
    [Neptune]: as you know we are still rebuilding
    [Neptune]: after jhelom's invasion
    [Alista Laleyan]: Pfft. Jhelom didn't invade.
    [Neptune]: we are curently looking for a bee keeper
    [Thorreain]: we need invassion's
    [The Black Wizard]: lol
    [Lola]: Aye
    [Thorreain]: all can do it
    [Neptune]: to take care of the hive's near the bank
    [Thorreain]: not 1/3 ppl
    [The Black Wizard]: we need ems that will do something for this shard as a whole
    [Neptune]: cullen our guard captain
    [Neptune]: is looking to have his jail rebiult
    [Neptune]: an were are seeking asistance in that
    [Neptune]: in a side not
    [Neptune]: we have enterd a treaty wit new jhu'lum
    [Neptune]: to help us with the pirate's
    [Neptune]: that seem to infest the water's near our shore
    [Neptune]: *look'to the jhelom govner*
    [Neptune]: other than that all is well
    [Neptune]: i yeald to govner o'hare
    [Matthias O'Hare]: *nods*
    [Matthias O'Hare]: Thank you Governor Neptune
    [Matthias O'Hare]: Unfortunately due to the Kingdom's neglect, I can nay report things to be well in Vesper
    [Matthias O'Hare]: In both our city and the high seas that our ships ply oceans
    [Sirius]: ah c'mon everyone else painted a rosey picture
    [Sirius]: couldnt u
    [Matthias O'Hare]: Pirates run amock
    [The Black Wizard]: lol
    [Sirius]: one in every crowd
    [Matthias O'Hare]: Jhelom continues to do nothing about the pirates that sail the Valorian seas
    [Matthias O'Hare]: They continue to raid and sink Vesper merchant ships
    [Matthias O'Hare]: and to top this off
    [Alista Laleyan]: *Gives Matthias a dirty look*
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: *looks shocked*
    [The Black Wizard]: omg really
    [Matthias O'Hare]: The Kingdom has done nothing about the Pirate that has declared himself Mayor of Vesper
    [Sirius]: thats me sinking merchant ships
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Why are you blaming Jhelom??
    [Matthias O'Hare]: She has not been removed by forces of the King and I can only guess none will come
    [Matthias O'Hare]: I hope this situation will change
    [Matthias O'Hare]: *looks to Willa*
    [Matthias O'Hare]: Why am I blaming Jhelom?
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Yes...
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Why?
    [Matthias O'Hare]: Because it is the seas around their islands that many of these pirates infest
    [Matthias O'Hare]: And the Governor
    [Matthias O'Hare]: *points down the table*
    [Matthias O'Hare]: Has done nay a thing about it
    [Sirius]: why act like she can
    [13/09/20][18:31:44] [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: IT is not Jheloms job to patrol the seas for you
    [Matthias O'Hare]: Jhelom is supposed to offer safe harbor
    [King Blackthorn]: Only the person who has the floor should speak.
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: If your vessels need protecting I suggest you build a navy
    [Matthias O'Hare]: to any merchant ship that seeks trade
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Soryr
    [The Black Wizard]: put the 2 govs in a room witha a ballron and which ever comes out alive wins
    [Sirius]: point to the king not the gov if u want somethign done
    [Alista Laleyan]: I would if Skara Brae stopped trying to murder all Jhelomites!
    [Neptune]: *look's over*
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: My appologies your Majesty.
    [Tanda]: *sighs*
    [Matthias O'Hare]: You expect us to raise the Navy?
    [Matthias O'Hare]: Is that not the job of the Kingdom?
    [Matthias O'Hare]: Is that not the job of the King?
    [Matthias O'Hare]: *looks to the King*
    [The Black Wizard]: then why is the king here
    [Matthias O'Hare]: The people of Vesper request your help, your grace...
    [Sirius]: meetings going to take 2 hrs if teh rp keeps pointing fingers
    [The Black Wizard]: lol
    [Sirius]: what are we doing to make the game play more enjoyanble?
    [King Blackthorn]: *waits for Governor O'Hare to finish speaking and yield the floor to Governor Willa*
    [Matthias O'Hare]: and now I yield to the Governor of Yew
    [The Black Wizard]: i agree with Siris
    [The Black Wizard]: Sirus
    [The Black Wizard]: this rp is for the birds
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Yew is still fairing well though still having issues with Slaver and Pirate attacks.
    [Hugh the Hand]: bzzzt
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Very pleased to once again be elected to the office of Governor Your Majesty.
    [Sirius]: since everyone is complaining about pirates, why not have a large week/month long event centered a
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: And still wish to work to improve the city.
    [Sirius]: around pirate invasions
    [The Black Wizard]: i agree
    [The Black Wizard]: get it done and over with
    [Thorreain]: i work 1 st 9pm i got to go to bed i work 3 i'm off to work 2/3 ppl cant why ppl go away?
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: I think that's all I have for now.
    [The Black Wizard]: if the govs are done i have one question
    [King Blackthorn]: Thank you to all the governors for keeping me informed about your towns and cities.
    [Sirius]: no one? besides blackwizard have anythgin to say
    [King Blackthorn]: Sirius and The Black Wizard, please hold your comments until the New Issues section of the agenda
    [The Black Wizard]: ohh i have a lot to say
    [The Black Wizard]: seriously
    [Sirius]: at this rate your magesty that will be after midnight
    [King Blackthorn]: Now we turn to requests from governors.
    [The Black Wizard]: omg
    [King Blackthorn]: Many requests and conveniences were implemented by the builders.
    [Sirius]: do i need to call you your magesty and make up stuff about a city to get things done
    [King Blackthorn]: Daily treasury taxation has been removed.
    [Sirius]: 3months and taxes removed
    [King Blackthorn]: Citizens may now donate items directly to the City Heralds,
    [The Black Wizard]: maybe you have to rp
    [King Blackthorn]: Governors can access those donations by using the City Stones.
    [King Blackthorn]: A bulletin board for intra-city communication has been placed,
    [King Blackthorn]: in proximity to the City Stone in each loyalty city.
    [King Blackthorn]: Governors may place a ballot box to poll their citizens on various issues.
    [Sirius]: yeah, some of the itdeas were put to use
    [King Blackthorn]: By the way, the builders are aware of the issue with the ballot boxes.
    [Sirius]: but yet nothing on events to keep people intersted
    [The Black Wizard]: from the last election
    [Alista Laleyan]: *Smiles at the King*
    [King Blackthorn]: Sirius and The Black Wizard, please hold your comments until the New Issues section of the agenda
    [The Black Wizard]: whens that
    [King Blackthorn]: Also, governors’ offices have been built in Minoc and New Magincia.
    [King Blackthorn]: Requests are pending for offices in Skara Brae, Yew, Britain, Moonglow, and Jhelom.
    [King Blackthorn]: Other governors may read the books at either end of the table
    [Sirius]: i submitted materials overa week and a half ago for skara
    [Sirius]: where is that one at
    [The Black Wizard]: *raises hand*
    [Sirius]: Magincia was up in 2 days
    [King Blackthorn]: about how to place such a request.
    [Miss Kitty]: dont hate
    [King Blackthorn]: A governor may only place one request per term.
    [King Blackthorn]: I urge governors to consider their requests carefully.
    [Hugh the Hand]: *gears whirr*
    [Sirius]: i was in office when i placed it
    [King Blackthorn]: Britain, Moonglow, and Jhelom have requested offices this term.
    [Neptune]: realy ? just 1?
    [King Blackthorn]: Skara Brae and Yew's office requests were from last term.
    [Meriadoc]: One request every three months?
    [The Black Wizard]: lol
    [Matthias O'Hare]: *laughs*
    [Sirius]: yet new gov in place and its still not up
    [King Blackthorn]: Just one request per term, Governor Neptune.
    [Sirius]: ok, my request? still not built
    [King Blackthorn]: Over time, much will be done.
    [The Black Wizard]: when can we as citzens speak
    [King Blackthorn]: Requests are pending for offices in Skara Brae, Yew, Britain, Moonglow, and Jhelom.

    to be continued in next post...
    #1 Jerec KTM, Sep 22, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2013
  2. Jerec KTM

    Jerec KTM Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 20, 2004
    Likes Received:

    [Sirius]: pending?
    [King Blackthorn]: Citizens may speak during New Issues.
    [Sirius]: nah its an open meeting
    [The Black Wizard]: when is that
    [King Blackthorn]: Pending means the have been sent to the builders.
    [Sirius]: time frame?
    [Sirius]: 2weeks
    [Sirius]: 2 months?
    [The Black Wizard]: 2 yrs
    [King Blackthorn]: When the builders have time to build them.
    [Sirius]: 6months as in his banner?
    [The Black Wizard]: when uo is dead
    [King Blackthorn]: Turning to other requests that have been received.
    [King Blackthorn]: Governor Tanda requested a mailbox at her office.
    [King Blackthorn]: The builders have told me that that is not possible.
    [Tanda]: *nods*
    [King Blackthorn]: It is suggested that your citizens instead use the town message board to
    [Tanda]: Thank you
    [King Blackthorn]: inform you when they have made a donation.
    [Sirius]: why not? we can have MB at houses?
    [The Black Wizard]: because all these other games are going free to play and they actually listen to their players
    [King Blackthorn]: *smiles at Governor Tanda for her understanding*
    [King Blackthorn]: *looks through papers*
    [Sirius]: why not? we can have MB at houses? chairs are made to gov only!
    [King Blackthorn]: I wish to state definitively that items will not be locked down in towns for governors.
    [Sirius]: make mb that way to
    [Neptune]: not even plant's?
    [King Blackthorn]: Not plants, no.
    [Sirius]: there is no time for decorations
    [The Black Wizard]: look on all the other shards at luna on how they are decorated
    [Sirius]: or events
    [King Blackthorn]: Some unfortunate news,
    [King Blackthorn]: My secretary tells me that there were several missives delivered this afternoon.
    [Sirius]: we are destined to be bland
    [The Black Wizard]: even dead shards the ems do awesome jobs
    [King Blackthorn]: I have not had time to read them.
    [The Black Wizard]: look at great lakes
    [The Black Wizard]: NOTHING
    [King Blackthorn]: I remind governors that they must send their petitions by pigeon to
    [King Blackthorn]: [[email protected]] at least three days before a Council meeting.
    [Sirius]: how do i get a pigeon?
    [King Blackthorn]: We shall discuss these late pigeons at the next Council meeting.
    [Sirius]: i have seen chicken lizards
    [King Blackthorn]: I am also told that some requests were delivered to a mailbox rather than (emailed to [email protected]
    [Sirius]: but no pigeons
    [King Blackthorn]: I ask that those be sent by pigeon instead.
    [The Black Wizard]: i have abunch of chicken lizards too
    [King Blackthorn]: I can, however, assure Governor Kitty that during New Issues,
    [Miss Kitty]: so i have to submit it again
    [King Blackthorn]: we shall discuss the Valinor banner. I shall raise the issue myself, during New Issues.
    [Miss Kitty]: good
    [The Black Wizard]: issues with new mag have been sent numberous times by Thor
    [The Black Wizard]: and gets nothing
    [Miss Kitty]: but not in a RP manner
    [Miss Kitty]: so probably ignored
    [The Black Wizard]: exactally
    [King Blackthorn]: Now we welcome Diplomat Margaret Korbel.
    [King Blackthorn]: *nods to Diplomat Korbel*
    [Margaret Korbel]: Excuse me
    [Tanda]: *nods and smiles*
    [The Black Wizard]: rp is great if your into it but dog gone it
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: *nods in respect*
    [Sirius]: standing room only
    [The Black Wizard]: wi hate it personally
    [King Blackthorn]: Sirius and The Black Wizard, please hold your comments until the New Issues section of the agenda
    [Matthias O'Hare]: *steeples fingers and looks at the Diplomat*
    [The Black Wizard]: i heard this was an open meeting
    [Sirius]: not taking notes on everythign that is said
    [Sirius]: best to air them during the conversation
    [Dot Warner]: *sighs wearily*
    [King Blackthorn]: Sirius, please move aside for the lady.
    [The Black Wizard]: stop with the rp already
    [Sirius]: while fresh in everyones mind
    [Alista Laleyan]: Sirius take the hint and move your backside for the Lady.
    [Sirius]: which side?
    [King Blackthorn]: either
    [Margaret Korbel]: There are plenty of chairs
    [Sirius]: and u can sit just as easily
    [The Black Wizard]: waste soo much time with rping
    [Margaret Korbel]: Your majesty and venerable governors.
    [Margaret Korbel]: For those of you who are new, I am Margaret Korbel, one of the Royal Ambassadors.
    [Margaret Korbel]: I have been asked to prepare a short briefing on the gargoyles of Ter Mur
    [Margaret Korbel]: The gargoyles are a complex civilization, likely as old as ours.
    [Margaret Korbel]: The gargoyle lifespan is considerably longer than human and on par with elves.
    [The Black Wizard]: omg
    [Margaret Korbel]: They have a system of ethics and morality similar to the Virtues, called Singularity.
    [Margaret Korbel]: They have a central leadership, and while this is currently a Queen,
    [Miss Kitty]: sigh
    [Margaret Korbel]: Historically, kings held this role and were important against the Void.
    [Margaret Korbel]: The Void is a destructive mass that surrounds the continent of Ter Mur.
    [Margaret Korbel]: While the growth of the Void has slowed, it remains a problem.
    [Margaret Korbel]: Other problems in Ter Mur are generally other gargoyles.
    [The Black Wizard]: slow down the macro plz
    [Miss Kitty]: lol
    [Margaret Korbel]: In the distant past, a group of gargoyles broke off from Ter Mur.
    [Margaret Korbel]: Called the An-Kal-Lem, they were infused with demon blood.
    [Margaret Korbel]: While much of their leadership has been killed by Zhah or the Royal Guard,
    [Hugh the Hand]: beep beep
    [Margaret Korbel]: A few remain, bolstered by a large population of gargoyle outcasts.
    [Hugh the Hand]: *gears whirr*
    [Margaret Korbel]: About a year ago, the gargoyles of Ver Lor Reg immigrated to Ter Mur.
    [Margaret Korbel]: Because their arrival corresponded to spread of a plague,
    [Margaret Korbel]: This group of gargoyles has become a bit of an underclass in Ter Mur.
    [Margaret Korbel]: Since those of Ver Lor Reg are our allies and have been for many years,
    [Margaret Korbel]: We must always keep their wellbeing in our dealings with Zhah’s government.
    [Margaret Korbel]: Zhah is a capable ruler, and while she is a good ally, she sometimes distrusts humans.
    [Margaret Korbel]: Her daughter, Rhista, is next in line and closer to humanity.
    [Margaret Korbel]: We don’t have much information on other likely heirs.
    [Margaret Korbel]: However, due to the long lifespan, Zhah will likely remain in power for a long time.
    [Margaret Korbel]: I believe that is most of what you need to know about Ter Mur.
    [Margaret Korbel]: We have a few questions we need to answer with respect to Ter Mur.
    [Margaret Korbel]: The first is where we will place their embassy.
    [Thorreain]: i got the books
    [Margaret Korbel]: For security and diplomatic reasons, I ask you to consider this question carefully.
    [Margaret Korbel]: The second question is who our ambassador to Ter Mur will be.
    [The Black Wizard]: LOLA sit down
    [The Black Wizard]: not on me
    [Lola]: srry!
    [Margaret Korbel]: I can now take any questions.
    [The Black Wizard]: lol
    [Miss Kitty]: i ll be the ambassador
    [The Black Wizard]: i have a question
    [Miss Kitty]: can that macro be placed somewhere for everyone to read?
    [Margaret Korbel]: Is the question about Ter Mur?
    [Alista Laleyan]: *Raises Hand*
    [Thorreain]: do they still live by the rirul for king?
    [The Black Wizard]: when are the ems on this shard gonna take the time to do things for the players of great lakes
    [Thorreain]: fight to the death?
    [King Blackthorn]: Thank you, Diplomat Korbel.
    [Sirius]: black, we must wait our turn
    [Margaret Korbel]: I will sent a written form to you and the king.
    [Thorreain]: its in the books
    [Sirius]: pretend gargoyles and thier ambassador are more impoortant
    [Margaret Korbel]: I'm done
    [The Black Wizard]: Sirus when is our turn
    [King Blackthorn]: We shall now turn to the next issue on the agenda.
    [King Blackthorn]: My citizens have freedom of assembly.
    [King Blackthorn]: The laws of Britannia are binding upon all the citizens of this nation.
    [The Black Wizard]: im a citzen
    [Tanda]: *claps*
    [Sirius]: book on the end tells when
    [King Blackthorn]: Citizens may also choose to be bound by other rules and laws as well.
    King Blackthorn]: Over the long years without a monarch,
    [King Blackthorn]: many associations formed to help citizens organize their lives.
    [Meriadoc]: .
    [King Blackthorn]: These include the High Council, Fishing Council, and Yew Militia.
    [King Blackthorn]: They govern those who consent to be governed by them.
    [Sirius]: freedom of assembly, but not get answer
    [King Blackthorn]: I approve of and encourage such organizations.
    [King Blackthorn]: As long as they do not contradict the laws of Britannia.
    [King Blackthorn]: All citizens have an obligation to abide by the laws of Britannia.
    [The Black Wizard]: llama spit in their eyes
    [The Black Wizard]: lol
    [Lola]: hello llama
    [Polynikes of Yew]: *nods*
    [King Blackthorn]: Our Minister of Security, Magnus Grey, shall now speak.
    [The Black Wizard]: wow
    [Lola]: *pets the llama*
    [The Black Wizard]: when do we as citzens get to speak
    [Sirius]: good i got somethigns for magnus too
    [King Blackthorn]: *opens letter that just magically appeared in front of him*
    [Sirius]: hey black
    [The Black Wizard]: ya
    [Sirius]: look at the book on the end of the table
    [Sirius]: couple more subjects then us
    [King Blackthorn]: I am told that Minister Grey has been called away on an urgent mission.
    [Sirius]: its the book by lola
    [King Blackthorn]: (Sirius and Black Widow, please stop disrupting this meeting*
    [The Black Wizard]: ya seen it number 7
    [King Blackthorn]: (Sirius and Black Widow, please stop disrupting this meeting)
    [Sirius]: ok
    [The Black Wizard]: yippie
    [Meriadoc]: .
    [Sirius]: how are we disturbing
    [Sirius]: freedom of assembly
    [The Black Wizard]: i simply asked a question 3 times and you never answered me on when we can speak
    [King Blackthorn]: You are speaking when it is not your time on the agenda.
    [King Blackthorn]: Please stop disrupting this meeting.
    [Sirius]: but if questions are revelent to the time
    [King Blackthorn]: You may speak during New Issues.
    [King Blackthorn]: (Sirius and Black Widow, please stop disrupting this meeting)
    [Lola]: lol
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Hard to pay attention to the requests of the King and his guests when you keep interupting.
    [Sirius]: willa please stop interuppting the meeting
    [The Black Wizard]: lol
    [Sirius]: king go on
    [Lola]: Lol
    [King Blackthorn]: (Sirius and Black Widow, please stop disrupting this meeting)
    [pabII]: *sighs*
    [Alista Laleyan]: *smiles at Magnus Grey*
    [King Blackthorn]: Ah, Minister Grey, welcome.
    [Magnus Grey]: Your majesty. Governors.
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Minister.
    [Magnus Grey]: IAs I mentioned before, we are working to sever our connection to eight other worlds.
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: *smiles*
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: *nods at Magnus with a smile*
    [Tanda]: *nods to Magnus Grey*
    [Magnus Grey]: So far, we have recovered seven of prisms necessary to break this connection.
    [Magnus Grey]: The Ministry of Security is working in the final location to solve this problem.
    [Magnus Grey]: This Ethereal Void is proving a difficult and shifting environment,
    [Lola]: is this # 6?
    [Sirius]: shh
    [Magnus Grey]: But our forces have performed amazingly.
    [The Black Wizard]: shhh
    [Sirius]: ur interrupting
    [Lola]: oh srry!
    [Magnus Grey]: They have recovered a spellbook that provides the means to remove the blackrock dome.
    [Tanda]: *grins*
    [Magnus Grey]: So we believe we can safely remove this eyesore from Britain.
    [Dot Warner]: *smiles*
    [Magnus Grey]: We are well into our final search for the last prism maintaining this connection.
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Wonderful!
    [Magnus Grey]: The Royal Guard on high alert because of this and other reasons for the time being.
    [Magnus Grey]: I can now take any questions concerning security.
    [Sirius]: now his any questions, is that form us too?
    [The Black Wizard]: shhh lol
    [Lola]: hush
    [The Black Wizard]: were next
    [Neptune]: have you looked into jhelom?
    [Miss Kitty]: ok this one is for Sirius
    [Neptune]: an there pirate connection?
    [Sirius]: :)
    [Miss Kitty]: why every tuesday nioght
    [Alista Laleyan]: *Glares at Neptune*
    [Miss Kitty]: what about thiose that work or have kids
    [Matthias O'Hare]: The Merchants of Vesper do not feel Jhelom is a secure location to do business
    [Miss Kitty]: why not move the time around
    [Miss Kitty]: or make it a day long event
    [[Miss Kitty]: so more can enjopy it
    [Sirius]: lol
    [Magnus Grey]: It was the night didn't interfere with other events and requirements
    [Miss Kitty]: what other events?
    [Magnus Grey]: It was important to have a consistent night
    [Thorreain]: bring back great lakes
    [Miss Kitty]: am i missing events the other 6 days
    [King Blackthorn]: No matter when it is, some will not be able to be there.
    Miss Kitty]: agreed
    [Miss Kitty]: so make it an all day thing
    [Lola]: Aye!
    [Magnus Grey]: That is not possible.
    [Miss Kitty]: its cpu program
    [Miss Kitty]: loop it
    [Miss Kitty]: the new boss spawns
    [Miss Kitty]: 30mion after death right?
    [Miss Kitty]: or corgu;
    [Miss Kitty]: 20min after death
    [Magnus Grey]: (Run by a person for whom this is not a full time job)
    [Miss Kitty]: why not do that for theses
    [Magnus Grey]: (That is not possible)
    [Miss Kitty]: explain then
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (The are not DEV's they are EMs' other players from other shards who come to give us events)
    [The Black Wizard]: all day event would be awesome for all the people ouot there that work
    [Thorreain]: we dont ask for items just all to get to do it
    [Miss Kitty]: corgul and the new boss loop right?
    [Lola]: Aye it would
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (They give their time to come and do this for us0
    [The Black Wizard]: not fair for ones that work miss out
    [Sirius]: she might be pissed now
    [Tanda]: (that's a Dev install)
    [Sirius]: lol
    [The Black Wizard]: sorry outta place again
    [Lola]: lol
    [Miss Kitty]: then have the dev install it so its
    [Magnus Grey]: (I have done events that could be done during the week)
    [Alista Laleyan]: (It's not a script, Miss Kitty. It's two people moving the characters around )
    [Miss Kitty]: there for everyone
    [King Blackthorn]: (We have NO power over the devs(
    [Magnus Grey]: (Things that were left up, and I post about these in our forum and on our page)
    [The Black Wizard]: what about the ems?
    [Magnus Grey]: (Often, only a small subset of people actually do these static events)
    [Miss Kitty]: sooo
    [Meriadoc]: did they ever suggest more than two ems? just curious.
    [Miss Kitty]: who runs the game?
    [The Black Wizard]: other shards they run fun events
    [Magnus Grey]: (And so they are not the best use of limited time and limited resources)
    [The Black Wizard]: greta lakes gets crap
    [Lola]: that is why GL dying
    [Magnus Grey]: (The Producer. Who insures things like the current arc are implemented)
    [The Black Wizard]: great*
    [Miss Kitty]: ok is that messana?
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: *fiddles with the feather in the ink well*
    [Lola]: moving to other shards
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (They can't get enough volunteers to put an EM on every shard how do you expect them to have more than 2 on ours?_)'
    [King Blackthorn]: (The game is run by Mesanna, her email is : [email protected])
    [Meriadoc]: thanks for clarifying that we know you are busy
    [Miss Kitty]: ok, so emails are ignored
    [The Black Wizard]: the game is ran by one person?
    [Miss Kitty]: i know casue i do it
    [Miss Kitty]: i cant answer every email fomr the 100 people that work for me
    [Magnus Grey]: Good night, everone.
    [King Blackthorn]: Thank you, Minister Grey.
    [Miss Kitty]: figures
    [Thorreain]: i got 4 in with vent info and all in them
    [[Miss Kitty]: no resoolution
    [King Blackthorn]: *sighs*
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: Go wi' th' Virtues, Lord Grey.
    [King Blackthorn]: Now we shall open the floor to new issues.
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (Mesanna is the only one that places the banners and all the towns Governor buildings on all the shards)
    [King Blackthorn]: I shall begin, as I would like to discuss the banner of Valinor.
    [The Black Wizard]: and you email her and get ignored tis whjy Thor is Pissed about this banner thing
    [King Blackthorn]: I see from my notes that Lady Louisa submitted that banner proposal to the builders on:
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (Give the woman a break)
    [King Blackthorn]: April 9th, July 10th, and September 19th.
    [Miss Kitty]: LOL
    [King Blackthorn]: It is completely in the hands of the builders. You may contact the builders (email: [email protected]
    [Miss Kitty]: EXACTLY
    [King Blackthorn]: Neither I, nor anyone else who spoke tonight, nor Lady Louisa, has any control over the banner.
    [King Blackthorn]: It is entirely in the hands of the builders (which is Mesanna, her email is : [email protected]).
    [Miss Kitty]: well then they need to be here
    [Thorreain]: i got 4 in with vent info and all in them
    [King Blackthorn]: Again, it was submitted on April 9th, July 10th, and September 19th.
    [The Black Wizard]: excuse me maam but 6 months ago seriouly
    [Thorreain]: been 6 mo since aprroved
    [King Blackthorn]: Neither I, nor anyone else who spoke tonight, nor Lady Louisa, has any control over the banner.
    [Miss Kitty]: i am not even in that guild and that sounds rediculous
    [The Black Wizard]: she cant take it all on then she needs to move on
    [King Blackthorn]: It is entirely in the hands of the builders (which is Mesanna, her email is : [email protected]).
    [King Blackthorn]: I can do nothing else for you on this issue.
    [Alista Laleyan]: Please listen to the King.
    [Miss Kitty]: funny
    [Miss Kitty]: ur the king
    [Miss Kitty]: and u cant do anything?
    [Sirius]: pissed her off didnt they
    [King Blackthorn]: It is entirely in the hands of the builders (which is Mesanna, her email is : [email protected]).
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (Remember that Mesanna does all the EM event overseeing, plus producing to put out our 16th anniversary stuff....
    [Thorreain]: well then e mail her ask her if she wants a lot in new mag?
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (Plus getting ready for the holidays......
    [Miss Kitty]: WHAT CAN YOU DO?
    [Hugh the Hand]: beep beep
    [King Blackthorn]: The banner proposal was submitted on April 9th, July 10th, and September 19th.
    [Miss Kitty]: please tell me
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (Plus placing all the Town Governors buildings and yes your banner)
    [The Black Wizard]: well how about this maybe if hes the KING he should help her cause hes sittin here hearin all this
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (Give the woman a break)
    [Thorreain]: i sent
    [Miss Kitty]: i mean is all we can do is siot here and RP talk?
    [Neptune]: so we can not get anything for the town's other than a govner building
    [Matthias O'Hare]: *puts head in hands*
    [Miss Kitty]: can we accomplish anythign real?
    [Neptune]: no deco
    [pabII]: this is madness
    [Neptune]: or new buldings right
    [Thorreain]: they are killing gl
    [Sirius]: nothing
    [The Black Wizard]: nothing
    [Sirius]: not a thing
    [Lola]: *facepalm*
    [The Black Wizard]: serioulsy
    [Martyna Z'muir]: (People really need to realize that these meetings are 100% RP. Not game issues that the EMs HAVE NO POWER TO CHANGE)
    [Sirius]: SIRIUS LY
    [Alista Laleyan]: Thank you Your Majesty for Clarifying.
    [Meriadoc]: EMs are not killing great lakes
    [Meriadoc]: its the producer
    [Miss Kitty]: well they are not all RP
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (EM's are players just like you)
    [Meriadoc]: these guys/girls have limited time and limited means
    [The Black Wizard]: as a KIng go to other shards and check out luna on every other shard there decorated
    [Miss Kitty]: elections are for the people
    [The Black Wizard]: yes it is the ems
    [Thorreain]: they do not listen ant emply send you to next till you get sick it
    [Miss Kitty]: to have avoice
    [Miss Kitty]: people are speaking
    [Miss Kitty]: not RP
    [The Black Wizard]: on deach we made a suggestione once and the em was there doing it
    [Martyna Z'muir]: Right, an RPed voice)
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: A voice at th' table o' th' King... I'mnae sure where th' confusion lies therein.
    [Meriadoc]: luna deco isn"t exactly high on my list but ok
    [The Black Wizard]: dont say its not the ems
    [The Black Wizard]: ems on this shard are doing nothing for it
    [Miss Kitty]: what RP is there in voting
    [The Black Wizard]: period
    [Miss Kitty]: or selecting a trade deal
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: *raises eyebrow*
    [Miss Kitty]: that is not in decoing a city
    [Meriadoc]: i remember plenty of events theyve done
    [Martyna Z'muir]: (*sighs* Seriously?)
    [Miss Kitty]: yes
    [Thorreain]: i had ppl leving the guild becase i lied iwas suppose to get pvp going for gv
    [Miss Kitty]: seriously
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: Trade deals benefit th' citizenry, unless I be mistaken.
    [The Black Wizard]: at night
    [Meriadoc]: yeah i miss most of those too
    [The Black Wizard]: when other players that work cant be there
    [Miss Kitty]: tehy benefit the player
    [Thorreain]: they seen the books
    [Miss Kitty]: the same players that want more events
    [The Black Wizard]: is that fair if they are also playin g to play this game
    [Alista Laleyan]: You are not mistaken, Governor Fl'Gith.
    [Miss Kitty]: that want to show pride in thier shard
    [Thorreain]: but said yall c\hanged your mind
    [The Black Wizard]: NO
    [Martyna Z'muir]: (GL EMs have done an event per week for 4 YEARS now. They've done more on this shard than most other shards combined)
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: Per'aps card players need trade deals as well, but I'mnae certain where ye be goin' wi' this.
    [The Black Wizard]: so maybe evasions is an awesome thing to happen
    [Miss Kitty]: love the tuesnight events
    [Miss Kitty]: but cant attend
    [Meriadoc]: invasions?
    [The Black Wizard]: but not a hour long thing
    [Miss Kitty]: so no even tfor me
    [Meriadoc]: yeah but thats a producer arc
    [The Black Wizard]: and at night
    [The Black Wizard]: only
    [Martyna Z'muir]: (The EMs have no control over invasions, Mythic has to do that.)
    [Miss Kitty]: so guess i cant call it an event
    [Meriadoc]: i"m with you its just the difference of what they can do
    [Miss Kitty]: ok, then we have the king of the shard here
    [Alista Laleyan]: (Perhaps if you got into the spirit of these events, Miss Kitty, you could enjoy yourself.)
    [Meriadoc]: vs what we expect them to do
    [Miss Kitty]: we should be the voice fo the people that elect us
    [Miss Kitty]: he should be our voice
    [Miss Kitty]: if i coould attend i would
    [Meriadoc]: look at this event here :)
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: I believe 'e is th' King o' Britannia... I'm certain th' Tokunese Empress an' Queen Zhah would
    [The Black Wizard]: ya the king is here and says nothign just wants to keep dealing with this bullshyt rp crap
    [Miss Kitty]: unfortunately i have rl priorities
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: challenge any idea that Lord Blackthorn be th' "King o' th' Shard."
    [Meriadoc]: rp not for everyone but we can at least let those who do enjoy it finish theirs
    [Tanda]: This is a Roleplay Genre Game
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: Nae offense, m'lord.
    [Thorreain]: i'm done you ppl kill this shard i will have to find new game and i bet it ain't got ea on it
    [Alista Laleyan]: (You're sitting right there.)
    [The Black Wizard]: that makes these meeting draw out for hours on end
    [The Black Wizard]: really
    [Alista Laleyan]: Yay! One down two to go.
    [The Black Wizard]: say what ya need to get to the poiint
    [Miss Kitty]: no commitments tonight
    [Miss Kitty]: so i can sit here
    [The Black Wizard]: simple
    [Miss Kitty]: and rtaise these points
    [Meriadoc]: pretty much all this is is rp
    [Meriadoc]: just fyi
    [Alista Laleyan]: (Then stop complaining and get into the spirit of tonight's event, and you'll enjoy it,)
    [Tanda]: As an Employee EMs have no control
    [The Black Wizard]: cheese and rice my 8 yr old can do that
    [Tanda]: Only rules they must follow
    [Miss Kitty]: again i ask, then what can we control
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (That is how it was intended we do play an MMO RPG)
    [Dot Warner]: (I think someone needs to clearly post what these councils are for and what can and what cannot be accomplished in them)
    [King Blackthorn]: (The Council meetings are, for the most part, role play.)
    [Miss Kitty]: finally
    [Miss Kitty]: we asked that at every meeting so far
    [Alista Laleyan]: (They have clearly posted exactly thatm Dot.)
    [Miss Kitty]: so this coouncil has not bearing on improving game play
    [Miss Kitty]: instead we talk about NPC pirates
    [King Blackthorn]: (It has bearing on improving game play, by giving citizens a chance to elect)
    [Alista Laleyan]: (It was never intended to, Miss Kitty.)
    [King Blackthorn]: (representatives)
    [Miss Kitty]: ok, elect to do what?
    [The Black Wizard]: whys is no one listening to the players then
    [King Blackthorn]: (And those representatives a chance to voice their citizens views.)
    [Miss Kitty]: i am doing just that
    [Meriadoc]: my take on governers is to take initiative to help develop their on cities
    [The Black Wizard]: we are the citzens
    [Miss Kitty]: and am being told to get in the spirit
    [Meriadoc]: not to pass everything on to ems
    [Meriadoc]: otherwise their role is as pointless
    [Neptune]: how can you inprove game play when everything is on hold
    [Meriadoc]: just my thoughts
    [King Blackthorn]: You raised a specific issue, and have been given an answer.
    [Meriadoc]: :)
    [King Blackthorn]: It is entirely in the hands of the builders (which is Mesanna, her email is: [email protected]).
    [The Black Wizard]: this isnt gonna improve the game any
    [Neptune]: or we can't do it ?
    [Miss Kitty]: only thing i have seen tonight is we have no athourity
    [Miss Kitty]: email someone else
    [The Black Wizard]: seriously
    [Neptune]: 6 month's for a banner?
    [The Black Wizard]: check out other games that are going free to play
    [King Blackthorn]: On the issue you raised, that is the correct answer.
    [Lola]: lol
    [Miss Kitty]: ok abnner issue, its in the hands of someoen else
    [Neptune]: that's to long of a wait
    [The Black Wizard]: UO is gonna die fast
    [Miss Kitty]: as it has been for 6 months
    [Miss Kitty]: do you see an issue with that?
    [Lola]: yes uo is gonna die fast
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: *passes Lord Blackthorn two acetylsalicylic acid tablets and pats him on the shoulder*
    [Miss Kitty]: really 6 months
    [King Blackthorn]: If it had been for six years, that doesn't change the correct answer to your question.
    [Meriadoc]: well thats the chance we take when we pay but arguing about it here probably doesnt help
    [slider]: could we get more wearable stealable items developed?
    [The Black Wizard]: this is a meeting right
    [Meriadoc]: sorry mal, if i were you id be pounding my keyboard :)
    [Miss Kitty]: if i dont pay, you sure dont wait 6 months to deactivate my account
    [The Black Wizard]: he is the king
    [The Black Wizard]: correct
    [Alista Laleyan]: Your Majesty, may I suggest we move on to the next subject?
    [Meriadoc]: part of the tos
    [Alista Laleyan]: The horse. It is dead.
    [The Black Wizard]: then maybe we need a new KINg
    [Miss Kitty]: no answer?
    [King Blackthorn]: Thank you for the suggestion, Alista, but I still have some hope.
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (Comments and suggestions to improve the game can be submitted on Stratics)
    [The Black Wizard]: i am done here and will not vote ever again
    [King Blackthorn]: Miss Kitty, I have given you the correct answer to your question.
    [Alista Laleyan]: I understand. You have a halo over your crown.
    [King Blackthorn]: I hope that you will listen to my answer.
    [The Black Wizard]: i heard that same answer last term
    [Miss Kitty]: i would like my account billed as frequest
    [King Blackthorn]: Thank you, Governor Laleyan,
    [Miss Kitty]: u sure want our money
    [Miss Kitty]: on time
    [The Black Wizard]: how many terms is thor suppose to listen to these answers
    [The Black Wizard]: seriously
    [King Blackthorn]: (Miss Kitty, I have no control over that either)
    [Meriadoc]: EMs have nothing to do with billing
    [Tanda]: Thorreain has one banner
    [Meriadoc]: lol
    [Hugh the Hand]: beep beep
    [Tanda]: It is not withing any of the EMs power
    [Miss Kitty]: you have no control over anything? is that correct?
    [Tanda]: to fix the issue
    [Tanda]: or act on it
    [The Black Wizard]: when it was approved
    [King Blackthorn]: (I have no control over the banner, now that the request is sent)
    [Sirius]: heheh
    [The Black Wizard]: ^ montha ago
    [Matthias O'Hare]: So the merchants of Vesper are supposed to suffer while you squabble over a banner?
    [King Blackthorn]: It was sent April 9th, July 10th, and September 19th.
    [Matthias O'Hare]: Please, is this what Britannia has come to?
    [King Blackthorn]: It is entirely in the hands of the builders (which is Mesanna, her email is: [email protected]).
    [Miss Kitty]: HOw are the merchants suffering
    [Miss Kitty]: show me one of thesse merchants?
    [The Black Wizard]: ok so 5
    [Matthias O'Hare]: It is no wonder the city of Vesper is run by a pirate
    [The Black Wizard]: thats still crappy
    [Alista Laleyan]: *Eyes the quill in front of her, and looks thoughtfully down at Governor Neptune, wondering if anyone would notice...*
    [Tanda]: The point of this part of the game is to get us
    [King Blackthorn]: (I have no control over it. I have informed you of the correct person to contact)
    [Dot Warner]: *considers pounding her head into the table repeatedly*
    [Tanda]: moving to get people in our towns doing something
    [King Blackthorn]: (I have no control over that.)
    [Meriadoc]: well this has been disappointing take care
    [Miss Kitty]: (If i talk liek this does it help)
    [Matthias O'Hare]: I say to hell with your banner! Ships are being sunk as we speak in the Valorian seas!
    [The Black Wizard]: your the king start jumping on their butts
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (I have said you MUST remember Mesanna is the Producer....
    [Alista Laleyan]: (No, but if you understand you've been answered and move on, it does help.)
    [The Black Wizard]: and miss kitty tyvm for bringing it up
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: I believe ye mean that ships in th' Valorian seas are bein' sunk as we speak...
    [Miss Kitty]: np
    [Tanda]: Black Wizard would you treat your employer
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: *shrugs a little*
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (She is responsible for doing our gifts for the Anniversary..... I'm sure making stuff ready for holidays...
    [Tanda]: with such disrepect?
    [Miss Kitty]: thats just the point
    [Neptune]: (so do we have a list of what govoner's can ask for ?)
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (As well as in charge of the EM's...
    [The Black Wizard]: disrespect i thought this was our turn
    [Tanda]: Malachi and Elizabella to a heck of a job
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (And doing events all over every week...
    [King Blackthorn]: Yes, Neptune, they may ask for offices.
    [Tanda]: It is your turn
    [Miss Kitty]: EMs seem like good people
    [Miss Kitty]: maybe they arent the issue
    [Neptune]: (and that's it?)
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (Building all the Town Governors Offices..... and Banners)
    [Tanda]: what I am trying to point out is that the EMs are employed
    [Miss Kitty]: maybe its management
    [The Black Wizard]: and i wouldnt promise my workers something and let them wait 5 mionths
    [Tanda]: by Mythic
    [Tanda]: not the other way around
    [King Blackthorn]: Those who requested offices last term may request one thing this term.
    [Miss Kitty]: ok, we are elcted to bring items up
    [Miss Kitty]: we meet once a month
    [The Black Wizard]: id fire you all
    [Neptune]: (like waht?)
    [Miss Kitty]: then why not have mythic here to hear about it
    [Lola]: lmao!!
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (Remember there are less than a dozen DEV's.)
    [King Blackthorn]: You have brought the issue up, Miss Kitty, and been answered.
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (Thanks to EA)
    [Miss Kitty]: past the banner
    [Tanda]: I pay to play just as you do
    [Matthias O'Hare]: *pounds table*
    [Tanda]: not employed here
    [Miss Kitty]: can u get past it
    [Matthias O'Hare]: Burn the banner!
    [Miss Kitty]: gameplay
    [Miss Kitty]: so all of the numerous questions about game play
    [The Black Wizard]: then stop with this gov crap because its pointless
    [Miss Kitty]: will those be looked into with your bosses and answers
    [The Black Wizard]: simple
    [Miss Kitty]: be brought back to us?
    [King Blackthorn]: Neptune, send a reasonable request and we will ask the builders.
    [The Black Wizard]: have fun
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: To you perhaps some of us enjoy it.
    [Sir Darius Sorn]: I thought you were leaving
    [King Blackthorn]: Tanda sent a reasonable request and we asked about it.
    [Leonardo Reyas]: Yeah
    [King Blackthorn]: By the way, Tanda, that doesn't count as your one request for the term.
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: And are thankful to the EM's and DEV's for providing us this oppertunity
    [Neptune]: define reasnble
    [King Blackthorn]: Since it was declined.
    [Leonardo Reyas]: You been staying a long time for someone leaving
    [The Black Wizard]: i am this is stupid
    [Tanda]: Oh, thank you
    [Miss Kitty]: i need my book back if you will not accept it
    [Miss Kitty]: as a request
    [King Blackthorn]: Miss Kitty, I can give your book back to you after the meeting.
    [Miss Kitty]: why cant you accept it as a request?
    [King Blackthorn]: Please send it to ([email protected])
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: *sighs*
    [King Blackthorn]: A book (can't be forwarded)
    [Miss Kitty]: so they dont pl;ay the game?
    [Miss Kitty]: and you cant give it to them>?
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: *picks up the quill and starts looking at the sharpness of its tip*
    [Alista Laleyan]: (Miss Kitty, Are you finished disrupting the meeting?)
    [Miss Kitty]: this is the open speech time
    [King Blackthorn]: (The procedure is to email it, so it can be forwarded)
    [Leonardo Reyas]: [Can you please add guns to the game so I can blow my brains out? THANK YOU]
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: *replaces the quill*
    [King Blackthorn]: (They do play, btw)
    [Miss Kitty]: so i should sit here and nod
    [Miss Kitty]: and pretend all is well in the game?
    [Tanda]: ( They are not all in teh same city nor building)
    [King Blackthorn]: You asked a question, it has been answered.
    [Tanda]: the*
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: Miss Kitty, if I may... yer purpose as Gov'ver is t' reach out t' yer citizens,
    [slider]: can you ask them to bring back some of the long fogoten tameable pets?
    [Miss Kitty]: i ahve
    [Sir Darius Sorn]: [Just FYI, we've now spent 45 mins talking about the banner]
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: per'aps t' provide parties an' meets an' gatherin's t' get yer citizens t'gether,
    [King Blackthorn]: (Slider, no, but you can ask on Stratics in the ask the devs section)
    [Miss Kitty]: not talking about the banner anymore
    [Leonardo Reyas]: [wow, are you serious?]
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: an' t' bring th' voice o' yer people about things th' King may 'andle t' 'is ears.
    [King Blackthorn]: (O
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: (You can to ask on Stratics in the Requests on UHall)
    [King Blackthorn]: (typo)
    [Sir Darius Sorn]: [Can you please place the banner so they will shut up?]
    [Leonardo Reyas]: [fo real]
    [Miss Kitty]: they have no control over things lokle that
    [Miss Kitty]: like
    [King Blackthorn]: (I"ve spent longer talking about banners, in situations in which I was just as powerless)
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: There are many things that ye as Gov'ner may do t' bring enjoyment t' yer citizens.
    [King Blackthorn]: (Darius, I can't place a banner)
    [Lola]: lalala
    [Miss Kitty]: ok i am done, i ll be a drone and nod
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: Oh dear...
    [Sir Darius Sorn]: [oops sorry you said that like a thousand times just now]
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: No one 'as asked ye t' just sit an' nod.
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: *shakes his head*
    [Miss Kitty]: *nods*
    [Leonardo Reyas]: [roflmao]
    [slider]: well i guess scince i have to do it didnt need to come here
    [Miss Kitty]: [*nods*]
    [Sirius]: lol told ya they pissed her off
    [Hugh the Hand]: *gear whirr*
    [Miss Kitty]: [*nods*]
    [Lola]: Aye
    [Lola]: lmaoz
    [Neptune]: yap
    [Tanda]: Your Majesty may I ask one question about City Stones?
    [Miss Kitty]: [*nods*]
    [Fatal Error]: there gray
    [King Blackthorn]: Go ahead, governor Tanda
    [Tanda]: Is there a "grand" plan for the inventory feature in the future?
    [Miss Kitty]: [*nods*]
    [Fatal Error]: is this a party
    [King Blackthorn]: What do you mean?
    [Tanda]: Will they be used to supply building materials to the royal builders or something?
    [King Blackthorn]: No, my secretary retrieves the building materials and passing them on to the builders.
    [King Blackthorn]: You can collect donations from your citizens though.
    [Tanda]: for what purpose?
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: For what?
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: We can't decorate
    [King Blackthorn]: If someone new needed to be built, you could ask for stone and wood, etc.
    [King Blackthorn]: *something
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: So what is the purpose?
    [Tanda]: *nods*
    [Sirius]: shh your question is to closely aligned witht he banner
    [Tanda]: ok,
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: I see.
    [Lola]: *takes notes*
    [Sirius]: they cant control that
    [King Blackthorn]: We may be talking at cross-purposes. I was discussing the City Herald
    [Fatal Error]: lmao
    [King Blackthorn]: And city collections. What did you mean?
    [Tanda]: I'm getting news that they can be used to help younger citizens
    [Tanda]: which makes some sense
    [King Blackthorn]: I hadn't heard anything about that, sorry.
    [Fumues]: you got any ida abouth chose/order?
    [Tanda]: I appreciate the input
    [King Blackthorn]: No, Fumues, I don't.
    [King Blackthorn]: Are there any other new issues.
    [Fumues]: i was to lead for order
    [Fatal Error]: well
    [Neptune]: so any plan's on the harrals to make them speak?
    [Fatal Error]: lmao
    [Neptune]: maybe like the qupid
    [Fatal Error]: really
    [Neptune]: kinda stupid they just sand there an do nothin
    [Matthias O'Hare]: New issues? Aye
    [Matthias O'Hare]: Pirates
    [Fatal Error]: so how are the ideas going
    [Fatal Error]: tryin to better this game
    [Dot Warner]: (Messages that the Heralds spout like a Crier)
    [King Blackthorn]: Neptune, there is currently no plan to make the heralds speak.
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Shame that....
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Might be useful.
    [Hugh the Hand]: *gears whirr*
    [Hugh the Hand]: beep
    [Fatal Error]: i dont even see the king
    [Fatal Error]: where is he
    [Neptune]: so no deco ,no buildind's,no speaking herald's
    [Neptune]: how abought a brige
    [Fatal Error]: the games dying
    [King Blackthorn]: Neptune, there are buildings, the governors' offices.
    [Miss Kitty]: [*nods*]
    [Neptune]: to iver's round
    [Fatal Error]: check out the other games that are going free to play
    [Miss Kitty]: [*nods*]
    [Fatal Error]: UO employees would lern a few things
    [Fatal Error]: learn
    [Miss Kitty]: [*nods*]
    [King Blackthorn]: Does anyone else have new issues to raise?
    [Fatal Error]: on how to improve UO
    [King Blackthorn]: Regarding the towns of Britannia
    [Fatal Error]: trust me its not lil petty crap like this
    [King Blackthorn]: If there are no further issues, we shall adjourn.
    [Miss Kitty]: [*nods*]
    [King Blackthorn]: Now we shall adjourn. Goodnight.
    [John]: Thank you your grace.
    [Fatal Error]: excuse me sir
    [John]: *salutes*
    [Alista Laleyan]: Thank you for your patience, Your Majesty.
    [Ra'Dian Fl'Gith]: Thank ye Your Majesty.
    [Lola]: Wow..
    [Tanda]: Thank you
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Your Majesty
    [Dot Warner]: Farewell, Your Majesty.
    [Fatal Error]: how long have you been King
    [King Blackthorn]: Goodnight.
    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: I wish to appologize to the disruptions this evening