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Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Hooli Gan, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Hooli Gan

    Hooli Gan Guest

    Hail fellow Napiens.
    Hungry for ACTION?
    Seems since i left the game a few years ago so did most of the population.
    What is left is a few die hard vets a lot of bought accounts and a few noobs seems to be out there from time to time as well.
    Glorious as it was Uo just aint the same.All you old timers will remeber when anywhere you went tramm or fell there was always a few other people on your screen.Now it seems unless I am in Luna or the yew gate it can be hard to find a huntmate.I have joined a few guilds since i have been back and it's going well I am quite happy with the people I have allied with.
    I have decided to help promote our shards fellowship to create


    We will be meeting each Friday night at approx 7 pacific for a impromptu all guild/non guild hunt.
    Meet in luna (your prolly there already) and get partied then join us as we hunt Biggame MOB's
    champ peerless doom ? Tramm/fell you decide what you like [​IMG]
    Tired of banksitting [​IMG] want some action and to meet a few good people?
    Come hunt with us and help to promote the fellowship of NAPA VALLEY SHARD
    Theres only a few of us left lets ban together and make it as close to the old days as we can if only for an hour or so each week.
    Hope to see ya there

  2. Hooli Gan

    Hooli Gan Guest

    We will undertaking the champion spawn at Sleeping dragon in Tokuno.
    Not much to be gained here exept a hero title and a lotta gold<not sure if anybodies into that though :p

    Level 1: Deathwatch Beetle Hatchlings & Lizardmen

    Level 2: Deathwatch Beetles & Kappas

    Level 3: Lesser Hiryus & Revenant Lions

    Level 4: Hiryus & Onis

    Sleeping Dragon spawn is almost all Reptile related, so bring the appropriate slayer (reptile, dragon or snake slayers). It's also highly recommended to bring some orange petals to counter poison at higher levels. First level is Deathwatch Beetle Hatchlings and Lizardmen. Easily taken care of with EVs and EQs. Warriors and Tamers. Bards can provoke easily. Second level is Deathwatch Beetles and Kappas. EVs and EQs all around watching for acid blood. Tamers keep pets moving due to acid blood. Third level gets pretty nasty, with Lesser Hiryus and Revenant Lions spawning. Bards come into play heavily here, provoke and peace everything you can. Mages must put up poison fields to slow them down. Warriors should lure one or two at a time into the fight area. Fourth level, of course is the challenge. With Mages putting up poison fields, And Bards Peacing the spawn. Again, warriors lure in one or two at a time into the fight area. Tamers target Hiryus together.

    A little video to help get ya pumped

  3. Hooli Gan

    Hooli Gan Guest

    Those that were there fought valiantly and ultimatly achieved the desired goal in record time.In about 45 minutes total the spawn had been taken and the notoriously angry serado had been awkened then promptly put back to sleep

    We were joined by dignataries from several other guilds (approxx 12 players showed) several others missed the gate and were left to wonder what our fate would be.Hollering at us on party speak and cheering us on as we kept them updated of our situation.We would return victorious however a short time later to a welcome in Luna that even Lord British himself would envy.

    First wave was lizardmen and deathwatch beetles easy enough.Then the kappas came,still the party marched on.The third wave brought lesser hyrus and revanent lions they were well met and dispatched by the group.Oni's and Hyrus were up next and forced us to fallback and gather our thoughts.
    Only 3 deaths were to be had up to this point,and 5 total for the entire hunt.I myself had 2 of those but that story shall be swept under the goda matt for now .

    This would prove to be a battle to remember the party held ground firmly until a friended greater dragon went down.Falling back and rethinking our plan we decided that the plan would be to charge them for a final Friday night do or die style charge .
    This proved to be too much for the oni's to handle and they soon fell to our offensive.Serado was awakened and flang deadly poison at everyone who dared attack him.But the fight was taken out of him quickly by the waves of arrows and ev's cast at him by the party.

    Gold fell from the skies and gathered in clumps on the ground also some quite decent loot was to be had from serado's corpse.

    Join us again next friday for another impromptu journey into another horrible place where the odds will undoubtedly be stacked against us.

    Kinda gets the blood going dont it ?

  4. Well done! Nice movie too. I've never seen the champ of that area before so was new to me. I work friday nights or I would come just for fun. But good luck getting all of napa into your hunts.
  5. Nice to see news happening agian in Napa..
    I have awakened from my blackrock coma and will be back in action..
    I will make it there this Fridaty to make this Official news.
    It will be nice to dust of my quill and ink well.
  6. Hooli Gan

    Hooli Gan Guest

    Great hope to see you there Dreamwolf.Had a great turnout last friday hoping to have a repeat.

    Guess i better pick a venue haha
    any suggestions?

    I am keyed for lady mel.but heck who isnt? :p
    Would love somebody to step up with keys to paroxy or other peerless,maybe we could do doom?
    So many choices so little time,guess thats the joy of an impromptu hunt
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Paroxy isnt too terrible to key for, much easier than Shimmer I think. You should give it a whirl - get the first 3 keys and have the hunt begin with the getting of the last key (off Putrefyer).
  8. Hooli Gan

    Hooli Gan Guest

    Thanks for the reply AilishD hey i wouldnt mind at all if you were available for a few to take me there and get me keyed.
    Ive always thought a paraoxy slaughter would be a blast[​IMG] Hit me on icq im available anytime the next few days. 485-764-403

    also thinking of going in and once and for all laying waste to everything in the labyrinth.

    I am so happy to see there is life waiting to bloom out there on Napa.I also cant say how great it is to see players from different guilds, or non guilded players for that matter all uniting for a common cause.

    Hooligan LBR
  9. A fantastic hunt last night.. though it ended up with many players being layed to waste... Including this reporter.. more times than I care to count.. ( because i lost track) At any rate.. I got some decent screen shots.. ( I love the group photo's) and as soon Ias I can get my printing press runing agian I will be posting about it officially..
    Thank you for having this party Hooli Gan... and thanks to all who showed.. it IS very nice to see people banding together..to explore.. and die together..
  10. Hooli Gan

    Hooli Gan Guest

    Hey wolfie just glad you could make it my friend.
    Yes was a great turnout got a goodie planned for next week.
    FYI On my way out last night from the back of the Labyrinth I noticed a decomposing corpse with the unlikely name of Dreamwolf on it! I stood in horror for a sec wondering how such a valiant emmisary of battle had been fallen so gruesomly? I quickly came to me senses and realized that surely the attack had happened whilst the brave reporter had stopped to pen a few notes.I then thought since this was the last named corpse I wanted to see laying there I would take a pic to try and identify if indeed this was the glorious stratics reporter or not? Sadly my grabby wasnt grabbing and all had been lost.

    Lol to make a long story short i was hoping you could email with a few of the pics,especially the group shots so I could have for me records.

    [email protected] hey also I have a pending request for you to add me on icq

    Ty Hooli gan LBR
  11. five oclock

    five oclock Guest

    aye I also have some of the group shots also I can send your way..

    and maybe one or two of our dead reporter :p

    All in all a great hunt. It was fun. Alot of bodies but then again seen alot of things I forgot about [​IMG] thanks for the fun!
  12. Hooli Gan

    Hooli Gan Guest

    yes please send me those shots.especially the groups as my grabby didnt ummm well grab

    thanks glad you had fun hope to see you next week