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*From the Journal of Falthren von Wolfenstahl*

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Falthren, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Falthren

    Falthren Guest

    Paladin’s Library, Trinsic
    2nd Waning of Summer’s End (Midnight), Age of Shadows, 2nd Year

    My shift at the gates has ended for the day. The liches and their commanders are an annoyance, but no longer pose a substantial threat to the city. Several defenders from various guilds take turns thinning out their numbers, and yet still they keep coming.

    It is clear that Ocig is not yet done with the city. Cormanthyr investigated Ocig’s lair last night and reported that the followers of Relvinian have their eyes fixed on Trinsic, gathering reagents for “the return,” whatever that is. Meanwhile, the pile continues to grow in front of the Meeting Hall. I have tried several times to dismiss the evil which protects the components, but have been unable. It seems only a matter of time before the siege resumes, and given the ferocity of the last attack, I fear for Trinsic.

    I wonder how father felt before the end, when he faced the great swarm coming toward him. Eldath said he died bravely and that Jou’Nar was unable to add him to his army when he fell...at least that is of some comfort...

    I missed Terra’s memorial this year. Oh how I miss her! I hope to pay proper tribute to her when things return to normal. If I should survive...

    Well, it grows late. My next shift is in six hours, so I should get my rest. I have a strange feeling that I will need it.
  2. Excellent communique, sir.

    I thank you for both the information and your service.

    Good luck to thee, and to us all.
  3. Falthren

    Falthren Guest


    Thanks Dor /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Im just posting Fal's journal because I thought it would be a fun supplement to the EM events--sort of a glimse of the experiences and thoughts of one character. Btw, I dont mean to leave anyone out, I know that a lot of people are popping in and out of Trinsic. Unfortunately, I dont get to see or meet with all of you. I would love to read about other people's experiences though. *looks hopeful*


    The Traveller’s Inn, Trinsic
    3rd Waning of Summer’s End (Mid-Watch), Age of Shadows, 2nd Year

    I have been unable to sleep tonight. Lysenne the Innkeeper has assured me that her warm milk should take care of that, but I have yet to feel its effects. The past day’s events have me troubled.

    It appears that after my shift yesterday, Ocig managed to make off with Relvinian’s remains; and this evening, Cormanthyr brought news from Buccaneer’s Den that the resurrected Relvinian, grown quite mad, was rescued and is now under Clainin’s care in Britain. Apparently, the Royal Guard’s next goal is to retake Trinsic. I have to wonder though, if they will come before Ocig returns.

    Thankfully, Lord Lothar has dispatched Genjuro, his samurai champion, to help in the defense of Trinsic. It would seem that the Saint is otherwise engaged in Ilshenar. He wouldn’t go into any details about his mission, but I assume it must be serious. At least I wont be alone. Miri and Ser Osenguard were a great comfort to me two days ago and vanquished their fair share of Ocig’s minions.

    The necromancer's plans are, as yet, unclear. I have assigned Cormanthyr to keep an eye on his lair, in case he should return. Hopefully, we will be able to gain some glimpse of his intent and plans.

    Well, it seems the warm milk is starting to have its effect on me. I should get what little sleep I can. I just hope they don’t beat the morning drum quite as loud tomorrow.
  4. Falthren

    Falthren Guest

    Paladin’s Library, Trinsic
    Last day of Summer’s End (Dawn), Age of Shadows, 2nd Year

    Finally, the siege has ended.

    At the morning assembly, Captain Dunstan dismissed all the volunteers and proclaimed the city free, much as Lady Hushenhoy had done the night prior. A quick ride through the streets this morning has revealed that the enemy has indeed abandoned Trinsic. The marks of the occupation, however, are still etched deep into the inhabitants and the city itself.

    The rank stench and marks of battle are everywhere in the buildings of the western half of the city. The lines of sleeplessness and sorrow are evident on every inhabitant, though there is relief there also. This morning, soldiers gathered the remains of their fallen comrades. Many brave citizens died last night defending this city. It is a sign that there are still those who are willing to lay their lives down for something other than the promise of gold or glory.

    The fallen of Trinsic will be long remembered...

    I will stay here as long as I can to offer clerical services to those with the most need; however, I cannot linger here. There is much to be done to make Britain safe, and Master Excalibur wishes to take the trials. It would seem there is little rest for my aging bones.

    Well, I believe I shall take a meal and then tend to the wounded.
  5. *smiles*

    Your dispatch brings some measure of welcomed relief with it, Falthren. I thank you for that.

    The unease that persists in the wake of our 'victory' is palpable, however...and therefore I am grateful to learn of your continued vigilance on our behalf.