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From the Stronghold of the Shadowlords

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Phaen Grey, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Phaen Grey

    Phaen Grey Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Melissa tells you: Run my children, to the gate inside the base and say CHAOS
    Pandemic: Begone Traitor!
    Nosfentor the Shadowlord: Go to the black gate at headquarters to spread CHAOS!!
    Pandemic: Begone Traitor. Or grow some balls and bring a character worthy of the title!
    Laegar: Perhaps that coward Casca will try to intervene.
    Someone Else: he will send stewards in his stead
    Someone Else: he always does.
    Pandemic: If he does he will find one of my arrows through his heart!
    Someone Else: *smiles, looking to the dagger*
    Thirteen: I like how they said they couldn't hurt us in here either
    Pandemic: Traitors! All of you! Infiltrating my Shadowlords base.

    Lady Melissa Appears

    Laegar: Lady Melissa
    Melissa: Ah, minions!
    Pandemic: My Lady
    Melissa: hmm, have our ranks fallen? So few of us this day
    Perrin Beitel: to the hand of our own mistress
    Pandemic: Nay these are traitors mlady
    Melissa: Ghosts are not apt for war!
    Mordakai: yeah well....
    Melissa: Do not slay here!
    Melissa: It will lead to your own death
    Melissa: We will need all the help we can muster for our mission..
    Pandemic: Melissa you are wrong to allow these traitors here
    Pandemic: They work for The enemy
    Melissa: Those who would fight for evil and destruction
    La Mosca: not everyonehere is a traitor pandemic
    Pandemic: They work for The enemy
    Melissa: Those who would fight for evil and destruction
    La Mosca: not everyonehere is a traitor pandemic
    Melissa: are our allies this day
    Melissa: Our only enemies
    Pandemic: you do not understand woman
    Melissa: Are Clainin and his false followers!
    Pandemic: THese people
    Pandemic: do not belong here
    Pandemic: THey are enemy
    Melissa: Will they shed blood??
    Pandemic: of Shadlords
    Pandemic: As Commanding Lord I am due more respect
    Melissa: I want the walls of trinsic to be splattered in blood!!!
    Pandemic: These people
    Pandemic: Are enemy
    Melissa: Then why not act strategically
    Va'lis Razele: I spend my time with blackrock so...
    Melissa: and take them out
    Pandemic: I have
    Va'lis Razele: That makes me evil.
    Melissa: after we defeat Clainin..
    Pandemic: by disallowing them
    Laegar: I have already captured the sigil of their town, it may aid us.
    Pandemic: to be in our base alive
    Someone Else: *bows immediately to the Lady*
    Melissa: Very good, Laegar!
    Pandemic: Woman you are not listening to me.
    Pandemic: Art thou sick?
    Pandemic: These are traitors
    Pandemic: who only joined our faction
    Pandemic: to listen in
    Pandemic: on our secrets
    Melissa: I listen to only the Shadow Lords!
    Someone Else: *kneels and listens patiently*
    Pandemic: stupid stupid womanh listen to me
    Laegar: Lord Pandemic, perhaps we can use their arms this day. Should they show their traitorous face...
    Laegar: Then we will shed their blood on the battlefield.
    Pandemic: This woman is a fool.
    Va'lis Razele: Why not show her some respect.
    Melissa: *Scans the Room*
    Someone Else: *still knelt, looking to Melissa*
    Melissa: Aah, it is good to see so many outcasts come to answer my call.
    Pandemic: *grumbles*
    Melissa: Today we shall prove to the righteous of the world that they have no hope.
    Pandemic: These people are not our allies
    Being perfectly rested, you shove them out of the way.
    Va'lis Razele: *tosses a piece of blackrock up and down*
    Melissa: Neither was Blackthorn, but we used him to our cause!
    Melissa: and then brought him death...
    Melissa: *Laughs*
    Pandemic: This is our turf
    Pandemic: Why invite all these traitors here
    Melissa: We bring slaughter to Trinsic.
    Pandemic: If I am not allowed to stop them from infilitrating
    Pandemic: THis might as well be trammel!
    Melissa: The Paladins false cause shall fall before your eyes, as will their severed heads!
    Melissa: Show no pity to those who would stand in our path to destroy Clainin.
    Pandemic: ...
    Laegar: Do the Paladins keep any artifacts or anything that might lower their morale if taken?
    Melissa: Hack the True Britannians LIMB from LIMB!!
    Melissa: Let every forsaken member of the Council of Mages BEG for mercy.
    Someone Else: *smiles darkly, nodding*
    Melissa: Aah, Clainin has on him a few powerful spellbooks..
    Pandemic: Oh these people pretend to be evil and they are NOT
    Laegar: Perhaps I could relieve him of those and weaken their defenses.
    Melissa: But if there are too few of us to defeat him
    Melissa: our cause is for naught
    Melissa: Let us make the innocent SUFFER this day
    Pandemic: Stop casting you fool
    Melissa: Nothing sounds sweeter to my ears than the death cries of the valorous. *Evil Cackle*
    Melissa: We must assault Clainin and the guards and paladins protecting him.
    Pandemic: Melissa I request an audience with Nosfentor. It is insane to let these infiltrators here!2
    La Mosca: So we know his location?
    Laegar: I will try to get his spellbooks from him. Without them, he'll be an easy target.
    Jacks: He will burn!
    Melissa: This is all according to plan, Pandemic..
    Pandemic: Fool
    Melissa: they have uses, when their uses are up, they will meet the same fate as Clainin!
    Pandemic: You might as well have had it at the MinaX base!
    Melissa: and if it meets my fancy, so shall you!
    Melissa: Go to the box, take daggers, and be sure to use them on guards and paladins protecting Clainin;
    Pandemic: I do not understand.
    Melissa: The daggers will assure their instantaneous deaths.
    Pandemic: Why are we allowing these fools in on our plans?
    Pandemic: Do I not get any information as Commanding Lord of Shadowlords?
    La Mosca: No you dont
    Melissa: Is your ego that big that you believe you can destroy Clainin by yourself?
    Laegar: If you guys can get me close to Clainin, I will do what I can. I cannot offer much with blade alone
    Melissa: We can band together when he is defeated
    Melissa: and exterminate any traitors in our midsts..
    Pandemic: Finally.
    Melissa: but for now, we kill Clainin
    Melissa: Let Mayhem and destruction spread like a plague!
    Laegar: Trinsic has been burned to the ground once before... Let us burn it once more.
    Melissa: Come my Children, Let us spread hate!
    Melissa: Hate hate hate hate HATE!!!!! *Long, maniacal laughter*
    Pandemic: Oh I am full of hate right now dont worry

    From the stronghold those present were gated to the Paladin Sanctuary in Trinsic. Entering the Paladin hall Clainin was found on an upper floor and as Lady Melissa wished, he was killed. The building being shaken in his wake. The fortunate found Clainin's spellbook on his corpse. Following the completion of Lady Melissa's task, those now allied to the Shadowlords were beset upon by other factions and high ranking members of their own.
  2. Scarst

    Scarst Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 22, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Good I'm just sorry I didn't join TB or CoM to start killing the bastards. Also, Pandemic was right they just wanted items most likely.
  3. Flutter

    Flutter Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2004
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    I r teh role playa