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From UO-Auction2.com

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Nkognito, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Nkognito

    Nkognito Guest

    Yes, I am THAT Nkognito from UO-Auction2.com.
    I am one of 3 that can speak officially for the website. The other 2 are Alyren and Southernbelle. Please don't assume that anyone on this website are the same.
    There is no one else involved with the website at this moment. And I have only been an admin there for a fairly short time.

    Addressing some questions I've seen:
    Reserved prices: I don't really like them, I think people abuse them, but I can see a place for them.

    Starting Prices too High: Yep, way too often they are too high, someone wanders around Luna and sees the same thing on a vendor for 12,000,000 and figures they can make some fast money. Not realizing that it may have sat on that vendor for months, because someone put the wrong price on it.

    Our policy of putting descriptions on items: While yes, I did love the hundreds of ads stating that THIS is THE UBER item of the day. We did put up a poll where some 80% of the members wanted real descriptions. You know the kind, the boring stuff like resists, durabilty, other factors.
    I was outvoted, so it got enforced, and people still love to post items saying things like, "You know what it is".. uh, yeah.

    Past members with less than stellar reputations: Well, I can honestly state that they pre-date me. Does that help? Didn't think so. We currently have no brokers. There really is no way I can address this, to anyone's satisfaction. Feel free to believe what you want. Anyone that is not honest has a very short virtual life with us.

    Multiple Accounts: Yep, they exist, we spend way to much time looking for them, too. See the remark below about the software. If a multiple account, account has only one auction, all the other accounts are closed. With the reason why sent to the most active one. Otherwise we pick the one with the most feedbacks and all the others are closed, we emails sent out.

    The Software? It sucks, 3 to 5 yrs out of date. We're actually going to move to a new server, use new software, and set up a new auction site, and when it works, the old one will be shut down and you will be automatically forwarded to the new site. It's an internet thing, done every day.

    What do we do with the vast fortune we make doing this? Vacations to Jamaica come to mind, I mean with all the gold we make off this, It would only take 4 or 5 centuries of not buying mochas once every 3 weeks..

    Got other questions? Feel free, I do wander in here now and then. I've only played UO for about 8 or 9 years.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    People ussually don't trust names like "Incognito" and "Anonymous" or "Obscure" etc as names you can trust.

    You might want to give that some thought before posting like that.

    Don't that this as a slant towards UO-Auction, I personally trust Southernbelle. I've had many many dealings with her in the past with no trouble.
  3. Redrum1

    Redrum1 Guest

    We have had many dealings with cross trading with SouthernBelle and we trust her. She is great to deal with and we had no idea she was involved with you. Good to hear.
  4. <blockquote><hr>

    We have had many dealings with cross trading with SouthernBelle and we trust her. She is great to deal with and we had no idea she was involved with you. Good to hear.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    She has been for years. As far as the admin's name.. it's a name. The site has been around for many years and has always been on the up and up.
  5. Kaj

    Kaj Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 23, 2007
    Likes Received:
    I do like UO-a, but what happened to me last week:
    I listed an item. Completely accurate description. Regardless my item for sale gets moved to the wrong category. I immediately send out 2 e-mails to the addresses listed on the contact page. No replies.
    Now my item was sold for about 1/20th of what it is actually worth (I am well aware of the value). If it was sold for half.. OK. But it was really a drop dead bargain. And I think that this is mainly due to the item being listed in a wrong category (one that people are very unlikely to check when they are looking for an item like mine).
    This makes me reluctant to list anything of a significant value on uo-a again.

    I know this has nothing to do with you personally, but I do think if you are going to be doing a lot of moderating as website, that it should be possible to communicate with a moderator/staff. I don't want negative feedback or to let a bidder down, so I sold regardless of the loss.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest


    my item for sale gets moved to the wrong category

    [/ QUOTE ]

    (Shameless plug)
    u might want to try out the import-feature on ingameauctions.com. Items included in a textfile generated with UO-Assist are sorted into categories automatically.

    There is a HowTo as well.
  7. Real descriptions was a good thing to enforce because there was way too much crap like "WOW", "OMG" etc. in auction titles and it was annoying, however it's enforced a little too much, frankly.

    A friend of mine had an auction removed for a well-known artifact because he didn't specify its mods. Non-custom items like artifacts have standard mods, and people know what they're looking for when they're buying them. Regardless, he put it back up only for it to be taken down again because he didn't write in the durability of the item. Stuff like that is pretty; no one cares about the durability. All it accomplished was annoying someone genuinely trying to sell an item by overcomplicating the process with unnecessary red tape.

    I'd consider that in future as there are many avenues that people would rather take than spend a long time trading emails back and forth with site staff and having their auctions removed when, at the end of the day, all they want to do is sell their stuff.
  8. Nkognito

    Nkognito Guest

    Remember the part about our crappy software? Emails are down, But it seems that if you are having an issue, you now have another way of getting in touch with us. Nothing we are doing is getting it restarted, we have contacted the host to see about help, and I guess that they respond when they feel like it.

    And the import text feature that has been mentioned is nothing more than using UOAssist to copy the specs list of the contents of a bag to your clipboard, then paste it into your description.
    There is a FAQ that describes where everything goes.

    Sorry about your experience. As for Artifacts not needing descriptions? Where do you draw the line? And just because you and I know what it is, does not cover every player, having a complete description will help you sell your stuff. It helps everyone know if you mention cursed or not, too.

    Closing an auction for no durability, unfortunately, if you take something with 30 and compare it with something with 230, which is worth more?
    While you may not like it, all this goes to helping you get the most for your sale.
  9. <blockquote><hr>

    Closing an auction for no durability, unfortunately, if you take something with 30 and compare it with something with 230, which is worth more?

    While you may not like it, all this goes to helping you get the most for your sale.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    No, sorry, it isn't.

    Repairing things like weapons and most artifacts is trivial. It doesn't make something worth more at all. You're just being unnecessarily anal. End of. This is the kind of thing that loses you users.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    f you remember at year ago, or even just a few months ago there used to reguarly be at least 800-1200 items for sale on uo-a2 reguarly. Now I think there's 400-500 tops.

    Clearly something you're doing is driving customers away.
  11. mandosa-nice

    mandosa-nice Guest

    yes now Europa have a little items lol. I think in 1 year uo-auction is dead for the good items...

    PS : Nkognito alot of people have never used UOA because he need to pay for use it. So i begin on UO on 1999 and i have never used UOA for make all my character on my 7 accounts...
  12. Nkognito

    Nkognito Guest

    Sorry you feel that way, We aren't going to make everyone happy, and with this software, we aren't even going to get close.
    We have started looking at new software to give you everything that we currently offer plus more, if you would like to suggest things, please do.

    As for Not everyone having UO-Assist? That is true, I know that there are other programs out there that can do the same thing for you, It has been suggested that UO-vendor might.

    I don't simply don't have the resources to support every program out there. Since a good share of users have UO-Assist and it offers this. And it has been posted on the auction site for numerous years, I mentioned it.

    I know repairing items and adding durability are things we have all done for years, but I had to stop and figure out how to create repair deeds the other day, cause I never have done it before. There is always something that bites us.
  13. Theo_GL

    Theo_GL Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 2, 2003
    Likes Received:

    Clearly something you're doing is driving customers away.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    No, its more like most ppl have left UO and most items have little value so they aren't worth putting up for auction.

    Their site/process worked great. I no longer use it because there is less people on it and playing UO so you hardly get bids on stuff and that makes it not worth using. Its a vicious cycle.

    I don't know why ppl are so down on this site. THERE IS NO RISK AND ITS FREE.

    If someone bids 10 mil on your auction and doesn't show up - then you didn't lose anything. Just relist it. However, if it does sell and they show up - you are trading IN GAME so its no diff than trading at brit bank.

    This is a much needed site/technology and its a shame more folks don't use it.

    The only downside is trading ICQ's and trying to hook up with the person who bought/sold your item.

    There are no vendor fees, no cost and no risk. What is not to love?