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...From well beyond the grave

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Mammon Onryo, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Mammon Onryo

    Mammon Onryo Guest

    The last coherent memory the man has is a late night of women, celebration, gambling and drinking. I can't believe I lost everything on that stupid dog fight. That dog had it coming... wait, is that all? What is my name? Where am I? Why can't I see? OH NO AM I BLIND?! Wait, what is that smell? Is that something burning... The man can feel the heat of a thousand ovens beneath him, yet he feels no pain. He lies prone on a red hot slab of blackrock, what you or I would recognize as a Rift Pillar, only this one has been heated by some unknown means. He can feel the charring of his own skin, yet it seems to him that it belongs to another man.

    Why can't I remember... MANNON! a voice speaks in his mind. Is that my name? No, It can't be. MANNON! LISTEN TO ME, BOY. I AM YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO AVENGE... WHO ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME THAT?! STOP YOUR INCESSANT WHINING AND LISTEN. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED... REMEMBER! The man stirs and whimpers, fighting against the horror he wishes to forget. Please not again. I don't want to relive the pain... Suddenly like an avalance the memories return.. THAT IS RIGHT MANNON, IT IS AS MUCH YOUR FAULT AS IT IS THEIRS. YOU KNEW BLACKROCK WAS NOT OF THIS WORLD. AND YET YOU SOLD IT OFF AS QUICKLY AS THOSE POOR FOOLS COULD MINE IT UP. HOW MANY OF THOSE MINERS SURVIVED? How was I supposed to know what it was? What it could do? The man screams and his screams are swallowed by the void. IT IS TOO LATE NOW. DO YOU WISH TO SEEK REVENGE OR BURN IN HELL?!

    An overwhelming sense of sickness and fear strikes him. The man remembers it all now. That night, he sold off tons of blackrock to some crazy men who could hardly speak English. He knew something wasn't right, but his drinking habit always gets the best of him. After the dog fight, and losing his whole bank box, he killed his own dog out of anger. Soon after, the whole city lit up in flames as if hell itself was unleashed. All he could remember was the demons, fire, screams for help, blood, and death.. And of course.. His own death..

    Did I cause this? Was this all my fault? No... It couldn't be... My name... was...