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Front-n-center! Let's see your character roster.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Prince Caspian, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. I'm just curious to see all the playstyles my fellow Sosarians are using. Use this format of just your own....

    Also, I am open to critiques here, folks. Tell me if you think I could be doing more with the character, or if I should go in a different direction.

    Character: Prince Caspian <<MAIN>>
    Role: PallyArcher, mostly PvM, some PvP
    Percent of Time Playing: About 30%
    Chief Skills: Archery, Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, Chivalry, Resist Spells

    I was on one of my "UO Sabbaticals" (ie quit the game, didn't play for two years, but then the siren song just dragged me back) when Age of Shadows came out. I took advantage of trying out the new Paladin Class, and found the archer system was a good way to do combat and not get instantly killed by the trend of monsters dishing out insane damage (ie making it more challenging for tamers but hopeless for regular fighters).

    Caspian also is a member of PAS and as such is occasionally called on for some PvP Wars. Frankly, he's not a top gun here, the template isn't really a PvP one, but I get by with some support sniping and so forth. I can hold my own but I'm not Billy Bad Ass, that's for sure.

    Character: Morgan Le Faye
    Role: NecroMage
    Percent of Time Playing: About 5% (10% lately)
    Chief Skills: Magery, Necromancy, Resist, Meditation, Spirit Speak

    Let's be frank for a moment: there are many aspects of this game I am darn good at. But, by the same token, there are some aspects, 13+ years later, I still just don't have the knack for. I have never been great at the spell-flinging combat style. Morgan was a Stay At Home Superstar -- i.e., she literally got to her 120 marks by me using that freebie .1 every day over a long, long period of time. I took her out every now and then and usually got trounced by things that Caspian would take down in a shot or two. When ML came out, I switched to to an Elf since it was better for magery.

    Lately, I've been playing her a lot more, I found that the Spirit Speak at 120 works wonders for healing you even more than the Healing skill. But still, she has no "oomph." Corp Pors all day to whittle that lifebar down fractionally. I suppose if I really got off my ass and gave it a serious go I'd learn some mage tactics and she'd be more effective. But then, mages aren't really my cup of tea. Never have been.

    Character: Cutty
    Role: Treasurehunter
    Percent of Time Playing: 20%
    Chief Skills: Fencing, Tactics, Mining, Magery, Cartography, Lockpicking

    Cutty started life as my thief character. But as time went on I saw there wasn't much I could do with the thief skills. With my Treasuremaps Rune library, he was basically a lowgrade moneymaker, where I'd dig up the easy chests and kill of the spawn, or call in Caspian to kill off the upscale spawns. But treasuremaps were jokes for a long time. 2,000 gold for digging up and Adept? No thanks. But then they overhauled em and started to put in some generous payouts, plus SoAs which sell like hotcakes. So now I find that I make most of the money with Cutty. I am most comfortable with the Expert and Adeptly. In fact, I have a system where I just cast two EVs, invis myself and then clean up what's left. However, Ogre Lords are always a tough one to do. They hit WAY too hard and even two EVs take a while to take em down. Any other Adept/Clever monster Cutty can take down in under 30 seconds, but Ogre Lords take a while. Any tips on them?

    Character: Sacre Bleu
    Role: Crafter
    Percent of Time Playing: 2-5%
    Chief Skills: Pretty much every crafting skill there is.

    Once I built Sacre into a 120-all-around powerhouse, I suddenly found there was nothing really to do with him. I hate doing Bulk Order Deeds, and I already have about more resources than I'll ever use (I think I have like 5 stacks of 60,000 ingots). Its one of those weird things when you strive to get to the pinnacle, and when you do, you suddenly realize there's nowhere else to go now.

    So he basically languishes in Cair Paravel, playing Xbox, eating Cheetos and drinking beer, for all I know.

    Character: Oroku Saki
    Role: Ninja / Fel Dweller / Silver Farmer
    Percent of Time Playing: 15%
    Chief Skills: Ninjitsu, Tactics, Hiding, Stealth, Stealing

    Oroku became the heir to all of Cutty's thief skills when I went another direction with that character (God bless Soul Stones). I crafted Oroku to be a ninja all the way -- spending most of the time lurking around the PK-ridden badlands of Felucca and springing surprise attacks on the baddies. Plus I found in cat form with 100+ Ninjitsu, you have an INSANE hp regen that makes you practically invunerable to most monsters.

    Well, I found that the teeming brigands of Felucca were suddenly absent. In fact, although I've done some faction fighting with Oroku, he's yet to do a PvP with a single red in all these years. Lurking in Fel isn't much fun because there is NOBODY around, but I do collect Silver fighting Wisps. I have like three piles of 60,000 silver in Cair Paravel. :D

    I've had an opportunity to spring an attack on miners in Fel, the rare chance I find them, but I don't wanna cross the line to PK. Personal choice.

    Character: Alex De Large
    Role: Home Crafter
    Percent of Time Playing: 10%
    Chief Skills: Alchemy, Begging, Cooking, Inscription, Poisoning

    My old Stratics persona. But this horrorshow cellovic droog is hardly my star player. In fact, he's a "Garbage Skills" character... Im not sure how else to put it -- they are the skills not related to crafting but that help the other characters, so he's a support role. He scribes up the scrolls, makes the potions, poisons Oroku's shuriken and I'm still working his begging up so I can finally get the top tier items for Halloween... but I guess its a pathetic commentary that one of this character's main roles is "Trick Or Treater."

    Sacre is a mule but he has some tactics and swords... he can fight off most overland monsters no sweat, he could take down something marginally tough in a pinch and with some luck. But Alex has absolutely no defense skills. As such, he pretty much never leaves Cair Paravel.

    Character: K'Runch
    Role: Fisherman
    Percent of Time Playing: 10%
    Chief Skills: Mysticism, Fishing, Magery, Throwing, Tactics, Meditation

    Ah, the Fisher of my account, how many times has that mantle been passed around? First Morgan, then Cutty, then K'Runch, my Gargoyle. As most monsters you casually encounter at sea are pushovers, it's easy to give practically anyone in your roster the ol' rod and reel.

    I build K'Runch with the same aspirations of several other players. I wanted a Mystic and an Imbuer. Well I soon found out that I wasn't at all interested in grinding the hours it would take to make GM Imbuer, so I abandoned that plan. The Mysticism Spells were neat but they still aren't my preference (fighting with magic). So I basically had a benchwarmer until I gave him fishing. He's pretty good with that boomerang and I take out Deep Sea Serpents and Water Ellies all the time, but I know I'm not using this character's potential by a long shot.

    Wow, that was a long thread. Hey, wake up. Any ideas or speculations on what I could do different with the characters to maximize the roles I've assigned them?
  2. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    Character: Tazar <<MAIN>> (3 different characters with varying Stats).
    Role: PVM and occasional RP
    Percent of Time Playing: About 90%
    Chief Skills: Any skill set - skills are on soulstones as needed - though I generally play a mage variant.

    I generally use Tazar for virtually everything.

    Character: Ug Rankbreath
    Role: RP and occasional PVM
    Percent of Time Playing: About 10%
    Chief Skills: Any skill set - skills are on soulstones as needed.

    Ug is an RP Character who is an orphan Orc raised by humans. It covers my failure at orc-speak and explains his strange accent/attitude.
  3. MalagAste

    MalagAste Belaern d'Zhaunil
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter Royal Knight

    Aug 21, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Hum... I think my list is WAY too long but ok lets give this a shot... Oh and some names are kept "secret" and I'm not about to list all 50+ characters... but the ones that are more "known".

    Character: Malag-aste Hla-ate (You could say main for now)
    Role: Member of the Royal Knights of Virtue, He is a Pally/Bushido/Archer
    Percent of time playing: Hum... that's a tough one... I'll say depends on the night of the week, but on average about 70% probably.
    Chief Skills: Archery, Bushido, Chivalry, Healing, Tactics and Anatomy mostly.

    He is a Role-play character as are most of my characters. He has a long well written history. He's Drow and speaks his native language fluently. Though he follows virtue now this was not always so and it's not entirely by choice. He still occasionally has his hang ups and still on occasion acts like a typical drow male.

    Character: Willa of the Yew-wood
    Role: Mayor of the city of Yew she is more healer than anything else.
    Percent of time playing: Sadly I now only seem to play her on Thursday nights at MoA Auction. So I'd say 5%
    Chief Skills: Archery (theme here), Healing, Magery, Chivalry, Anatomy, Tactics mostly

    Willa is the "head" of the House of the Yew-wood Elves as well as the Mayor of Yew, a role she's held on and off for nearly 8 years. I've always enjoyed playing her she often refers to most everyone as Dear or Luv. She is a very kind and loving person and would never resort to "fighting" or "killing" though she's not above defending herself or loved ones. She is more healer than anything.

    Character: Setatabon (Also known as Calibus, Xunroos, and L' Mortath d'lil Naut-elghinyrr{The Maker of the Undead})
    Role: Necromancer, Mage and controller of the Undead
    Percent of time playing: Sadly like Willa he's taken somewhat of a backseat and I suppose would be about 5%.
    Chief Skills: Well this would depend on which one I was playing since there are about 50 of them... Setatabon exists in some form or another on every single shard... and I have a few "extra's" of him running about from time to time depending on what skills I wish to use. He's a Thief, Snoop, Stealthing, Mage, Necro for the most part.

    He is the "Brother" of Malag-aste in the sense that he was once the slave of the house of Hla-ate and under Malag's control... though now he is "free" he still serves his brother Malag and Britannia. He is an Incubus... the son of a Demon and Succubus mix.

    Character: Minions of Lloth ([FONT=&quot]Anexdeslem)
    Role: Mystic Imbuer
    Percent of time playing: 10%
    Chief Skills: Imbuing, Mysticism, Magery, Focus, Meditation, Arms Lore, and many others.

    He is one of my favorites and my "first" gargoyle created. Loads of fun and I really enjoy the Mysticism. Imbuing was a pain and to be honest I don't really use it that much now that I've got it.

    Now the rest of my time is spent between logging in and out all 50+ of my characters on GL's about once or twice a week to get their "Guaranteed Gains" .... or I use others depending on the situation and what I want to do ..... From my Beggar to my Tamers. Or sometimes a Bard, or Fisherman.... or two is called for... I do spend awhile each week fishing or hunting... often when I hunt it's either with Malag or Cainon my main tamer. I also have about 6 or so different Crafters and at least 6 tamers.

    I think that in totally I'm probably in no less than 9 different guilds. Most of my gametime is spent "In character"... Each and every one of my 50+ Characters has some RP history or background.

  4. pgib

    pgib Guest

    Mine is a very short list.

    Character: PeStRePeLlEr, the Lizardman
    Skills: Tamer-Something (currently Mystic)
    Profession: dragons addicted

    Proud to be the most fair lizard of Sosaria, he travels the land looking for new challenges, especially those involving the banish of demons - the nemesis of all scaled creatures. Deeply hates felucca and all that acts dishonorably, has a special feeling with dragons, which he considers holy, fierce and noble creatures.

    Character: Qu, the Wraith
    Skills: throwarcanecromage...a mess
    Profession: trying to find his way back to the plane of the living beings

    Qu was found by PeStRePeLlEr while digging the basement of his house. Since then he infests the dwelling of the lizard. He likes ghastly jokes, most the times involving his body parts. Born as a journeyman gargoyle necromancer in Ter Mur, passed away after the tea incident (ask him and he will tell you that earl gray and grave dust really looks the same)

    The remaining four characters are just "mules" or experiments.
  5. Percivalgoh

    Stratics Veteran

    May 7, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Percival : Original character used to be tank mage and tinker now swords/tacitics/anatomy/parry/archery/chivalry/healing. My only non crafter character. PVM 100% (all of my characters)

    Nestor: Second character gone through a few changes used to be archer/tailor now Bowcrafting/lumberjacking/swords/tactics/anatomy/healing/chivalry

    Klang: Blacksmith/miner/macer/anatomy/tactics/healing/arms lore created to make money long ago but became my favorite character more than 50% of time I play is on this one

    Smedly: cartography/lockpicking/magery/fencing/tactics/anatomy/healing
    Originally guild treasure hunter haven't had time to change. Off and on I do maps solo or with friends

    Kallie Pigeon: Fishing/poisoning/fencing/tactics/healing/chivalry Made poisoner for guild services back when poisoned weapons could do some stuff without special skills. As a fisher rarely uses poisoning skill

    Teetoo: Tailor/tamer/vet/animal lore/focus/magery/eval I always wanted a tailor and a tamer. Good for collecting leather. Lately have been playing this character a bit

    Brennan: Alchemist/mage/scribe/carpenter/cook/tinker/imbuer
    My gargoyle imbuer plus other skills I always wanted to have. Had no problems getting loyalty for queens forge.
  6. Kylie Kinslayer

    Kylie Kinslayer Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Feb 12, 2005
    Likes Received:
    It is a hard language to pick up, which is why I gave up hehe

    From left to right below:

    Kylie *Main*
    Mainly PvM

    PvM Only - I can't PvP a mage worth a crap.

    Levi The Alkie
    Crafter - So many skills he uses alot of soulstones or frags.
    He don't fight, just drinks :D

    Dexxer {being tweaked due to chiv changes}
    Depends on the mood.

    Hodgepodge Char ... atm Fishing/Strealth/Stealing/Peace/Disco
    Fishing Quests and Dungeon Stealable runs
    Play 10% of the time

    PvM and Spawns on occasion.
    Play 75% of the time as this char is still paying back the Kinslayer Krew for the cost of the suit he wears.


    7th Char slot:
    Name - Classified
    Skills - Classified
    Playstyle - No Telling, depends on my mood :)

    Hey, we all have our secrets... Right? :lol:
  7. aulbrey

    aulbrey Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Character: Aulbrey Loveless
    Skills: currently mage/weaver/mystic
    Profession: Drunk

    aulbrey is my roleplayer i use her for pvm on occasion. i have other characters but they are not as intersting as aulbrey :party:
  8. virtualhabitat

    virtualhabitat Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 24, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Character: Sayyida al-Hurra
    Role: Pirate
    Percent of Time Playing: About 60%-80%
    Chief Skills: Mage/Mystic Eval focus and resist

    This was going to be a fisher (sans resist), but I found fishing uninteresting and less profitable than just scuttling other player's ships left out in feluccan waters. I can sometimes get more fish from one players boat than I could spending a week casting out a line. I have also found that landlubbers in trammel often forget to properly set security on boats left in trammel. Ahhhh... Booty! In her spare time Sayyida al-Hurra writes poetry and studies astronomy.

    Character: Karen Blixen
    Role: Tamer/atm machine
    Percent of Time Playing: 20%
    Chief skills: Taming lore vet and spellweaving

    Lady Blixen was orphaned as a little girl after her noble family was killed by a rival house. She was sold into slavery and purchased by Sayyida al-Hurra. Sayyida eventually adopted Lady Blixen into her own family, recognizing her noble lineage as she came of age. This is a resource harvester/adventurer. She sells the resources to pay for sundries my pirate queen needs to maintain dominance over maritime commerce throughout the realm. In her spare time, Karen Blixen enjoys beekeeping and mead making.

    Character: Pythagoras
    Role: Maker/inventor
    Percent time playing: about 10-20%
    Chief skills: Alchemy, tinkering, lumberjacking, mining

    Pythagoras is a loyal bond servant to Sayyida al-Hurra. He makes cannon ammo for his queen, processes the resources gathered by the queen and Lady Blixen, He also serves as the treasurer for house al-Hurra.

    In his spare time Pythagoras conducts various experiments and tutors the children of the house.
  9. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    As I have far too many characters I'll post my 3 mains.

    Character: Kayne
    Role: PvM mage
    Percent of Time Playing: About 70%
    Chief Skills: Resist spells, Magery, Inscription, Meditation, Eval int, Wreslting, Spellweaving

    Character: *****
    Role: Mage/Tamer PvM
    Percent of Time Playing: About 15%
    Chief Skills: Leg Taming, Lore, Vet. Magery, Eval, Resist Spells

    Character: Tayend
    Role: Necro/Tamer PvM
    Percent of Time Playing: About 5%
    Chief Skills: Necro, Spirit Speak, Taming, Lore, Vet, Magery

    Last 10% is on various characters
  10. Shamus Turlough

    Shamus Turlough Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 19, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Character: Shamus Turlough
    Role: Necro/Mage/Weaver
    Percent of Time Playing: About 30%
    Chief Skills: Necro, Mage, Weaving, Eval, Med, SS

    Character: Ivancha Blood
    Role: Sampire
    Percent of Time Playing: About 30%
    Chief Skills: Swords, Bushido, Tactics, Parry, Necro, Resist, Chiv

    Character: Synergy
    Role: Bard, Mystic
    Percent of Time Playing: About 30%
    Chief Skills: Music, Discord, Provo, Mage, Focus, Mysticism

    And 18 other characters, various templates, play as I need them (inc. 3 crafters).

    If Ivancha can't kill it, Synergy can bard and kill it. :)
  11. KingHen

    KingHen Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 20, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Character: KingHen
    Role: ABC
    Percent of Time Playing: 25%
    Chief Skills: Archery / Bushido / Chiv
    Guild leader (KFC), Mayor of the KFC township. Hits creatures like a truck with an array of dif bow types. Imbuing made him a monster.

    Character: Chuckles
    Role: Bush Macer
    Percent of Time Playing: 10%
    Chief Skills: Macer / Bushido / Chiv
    Guild tyrant, actually in the process of grooming him for factions again. I have robbed him of gear and skills over the past few years, and now I owe him.

    Character: Felonius
    Role: Tamer / SW
    Percent of Time Playing: 10%
    Chief Skills: Tamer / SW / Mage
    Mage Tamer, used for spawns occasionally. Main purpose is for taming requests, etc.

    Character: Sir Paul
    Role: Paladin
    Percent of Time Playing: 5%
    Chief Skills: Swords/Fencing / Chiv
    Standard 4/6 Pally. Not a truckload of use for him atm, other projects are winning my time. I still take him out now and then to run over the first couple levels of a spawn before getting an alt to finish.

    Character: The Antagonist
    Role: Vendor relations
    Percent of Time Playing: 10%
    Chief Skills: Antagonizing
    Used to be my main crafter / Lumber jacker. Now he takes care of my vendor in luna. Restocks / buys sells, yadda yadda

    Character: A Sweat Shop
    Role: Imbuer / Tinker
    Percent of Time Playing: 10%
    Chief Skills: Making my goods!! Fills special orders, etc
    Created him for the sole purpose of being my imbuer

    Character: Mortis
    Role: Death Dealer
    Percent of Time Playing: 10%
    Chief Skills: Spawns, goofing off
    Myst Mage, I have fun with this guy. I use him went I want to play on cruise control.

    Other chars, yadda yadda
  12. Ahuaeyjnkxs

    Ahuaeyjnkxs stranger diamond

    Nov 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I have only one character... he holds siege :popcorn:
  13. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    Character: Shinobi
    Role: Thief
    Percent of Time Playing: 100%
    Chief Skills: Stealing, Snooping, Hiding, Stealth, Animal Taming, Animal Lore, Detect Hidden, Tracking

    ..........that's it.
  14. Evlar

    Evlar Guest

    To save space, this is a pictorial summary of all my characters on official shards...


    They all died and went to free-shard heaven. ;)
  15. Ahuaeyjnkxs

    Ahuaeyjnkxs stranger diamond

    Nov 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    At the price of your soul... :sad3:
  16. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    My character roster on LA

    Lang: Legendary Smith/Macer Paladin that hunts paragon ore elementals in Ilshenar as a hobby.
    Used to be played about 20% of the time - and may be once again, once I get Basara's skills done. Currently, closer to 4%

    Gigile: "Just Misunderstood" is his guild title. He's an old-school Necro-warrior (hell will freeze before I make a sampire) that started off as a character named "One" on my account, which was started to loot for AoS gifts by a former co-worker, who then gave me the account. Several other shards still have their One through Five characters. If his karma wasn't locked, he'd probably be a Glorious Lord, as he primarily fights on the side of light (except during the Bane Chosen event - he was the only character that fought on that side, and quickly left when he saw all the "wanna-bes" joining in with good karma)
    Played about 1% of the time.

    Basara: A tamer/Bard that is technically my 3rd-oldest character, but I didn't start playing until about 3 years ago. Prior to then, I used TWO Advanced Character tokens, with soulstones, to get all the bard and tamer skills into the 80s - then left him alone, as training my other characters and playing them was still more fun. It took deciding to tame a dread mare to get me to work the skill up to where I could get one, at which time I finished off Tamer, and have slowly been working on the Bard side (still need to finish going for 120 Provo, and then stoning off one of the skills to put Peace on, to start working it above 100).
    Played about 50% of the time currently; will probably drop back down to 20-25% once training done. Of course, if the turkeys make a reappearance, it could balloon to 99% instead)

    Mylene: Going back to Ultima III and the SSI/TSR AD&D games, I've always had this odd quirk of making primary-spellcaster-skill characters female. Until the recent changes to Chivalry, she was a PvM Chiv Mage/Fisher, that only used skill equipment when she needed to compensate for a Mage Weapon bow. Now, She's still the same, but she gave up the 63.5% pre-DI increase to base damage from GM Tactics for keeping Inscription on full-time, and is more likely to be holding her scrappers or a fishing pole than Swords of Prosperity. OF course, her new suit has the ability (since the scrappers is a Water ele slayer) of one-shotting a water elemental with MAGIC ARROW, so there are few dangers at sea for her, that aren't the result of getting ganged up on by pirate ships.
    Played about 30% of the time.

    Gamlin: A Melee Paladin/Treasure Hunter. Capable of soloing level 6s, but if there's AW, there will probably be a few deaths along the way. Until the T-map location nerf, prided myself on being one of the few T-hunters that kept both Cart and LP on full time, but the requirement for mining has forced me to start swapping mining and Cart out as needed (and no, the supposed sure-fire way of finding maps STILL don't work for me - it generally takes 3-15 minutes to find each, even with GM mining).
    Played about 10% of the time - used to be much higher until all the nerfs on non-sampires, humans and T-hunters.

    Armbrust: My archer, that I never really played much until SA came out, and I needed a good archer for alliance trips to Slasher or the Stygian Dragon. The only major character I've not scrolled out completely yet. Still remains by bowcrafter, and has GM Arms Lore he sometimes loans to Lang.
    Gets about 2-4% of my gameplay.

    Alan Schezzar: Mostly skill holder, currently acting as my primary lumberjack and cook trainee.

    Second account: This account, and the third, are situational. They get 1-3% total of my playtime normally, unless I'm doing BODs, running the auction vendor, or imbuing something.

    Andy: Guild title, "Sheriff of Mayberry" he's my primary tailor, and taken on much of my smithing duties that once belonged to Lang, since it's easier to use him (and his GM Arms lore) than stone something off Lang to put lore on him, then stone it off. Still capable of taking on and killing stuff as big as a normal dragon, with his remaining melee combat skills and a reptile slayer skinning knife that was one of the first pieces of loot I ever found with him in 2003. His pack animals are Opie and Barney, with Floyd the giant beetle.

    Daystrom: My crafter mule for most of the skills that aren't Smith or Tailor. Alchemist/Carpenter/Tinkerer/Imbuer/Miner, with enough magery, smith and tailor to make the carpentry items (And still be able to pull colored BODs in both the latter). Uses jewelry and a small amount of real skill to have enough music to craft instruments.

    Zagato: Assistant Auctioneer at LOST Auctions.

    Kakizaki, Sivil: barely played attempts at creating a non-necro Samurai and a Spellweaver, respectively.

    Fitzursa: The character that originally belonged to the person I created the account for (and even gave him 3 free months to start), he lost his net connection 2 weeks into it, when his stepdaughter ran up a $2000 phone bill accepting collect calls from a soldier stationed in Korea. This led to the account becoming mine again. I still keep the character in case he ever wants to try to play again, though right now I trained him into yet another Smith/Tailor/Tinker with combat skills.

    Third Account:

    This account came to me along with the THB guild house, when I inherited the title

    Two characters are BOD runners (working them up to 120/120 by filling BODs to turn in with Andy).

    Trick or Treat is exactly what his name implies (a GM beggar that only gets played in October)
    Jones the Spy is named for an old joke about everyone in a Welsh town being named Jones (and a KGB agent coming to town looking to activate a deep-cover agent). He's my stealther/arti-thief, though most of his time is spent in the Labyrinth getting minotaur arties for repeats of the strongbox quest.
    Another character named "Mylene" is the 2nd in command of THB (Gamlin being GM), and is a more conventional Mage/Treasure Hunter - and she doesn't swap out any skills.
    My last character slot on this account has typically been throw-away characters - originally deleted every week to repeat the Haven new Paladin quest, then to repeat the KR quest to fight the Dark Knight, he's pretty much been static the last few years, just as a gift-giver.