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Frustrated, can I get design suggestions?

Discussion in 'UO Homes and Castles' started by Guest, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, I HAD a "nice" house (don't think I got any pictures of it though!:(), but after 5-6 months of it (and not even logging in that regularly) I got bored with my house design (again!) and went for a different one, only to have it turn out somewhat borg-cube-ish and really not that interesting! So I'm now on TC1, playing with house design. This time around though I'd like the shift to be a semi-permanent one that I can play around with deco in without feeling the need to re-customize to get that "just right" kitchen cabinet, or getting annoyed by "neat" but in-the-way structures (don't get me wrong, I like a lot of the designs, but they just don't seem to work for me).

    I'd like to have a quaint, cottage-looking structure, preferably with lots of green space outside for a garden or series of terraces with fountain, trees, etc, but large enough inside to be functional... for me, form follows function so I want this house to hold my workshop space, a kitchen, living/dining area (if there's room), a bedroom, bathroom, fireplace in kitchen/living area, garden/gardening area, and some nice out-of-the-way storage.

    Keeping that in mind, this is what I first came up with on Test. I now dislike it, and want slightly more "green" or outdoor space, and maybe a little gazebo and/or lean-to work area like before, without sacrificing the 2nd/3rd story footprint too much. Even with an 18x18 I'm frustrated by what feels like a lack of space, and yet my first story is definitely too big for its intended uses while my garden space feels too small. I've spent hours on this design and still can't make it work for me. Can anyone suggest different tiles, building styles, or slight changes to the design that might help me out? I'm not asking for you to re-build my house (I kinda like building, even if it does take hours) but I am really frustrated with my inability to visualize exactly what it is I know I want! D<

    Pre-edit first story of house with intended kitchen and workshop area, and the stairs of death which I finally figured out how to create only to decide I hate them too. I moved the south and east walls in slightly to make a bigger garden/courtyard but it still looks "off".

    Second story with labels for intended use. I personally like my chimney and planned on keeping at least that bit when I redesign.

    Third story, with little bathroom, bedroom space, and what might have become a tailor's nook near the balcony?

    Clipped view of the house showing the roof (which I spent literally hours trying to perfect). Right after I did these screenshots I tore out the eastern wall and tried to put up a tiny tower/workshop area on the right side... it failed and looks awful, but this is why I work on Test! [​IMG] Next, I think I'll try a gazebo in the front lawn.

    Pictures or suggestions for improvement would be lovely... I'm good with the decoration part, just not the building! >_<

    Edit: shortened post, you don't need me babbling. I've been staring at other peoples' house designs today and going "well, I like x,y, and z" but it hasn't all "clicked" into a final design for me yet. :/
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Love the roof except for one thing...the dark ridges at the peaks. It dominates the design too much IMO.

    Also, I would suggest tweaking the area above your chopped staircase in the northeast corner. It looks unfinished from the upstairs view in that section. I'd be inclined to see how it looks as a loft, and extend the railing straight down, running north-south (parallel with the east wall) from the railing section you already have in place, and remove the (4?) floor tiles from where the railing will extend, to the wall.

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Mmm, loft. Didn't think of that one ^^' I'll check it out, I think it might look better indeed!

    The results are better [​IMG] Thank you for that suggestion! Amazing what a little change can do. I picked at the first floor some more for kitchen counters (want to try the stone counter idea I picked up here) and re-placed the front door for a little more yard space as well.


    I'm toying with the idea of using the "Dark Plaster" walls for the dining/living area section on the 2nd floor, to set it apart. I tried it once and it looked good inside, but not as great outside - too many wall types in one area. Maybe just run the dark colored wall along the inside/West wall area, and leave the outer-facing walls white?