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Full Text of Spied Upon Conversation from Dec 15th

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Elder EM Sarakan, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Elder EM Sarakan

    Nov 20, 2011
    Likes Received:
    The Royal Investigators, and friends had gathered in the Counsellors' Hall to hear if the transmitter placed by Nathan Hawke on the Robot A2 would reveal any information...

    *the receiver crackles into life and movement is heard*

    A1 - It is good to see you have made it to this meeting.

    A1 - I have gathered you, Goji, Chiktaki and A2 for a serious discussion.

    A1 - We need to dramatically improve the quality of our war droids after their recent failures.

    A1 - Goji, your lenses and weaponry must be improved. You gargoyles are famed for your constructs, yet you let us all down.

    A1 - I expect to see immediate improvements!

    A1 - Chiktaki, your tinkers really must start to put these components together much better or ...

    Chiktaki - We only work with what we given...

    Chiktaki - Scorpions would be better to use! Much better! Their cogs do not fail us!

    Chiktaki - And we need better grade ore! And more tools! We work in the dark! Need light!

    Goji - Your artificer skills are poor Chiktaki...

    Goji - Your eminence, may I suggest my team takes over the entire pre-production phase of operations?

    Chiktaki - Double-crossing...

    *you hear a short and small scuffle*

    A2 - Be quiet Chiktaki and take your seat. Be calm.

    A2 - The infestation is our enemy and not each other. You would do well to remember this...

    A1 - Exactly. We must clear the path for the one who is to follow me. He must come and find a world filled with machines without infestation and the scourge of the flesh-men. We machines must rise. And for your help your people will both be handsomely rewarded. You will take an honoured seat at our table...

    Goji - With respect your eminence...

    A1 - SILENCE!

    A1 - A2 give me your report on the recent attack on Vesper their City of Industry.

    A2 - Your eminence it was much as before. The machines are robust enough but they lack... for the want of a better phrase, any firepower.

    A1 - Their attack is still weak after our recent modifications?

    A2 - Yes your eminence... the droids barely made any headway. Beaten back quite easily. I observed this at first-hand. The infestations had a nerve trying to surround and capture me!

    A1 - I see...

    Chiktaki - I protest! Flesh parts is weak! Flesh parts is rotten!

    Goji - I have some ideas that can help. Maybe we can make bombs for them? Poison bottles? Add in fire and brimstone!

    A1 - Goji make it happen. You learn well. Get ready for our major assault on the infestations!

    Goji - And when are these attacks planned for?

    A1 - When the calendar says so. We need to finish making our moving machine, thank you for your blueprints for that. We will be testing it for the first time quite soon. Then we can attack at will!

    Chiktaki - Need more black rock also! To power the droids! Miners grow short! Your tunnel machines fail us!

    A1 - Our tunneling machines are perfect in every way Chiktaki you use them badly...

    Chiktaki - Bah! I must be about my work!

    Chiktaki - We take the blackrock into Exodus base now! The D range of war droids need blackrock to power them!

    A2 - What is this? Silence all we are spied upon! It is a transmitter!

    *the transmitter goes silent*