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Fun times on LS

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Brian Bóruma, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Hi

    For those that don't know me I have been playing on LS for 79 months now. I have gone by a few different names Doc being one that I can remember off hand. Been a member of a few guilds VeT BEC. I have a few chars scattered about the realm but my focus and my "good" chars are here on LS. I have played UO non stop all this time, other online games have come and gone but UO has always held onto me some how. I PvP'd back when it was cool, stopped when items came out and everything uber was invented. Now I find my self PvP'ing more and more. When I say I PvP I should mention that I TRIE to PvP, I usually just end up taking a dirt nap . I was never any good and dying was part of my lame attempt, it's all in good fun (thank god for item insurance)

    Lately I have been running champ spawns in Fel with my new guild, and I have been forced back into PvP, I'll be it reluctantly. (who ever says tamers are overpowered in PvP obviously have not been raided at a Fel champ:lick:).

    Being raided and fighting reds and blues has turned out to be fun and a challenge for me, not so much for a few in my guild, but it has made all of us better PvP'ers, forced us to be in fact. If you want the good stuff you have to want to fight for it. While only about 1 % of our champs have been raided thus far the ones that were have been a hoot. We haven't yet prevented a hostile take over but were learning and were taking more and more reds down with us. Fighting on our terms not there's. I don't ever remember Fel champs being raided back in the day. Maybe they were and I just don't remember.

    These last few months on LS have been fun. I have a fancy new shroud (Knowledge Person) some mummy wrappings, Blood, a lot of SoT's and a very nice 120 Eval Power Scroll to show for my efforts. Sure we have come away empty and dead but we are starting to take a few more with us :D

    Not sure why I posted this just seems like I wanted to let the LS community know that the are quite a few Vets still around and kicking. Come do a Fel champ there fun. Take it from this Fellucian turned Trammie.
  2. AirmidCecht

    AirmidCecht twitch.tv/airmid
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Apr 9, 2004
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    Brian its been fun running into you at the Ilshenar champs and keeping each other rez'd and healed *grins*

    I think it is great that you enjoy all aspects of the game UO provides you and thank you for coming here to share it! I have much the same mentality of both sides of the red gate and respect the way Fel is regardless of cheat screams or pvp unbalances.

    I hope to run into you again soon and have just as much fun
    *gets out super duper mage spellbook and shield*