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Fun times.

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by imported_Grifty McBegg, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. I just tried out my first BG ever sometime yesterday in Warsong Gulch with a relative lowbie feral druid, (L.26 to all the other players L.28 and L.29), and I was surprised at how easily some of these guys went down.

    I ranked in 3rd for my team with about 25-30 kills, and that was with me having to log out in the middle due to add-on errors (had to disable the add-on and restart).

    I think I could get to like this whole BG thing.

    I wasn't twinked out or anything special either, just quest and crafted equipment (Staff of Westfall and Red Whelp Gloves being my heftiest equipment)

    Now, granted, we didn't win (horde was just much more organized, and better at flag captures), but I was surprised at how effortless it is to jump in and start maiming people.

    A stark contrast from my UO PvP days, where the learning curve was fairly significant.
  2. Lady Beth

    Lady Beth Guest

    LOL I'm glad you had fun.

    I've tried BG and AB ect but I don't seem to be able to coordinate my hands fast enough to pvp... basically I'm a noob. :p
  3. I tried AB over the weekend, and we lost every single time, but it was still fun!

    The Alliance has the worst teamwork and least skill overall in every single encounter I've been in.

    If I didn't have so many Alliance friends, I'd go strictly horde for PvP.

    If I started horde PvP though, I'd probably never go back... teehee.

    I didn't realize turning in the marks of honor yielded so much experience!
    Questing won't quite have the same appeal anymore... =Þ

    I still enjoy dungeons though, and need to make my way through some of the non-Gnomeregan, non-Deadmines ones.

    Maybe try a more successful attempt at the Stockades... haven't finished that'n yet...
  4. Well, my Druid reached Sergeant, and I think that's where she'll stay 'til I can level to at least 40.

    While I do well where I am, I think I need a few levels just to participate in the content that my wife and others are enjoying.

    I don't care about leveling for leveling's sake, but I don't like missing out on the fun.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    we can always backtrack a bit no biggie plus Ryna can pwerlvl you! lol
  6. But she doesn't, at least not often. =(

    A lot of that is that we just keep missing each other timing-wise, and a lot of it is that she wants to do something that works for her char.

    That, and it's hard for us both to do an instance or involved hunting or anything similar at the same time because one of us needs to be available for the kid.

    On a good note though, my 'puter hasn't crashed once since I underclocked my RAM (you were right, it was the RAM) and I'm having a lot more success actually staying logged-in enough time to play Ifera.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    (you were right, it was the RAM)

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Harr Computer nerd 4tehWin