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Funny Idea

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Pinco, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Pinco

    Pinco UOEC Modder
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 25, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Actually the game is predictable, every place you get always the same monsters/rewards.

    Ok here is an idea for a new place: the Luna Park! :D

    The Luna Park will be available on trammel and on felucca.

    Enter here will cost 10k each one (like the prism of light), and in there you'll find different npc/activities:

    - The Crazy Candy Shop: paying a small amount of gold (1k) will give you a random candy (random from every halloween ones), with a small chance of obtain a "Sugar Statue Of ..." a sugar monster statuette and a very rare chance to get "Sugar Statue Of <YOUR CHARACTER NAME>"
    If you eat the sugar statue a paragon version of the monster will be summoned (this could be fun for creatures that cannot spawn as paragon) or an uber copy of your character paragon :D

    - The Rabbit Shooting Game: you can choose one of the 3 levels available and by paying an amount based on the chosen level, you can try to shoot the rabbit. You have to hit the rabbit by using a special crossbow, and the chance to hit is totally based on your combat skill/magery (UBWS and Mage weapon -0)
    Level 1: 50 combat skill rabbit: 1 point per hit
    Level 2: 100 combat skill rabbit: 5 points per hit
    Level 3: 400 combat skill rabbit (less than 20% chance to hit with 120 combat skill): 10 points per hit

    The number of shots is also limited every level:
    Level 1: 10 shots -> 10 points max
    Level 2: 5 shots -> 25 points max
    Level 3: 3 shots -> 30 points max

    Then when the shots are over, you can retrive the reward based on this formula: (<reward chance> + points) %
    0.01% -> 110-115 sop, 3.0 SOT, elemental damage slayer weapon*
    20% -> the box of randomness**, free ticket ***
    79.99% -> stuffy animal (just deco not like the old st. valentine gift) with random color and a chance of rare colors.

    * a 100% elemental damage with a random slayer (fey slayer included) and random mods

    ** generates a random item every day with random mods of random intensity (up to 60%):
    1 mods: common
    6 mods: very rare

    *** the free ticket is a deed with uses (random between 1 and 20), and everytime you want to enter in the luna park or use any of its service, you can use 1 charge of the free ticket and enter/use the service for free.

    - The Fortune Teller: paying a medium amount of gold you can know the future (once a day) and obtain a special buff for 24 hours:
    - rare: "This will be the best day of your life": 10% chance to obtain double loot and double artifact drop chance.
    - uncommon: "This will be your lucky day": +100 luck
    - common: "This will be a day like another": no buff
    - uncommon: "This will be a really bad day": -100 luck
    - rare: "Is better for you to stay close in your house": 10% chance of halved loot and halved chance of artifacts drop. This could also cause random effects during the day like: random spell fizzle, random missed hit, random crafting failures, possible skill loss on death (for non faction players), double insurance cost on death, chance of being kidnapped for 30 minutes or until you pay the ransom.

    - The Haunted House: by paying a medium amount of gold you (and your party) can take a ride into the haunted house. Basically is a labyrinth with random triggers who make spawn random monsters. Every monster has a chance to drop a key and every trigger could be triggererd only once per ride.
    If you were unlucky, you have found less than 3 keys so you can only exit and take another ride (the found keys will be destroyed on exit).
    If you were lucky, you have found 3 keys and you can open the "terrifying door". Opening this door will teleport you and your party into a challenge against a random champion/peerless. For example you could find barracoon inside or the dread horn or scalis or a stygian dragon.

    The reward will be the same of beating this monster in its own dungeon with few differences for champions:
    - Champions can drop ps: up to 110 in trammel, up to 115 on felucca (no 120), and they still can drop replicas.
    - On felucca there is a chance of face the harrower but he will dop the stat scroll only up to +15.

    - The Freak Show: by paying an high amount of gold you can go and watch strange new creatures caged (like werewolf, giant horde minion, vampires, etc...). Only 1 party per time can enter and every party member must pay the ticket for enter.
    Everytime you step in front of a cage (1 chance per person per ride), there is a chance which the monster get free and attacks you.
    This monsters should be powerfull and rarely drop old events items replicas (like conjurer's garb replica with 150 durability not powderable), and a special reagent able to permanent add the slayer/killer property to a weapon/spellbook.
    Here is some examples:
    - the werewolf fur -> adds wolf slayer
    - vampires tooth -> adds a 100% (random undead) killer property
    - faery queen dust -> adds a 100% (random fey) killer property
    - the giant horde minion -> adds a 100% (random daemon) killer property

    - Cannon man: the luna park is not guarded, but if you did something bad will grow your warning, and when the warning reach 100%, you will be used as cannon man. Be a cannon man means that you will be shot in a random place (random in the entire map) with 0 life.
    The warning should grow in this manner:
    - Pickpocket: +5%
    - Attack someone: +10%
    - Stealing/Looting a player corpse: +20%
    - Kill someone: +30%
    If you being shooted away, you can't enter in the luna park for 24 hours.

    - Other NPCs:
    - The Guardian: gives you a "The Master Thief" quest that allow you to capture the master thief for special rewards (like pirate quest).

    - The Master Thief: stealth around and does some pickpocket. He can steal everything from everyones backpack. Subdue or kill him allow you to retrive all the stolen items. The items can be recovered only if you kill/subdue him in 5 minutes.

    - The Fence: this bad guy sell the items stolen by the master thief. If you fail to subdue/kill the master thief, here you can see your items for sale. NOTE: everyone can buy everything from the fence so if something valuable has been stolen be quick to buy it back!

    - The Bad Guy (Felucca only): this guy offer you the quest "The Devil's Hand". In this quest you can see a list of some players around in felucca (outside of house and guarded areas), this list is always updated. Your task is to kill 1 of the players in list, then return to the bad guy. As reward you'll receive:
    "the corrupted piece of an innoncent soul"
    "the soul of <PLAYER KILLED>"

    You can use this items against the <PLAYER KILLED> for deal a direct damage of 40 + lethal poison + mortal strike for 2 seconds.
    The damage ignore the resistances.
    You can use this item only once then will became a decorative item.

    - The Collector's of Oddities: this npc collect items (like museum, library and zoo), but accepts everything some items worths more points the unknow items worths 1 point.
    Basically he has nothing as rewards.
    If someone donate an item for rewards (without get any points), this items will be available on the rewards list.
    The items that can be given as a reward should be only items with special properties.
    If you donate an imbued item, must be exceptional (jewelry too) and this will worth <Imbuing Weight> * 10,000 points.
    If you donate an item not imbued must be exceptional and must have an imbuing weight higher than 450 (relic item) and it will worth <Imbuing Weight> * 50,000.

    When someone choose a reward, the item retrived will be a replica of the original item. For example:
    if you donate as reward "a valorite longsword" crafted by pinco, by chosing it as reward you receive: "The Pinco's Valorite Longsword [Replica]"
    if you donate as reward "a valorite longsword", imbued, crafted by pinco, by chosing it as reward you receive: "The Imbued Pinco's Valorite Longsword [Replica]"
    This reward items should follow the replicas rules: 150 durability and not powderable.

    The reward list should be purged from imbued items once a month.
  2. yars

    yars Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 4, 2003
    Likes Received:
    uhm wow, just wow
    some good ideas in there