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FYI: NUBvilla transfered & a 4yr vet reward for auction

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Dor of Sonoma, Nov 10, 2002.

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  1. While I appreciate your glowing endorsement, I could wish that it didn't come at such a cost...

    I so so so so so so wish that you were not leaving us. :-(

    Having said that, I wish to remind you that I have FIRST DIBS on the DR Artifacts! I haven't forgotten, and you'd best not have either. :p
  2. DeathRage

    DeathRage Guest


    Yep, I'm still here but it's getting down to it now. I transfered ownership of the NUBvilla to one of the active NUBs. Thanks to all of the victims who came to my home for NUB Hunting. Almost 800 visitors out in my neck of the woods is pretty good (I think).

    I have also aquired a 4 yr vet reward this month (not yet picked) that I'd like to auction off to the highest bidder. Proceeds go to a VERY good cause (not the NUBs, they have no use for bank checks). PM me your highest bid and selection before 11-16-02 10:00p PST. Gold only (no trades!). Winning bid must be paid to Dor, because I trust her and so should you, then I'll leave you're selected reward with her to be picked up at your convenience.

    I'll be wandering around occassionally ... got a few things left to do ... and I still would like to plan one last NUB hunt in Hythloth before I go (no date set yet, but soon). So, I hope to see some of you again before I officially call it quits.
  3. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    good luck hun, you will be missed by many, you are welcome to stop by my place any time and paint the wall with your signature. *smiles*
  4. PuBlic EneMy

    PuBlic EneMy Guest

    Why is this sticky?
  5. Because this is a time-limited offer, due to end at 10pm PST on November 16th.

    I want to make certain that no one whom might be interested in participating misses the information. :)

    Be sure to PM DeathRage with your bids and selections of the 4th year reward, y'all!
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hopefully my bid is in the lead /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif , but no reply yet.... /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  7. Cymeraen

    Cymeraen Guest

    Because DeathRage is GodHead!!

    And he stipulated that Dor gets paid, hehe. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  8. I don't get paid, silly! :p

    I am just to be a transfer point, that's all. :)
  9. DeathRage

    DeathRage Guest

    What's a GodHead?

    Hey everyone, this is pretty simple ... submit your bid via PM to me. It can be whatever you can afford or are willing to pay. Highest bid at the end of the deadline gets it. I won't be contacting individuals to tell them if their bid is in the lead. So if you want to bid 100gp or 10,000gp you just might get it if your bid was the highest.

    Please remember to include what you want if you win the auction. The selection hasn't been made so you can get anything you want off the vet reward list (up to 4th year).

    I decided to have Dor mediate the transfer because it seemed like the best way to ensure noone gets burned. She'll accept your payment and then I'll give the reward to her and you'll be able to pick it up anytime you wish. If I don't deliver, you get your money back.

    And I will deliver ... there's no reason for me to keep anything, I'll be quitting UO soon. If you don't deliver I give it to the next highest bid.

    In the event of a tie (or multiple bids for same amount) I'll PM the individuals and have them sumbit another bid greater than the original. We'll keep doing that until there is a winner. I can even post the bids submitted here after the auction is over. If you're curious.

    Proceeds are going to a good cause ... I just can't say what right now, because it's a surprise.

    So, submit those bids and good luck to all!
  10. Reachwind

    Reachwind Guest

    I'd happily bid for an auction that I knew what the proceeds were for.

    I should also add... If it were a cause I agreed with.
  11. Cymeraen

    Cymeraen Guest

    I bid 4 cows.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    4 cows??
    I already bid a killer chicken and enough fishstakes for year /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif hehe
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey now, leave the chickens outta this or ill get Bumbles!

  14. Cymeraen

    Cymeraen Guest

    DR has already got more fish steak than he knows what to do with... I up my bid by a lifetime supply of milk...
  15. I'll throw in the chocolate syrup, if you pick one of those cow statues to commemorate the occasion!

    I just like running past them over and over and listening to them moo /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Those, and the gorillas, that manly death scream just gives me goose-bumps! hehe
  16. H0riz0n AoE

    H0riz0n AoE Guest

    Can I auction off my rewards on stickied threads?
  17. Nope.

    This is a unique occasion.
  18. Because he's an icon in the community, helps that he and the mods are close friends though...

    Not that I resent this thread... but it does show a certain amount of hypocrasy by the moderator's...

    I believe I just read a post by Dor stating the obvious need to be impartial, fair, etc... when dealing with posters.
  19. H0riz0n AoE

    H0riz0n AoE Guest

    No, it couldn't be anything like that. This must be the new Auction my vet rewards thread... Let's keep this sticky for the other bank sitters.

    Kidding aside... Unless you are willing to do this for everyone in the community, then this really should be somewhere else.
  20. *rolls eyes*

    If you were a regular on this forum, you would know that DeathRage was a Moderator here for quite some time...as well as being a valued member of the board community through his services as an artist. (How soon we forget, eh?)

    But, all of that aside...I/we sticky many, MANY events here, so that they won't get lost in the shuffle. This is just one in a continuing series.

    Thank you for your understanding.
  21. Reachwind

    Reachwind Guest

    Hey I've got a question... If this cause that the auction is for is a good one how come no one is saying what it is? I'm not bidding on an auction that's going to lead to gold sold on eBay for instance.
  22. H0riz0n AoE

    H0riz0n AoE Guest

    *rolls eyes*

    So we need to be friends of Mods to auction off our goods?

    Maybe someone could auction off a guildstone on this thread..... but only if they are a well known member of the community and only if it in a continuing series.
  23. Not bloody likely.

    Now kindly cease the harrassing posts. Thank you.
  24. Cymeraen

    Cymeraen Guest

    Sir, it is also an announcement of the soon to be scheduled, upcoming Very last ever 'OFFICIAL NUB HUNT HOSTED BY GM GHOSTIE, DEATHRAGE'
  25. DeathRage

    DeathRage Guest

    Bother ...

    You know what. It's not worth it. Auction is over. No winners. The reward will be given away to someone I care about. As I have done with everything else I had in game (yeah, that's directed at you Reachwind. If you took the time to read any of my previous posts you'd know I'm adamantly opposed to E-bay).

    Dor, please unsticky this thread and lock it.

  26. *mutters unhappily*

    As you wish :-(
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