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G15 and G13 use

Discussion in 'UO Resources' started by Fin of LS, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Fin of LS

    Fin of LS Guest

    I have both of these and neither seems to be able to work with EC.

    The problem is that the normal keyboard works (for the G15) but I cannot get any Macro to work.

    All I am looking to do is activate my G1-G18 keys as I can then have a less awkward left hand function.

    Simply no recognician of the G keys in the game--am using EC--anyone got any ideas on this? And I tried both notmal and log in as admin.

    Also, logitech does not have a set profile for UO--as opposed to just ablut any other game on the market--anyone found that?

    Thanks, returning player and I would like to use the keyboard anyway.
  2. Beer_Cayse

    Beer_Cayse Guest

    I have a G15 (3 banks of 18 keys for 54 macros) that I use with the CC and UOA. What I did can probably work in the EC as well:

    1. built a UOA macro and bound it to a keystroke.
    2. built a new G15 profile called "UO" (duh!) and told it to activate when client.exe is started. This gives me a message in the LCD panel that "UO Profile activated".
    3. for whatever M group I wanted this for, I then recorded a macro that actually sends the UOA keystroke (CTRL-=, ALT-1, etc)

    Works pretty well. Even tho the profile activates, opening the Control Panel for the keyboard it shows "Default" profile so that needs to be changed manually if you want to edit macros.
  3. Fin of LS

    Fin of LS Guest

    Got it --thanks