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Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Domino Cat, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Domino Cat

    Domino Cat Guest

    I have to ask this.

    What gag track do you not go for?

    i'm not going for drop.
  2. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    For my first toon I am trapless. My second toon is dropless. My third toon will be trapless. I prefer having drop to trap. Sound is a must for me. I was going to make a tu less but decided against it.
  3. Steveo

    Steveo Guest

    My first toon was also trapless. Second toon is dropless. I need sound and toon up so I would rather give up trap or drop and keep the rest. I like Trap the best becasue of the Train and if you plant all of your gags tress as trap then it can kill a level 12 cog.
  4. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Lure and sound are my must-haves. So I have a couple dropless, a trapless and a toonupless.
  5. I would say dropless. I agree with the others, sound is a must.
  6. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Of all the gag tracks, trap and dropless are the 2 most optional tracks there are.

    ToonUp: If you go into a 5 story building with 3 players who don't have ToonUp, then you are basically screwed if you get hit. When I go on a run, I expect at least 1 other person than myself to have ToonUp. Some people say "that's what doodles are for" and TU unites and SOS cards, but what about if you run out of them? If you have no more TU unites or SOS cards, you have NO toonup. Even maxed doodles are less reliable than gags.

    Lure: No doubt about it, lure can be your friend. Not only can it help the team to gain control of the battle, but also if you're lureless, then that means you have trap. Someone with trap and no lure to me is likely wanting to force other trappers (who have lure) to give up their trap points because they have to lure to make your trap work. They can't trap and get the same favor from you. I know this isn't true of all players who are lureless, but it's something that I consider and it's how it looks to some people.

    Sound: Let's face it, sound is by far the most used gag track there is (with exception to throw/squirt), because when combined, it's the most powerful gag track. If four players fog a group of 12s, then those 12s are gone (unless it misses). No other level 6 gag can be used by all 4 players to get rid of 4 level 12's in one move. Also, sad but true, there are many people who won't play with you. If there are others who are willing to board with you on a run, I'll go along. But if I can't get on an elevator to get my suits worked on because someone is soundless, then there's a good chance that I'll board with them and not the soundless player. It's not to endorse, encourage or agree with their decision, but if I can't get my (merits/bucks/notes/stocks) with that soundless toon, then I have to go with the others. To be honest, it still surprises me how there are people who will purposely stink those who are soundless. Not only is it stupid and wrong, but also it shows that those toons rely too heavily on sound and don't really know how to play without it. It's a severe weakness.

    Throw/Squirt: I've never met a throwless/squirtless toon. Yes, I know that there are some who refuse to work it except when required (ie, for tasks), but they are choosing to not work a track that they still have. So if anyone claims to be throwless/squirtless, they're being an idiot.

    Trap: Organic TNT does 198 damage, so on a level 12, that leaves 2 points of damage left. There is no gag that does only 1 point worth of damage, so any attack gag will kill it after that. Organic train does 214 points of damage, so it can take out a group of 12's in one move.
    ** Working trap can be a pain though. If you are by yourself, you must trap, lure, trap lure. This means you get hit and have to return to the playground often for a toonup. Also, if 2 people pick trap and then pick the same cog, the 2 traps will cancel each other out. On the plus side, once a trap is laid, if lure is used and works, the trap will be used. So in that essence, trap never misses. Also people are more likely to lure for a trap than to squirt for a drop.

    Drop: Organic Piano does 187 damage, so on a level 12, that leaves 13 points of damage left. Now, it is possible to hit that 12 up to 3 more times without killing it, but it's still one of the strongest gag there is. Organic ship does 198 points of damage, so group lure + bike horn + organic ship = group of 12's gone, so long as neither the bike horn nor the ship miss.
    ** Working drop can be a pain though. If you're by yourself, your drops will miss more often. However, you can use drop over and over again until either it hits, you go sad or if others are with you, they kill it off. Drop doesn't work on lured cogs, so someone has to wake the cog up before your drop will work on it. Also, drop is the last track used, so if people keep killing cogs before your drop gets a chance, then you get no points for it.
  7. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    OMG - I was trying to think of a way to support my vote for trapless being the way to go, and along comes Fangs McWolf to tie it all up in a nice little bundle. While I try to make it a point to check everyone's laff before entering a bldg or whatever, I almost never look at peoples' gag tracks. You deal with it as you go. If you have soundless, or trapless, or what have you - if you are a good player with other good players, you will adapt and overcome, or you will go sad. Good communication is the key, so study your speedchat phrases until you make some true friends.
  8. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Trap and drop end up being about the same. You get one more piano, but your safe is less effective. You get more safes then doors, but you miss more often. Trap needs lure, drop needs a stun. They are both equally hard to work since you need that first step before you can gain the benefit of the gag. I simply LIKE trap better and therefore have more dropless toons than trapless.
  9. First toon is trapless, second toon was dropless. Ever since then, I have chosen trap over drop. My uber is TUless because I wanted sound more.:gee:
  10. smvb

    smvb Guest

    I just planted my level 7 lure on my sell 4-track uber-to-be. She does not have toon-up, since I can't live without sound. I figure my lure will be my main contribution in battles with her.

    On my more "normal" toons, I have trapless and dropless. Not sure which I really prefer. I think trap is slightly easier to work than drop.

  11. Dane1980

    Dane1980 Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    The gag I choose least often is Sound. I don't find it as entertaining as Drop or Trap, and I feel TU and Lure are really necessities. I also play alone quite often, and for me Sound is absolutely useless then.
  12. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    Unless it fits the character I'll omit trap. Trap takes two and I often solo. And the drop gags are funnier. Like dropping an anvil on a pinhead like the penny pincher or downsizer. Or a piano on anything.

    But you know, a monkey needs their bananas. I couldnt imagine not picking trap for Mister Stinky.
  13. susan4633

    susan4633 Guest

    my 1st toon miss lilac lady has drop. i rarely play her anymore. even her trees are throw.
    all my other toons are dropless and i love my train. i hardly ever find someone on my side in boss battles who doesn't have lure and most randoms are happy when you can take out an entire row of 12s with it.

    i will play with a soundless toon, actually i will play with most anyone, it just requires a little more calculations in 'doing the math' for the kills.

    that being said, melody is one of my favorite sos cards. :thumbup1:
  14. Ive got the dropless, the trapless and the tuless. I prefer drop over trap since trap is hard to work without others.
    Im considering a Soundless cash uber, but i know that once it gets a big suit I wont play it anymore. (I had a hard enough time in the mints with my tuless uber)
  15. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    I've seen your toon Curious George in boss hq quite a bit lately. At least it was a monkey with that name.
  16. j.c.

    j.c. Guest

    well that just the thing is its still your chocie in the end but remember your stuck with with what gags you have .

    i too am max on my gags

    drop i don't have

    but i wish i did lol
    but i love my toon i can't find it in my heart to make other toons so i gave up all my slots.

    mom has 2 toons an my sister my sister has 1 an nephew have 1 my friend john has 1 toon an then myself 1 toon

    i will amit it was hard geting trap but then again all gags are hard to get

    i had delted my j.c. in the past because he had no lure for his trap lost friends an somehow manage to get all my friends back on to my list an now there sps.

    just so you know don't do what i did it was bad idea to delte my toon.
    i got lucky to get my friends back on my list don't delte your toon just becasue you don't have something.
  17. I am lucky to be one of the friends who got you back!! This time as a SF!! J.C. went into building after building with me and helped me max my drop. It was a LONG process and whenever I felt guilty she would ALWAYS say "I think you should choose drop"!!! I agree that it is hard to train drop and trap by yourself but if you have a friend or 2 to help it goes quick. I have been working Precious A LOT and she already has her door but this is only because she has such great friends who help her!!! Esp if you have a friend who is trying to max the same thing. Just trade off!! Precious will be maxed in lure (and TU i might add!!) before squirt at this rate!!! J.C. has been my example and if anyone is trying to max a gag, I am always more than willing to help!! (I think you should choose drop Josh!!)
  18. j.c.

    j.c. Guest

    ::blushes: geez lol you know me i am here to help anyone who is in need
    i use to bee the most busy toon in toontown lol but becasue of my ribs i don't get on as much but when i do i am here to help any who need me.

    yes but i am the lucky one to have you i just wish my nephew did not delte you lol i love but he is going to get me in alot of trouble becasue of all the toons he delted off my list i going come out here looking like this lol:stretcher:

    an you know me i was here to help you out i always help toons out max out there gags who ever they might be :)