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Gaining Faction Rank By Killing Faction Monsters??

Discussion in 'UO Factions' started by Vertex, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. Vertex

    Vertex Guest

    I created several new PvP characters to join Factions.

    One of the first things I needed was lots of silver to buy some Faction Artifacts.

    I added in my PvM sampire under Minax, while I went off to farm Daemons [SL].

    I distinctly checked my Faction Rank after I joined Minax on this PvM sampire -- Rank 1, showscore: 0.

    After a few days of farming Daemons, I earned around 30k silver -- that's 1,000 daemons killed.

    I never bumped into any opposing faction members, and my showscore is still 0 (as expected).

    HOWEVER, my Faction Rank is 8 now -- no player kills, nothing. Just solid monster bashing.

    Completely unexpected -- any ideas what happened?
  2. The current point system is broken, if your on a shard and in a faction where theres not alot of people on then you will get rank 10 no probs without having to kill anyone, the new system will fix all these problems lol ;)
  3. Vertex

    Vertex Guest

    I understand this, however I mentioned that I did a check right after I joined the Faction -- and I was only Rank 1.

    I also did a "control" test:

    I added a second character to the Faction -- that second character did not do anything at all.

    I let two days pass, just in case it was an issue of waiting for the Faction points to re-calculate on server-up, etc.

    Surely enough, the character that did nothing was still Rank 1, while the character that farmed 1,000 daemons (and killed no players) is Rank 8 still.

    Unless the character that I used to farm daemons is bugged, this is evidence that farming faction monsters somehow increases your faction rank.
  4. Probably something to do with the fact that you were actually "active" with your farming of the monsters put your rank up? My thief was rank 10 with -5 kill points for months and months, which probably had something to do with the fact that i was always moving sigs around. But like i say it is broken so its probably pretty unpredictable, best bet is to just find some oj's and lay the smack down for a bit :)

    And you were rank 1 when you first joined because points and rank updates every 24 hours or summit, and you always start as rank 1 :)
  5. Vertex

    Vertex Guest

    Yes, that is what I suspected, which is why in my second post I wrote how I did a "control test", and I joined a second char into the faction.

    I left the second char in the faction for 2 days without killing any players or monsters, (I did login and do other stuff though), and after 2 days, she is still Rank 1.

    So something is definitely up.
  6. omgmir

    omgmir Guest

    I'm not sure why it matters when the new factions are on test already.

    The old system is going to the grave shortly.