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GameReactor: Guild Wars 2 Beta Test

Discussion in 'GW2 General Discussions' started by Zosimus, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 3, 2004
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    Jostein Holmgren talks about their experiences in the previous Press Beta weekend. Great read and I recommend if you have not read it then please do.


    Guild wars 2 Stratics want to thank both Jostein Holmgren and GameReactor for having this article up for all the GW2 community to read and enjoy.

    Link: Guild Wars 2 - Gamereactor Norge

    Article has been translated from Norwegian to English.

    Guild Wars 2 has a reputation for not accepting the established truths within the MMO genre, ArenaNet has during the last two years slowly but surely given us an insight into the forthcoming venture. I was therefore very interested to see whether their words were targets when I sat down to play in the beta weekend for Guild Wars 2
    I will in the next few weeks publish articles where I go in depth and talks about various key parts of Guild Wars 2 , but under the overview of what's coming, you can read a more cursory description of the impressions I got during the weekend.

    The following topics will I look into the near future:
    • The combat system
    • Classes
    • Dynamic events and personal history
    • Dungeons • PvP and WvW
    • Social functions and handicraft

    One of the first thing that struck me when I entered Tyria was the combat system. Although it initially looked like other MMO game with a shortcut-based battle system, I quickly noticed the difference. With very few exceptions, you can attack while in motion, which is essential for success in the game. If you also know that there is a dedicated healer who can look after you, you must constantly be on guard. I was knocked out more than once because I forgot to heal myself. Although there is a shortcut based battle system feels much more engaging than is standard in the genre.


    Perhaps there is a dynamic event associated with this asuralabratoriumet.
    As I come out of the training area, the world at my feet. I could not quite do it at first because it felt very natural, but the way NPCs walking around and held calls, and otherwise lived their ordinary lives, meant that the world seemed more real. When you then take a step outside the cities meet, out of dynamic events, a system that replaces the traditional mission system. You might get to see a group of enemies run towards a farm. If you run up and stop them getting a reward, without ever talking to an NPC. Ignoring them can later return to a burned farm. I felt that it occurred to me to explore more natural. I no longer went to places I knew things happened: I went to places to see if there was anything that happened there. And usually it was also there. In addition, scale down your level if you visit the former areas, making sure you can return and still feel that you get a challenge.

    For ArenaNet, it was important that your character has a story that makes you special, and that gives you a place in the world. When you create a new character, choose a background that determines how your personal story will develop, and each race has several very different stories to tell depending on what background you chose. I was Kirsham Ironhide, a charr in askelegionen, and through my personal history I go undercover to stop a plot of flammelegionen. History The story is well implemented, with a degree of difficulty to suit everyone, but falls under the shadow of the dynamic events. For the extra daring dungeon content offers a varied and (very) challenging experience. Dungeons are designed for groups of five and has a story mode and a much more difficult exploration mode. I am very impressed with the design of dugeonene, both visual and mechanical games. One must think tactically and one must master the combat system to have any chance to get safely through. It was very engaging, and I can honestly say it was the best collaborative experience I've had in a game ever.

    There are two different PvP modes in Guild Wars 2 . Structured PvP, where two balanced teams battling for control of a small map, and WvW (vs. world. World), where three servers are fighting in a two-week battle for the supply depots, towers and continued over a considerable wide area. I found a lot of fun in the structured PvPen, one is immediately punished by the opponents if you make a tactical error or have insufficient command of the combat system. Still, it was WvW that really caught my interest. It was something large, epic battles, seasoned with siege engines and chaos that really appealed to me.


    Finally, I would say that the social experience was what really made ​​my weekend in Guild Wars 2 to a memorable experience. The way cooperation is encouraged by rewarding those who participate, without sacrificing any, makes it natural to end up grouping with players you meet along the way. I spent very little time alone, something that really improved the gaming experience. That said, it is fully possible to go through much of the game alone, if preferred.

    I had already very high expectations for Guild Wars 2 , so I almost expected to be disappointed. After trying the game, I am no longer in doubt: ArenaNet has created something truly special about Guild Wars 2 . They have made ​​many daring design choices and have largely succeeded. Basically, it's still how all the elements are welded together to make it really special, to point to a single element that stands out as the best is impossible.