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Gamespy Preview of Wrath of the Lich King, New Death Knight Details!

Discussion in 'WoW Stratics Announcements' started by Eldorian, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    Gamespy just released an absolutly epic amount of information on the upcoming WoW Expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.
    Death Knight information is the most exciting with the unlocking method being simply a player needing a level 55 or higher character on that server. With the restriction of one per server:
    Chilton confirmed the method for Death Knight creation. All that's
    required is for the player to have a character reach 55 on one server.
    After that, the Death Knight option becomes available, though players
    will be restricted to one per server. The Death Knight will also have a
    special starting experience with their own introductory quest line that
    teaches the player how the class works and what kinds of powers this
    dark warrior can command.
    Revealed in one of the videos is an ALL NEW feature. Vehicle combat! From what was shown on the video we see air-to-air combat via flying mounts. They showed only PvE against some gargoyles, but also neat was the Gnome on the flying mount was able to parachute down! ​
    Probably one of the biggest announcements that will please many players is that all raid content in Wrath will have BOTH 10 and 25 man versions. To quote the article from Gamespy and quell any worries that raiders may have: ​
    25-person raiding progression is not dependent on 10-person raiding
    progression. There will be no attunements or keys to obtain, and you
    won't be locked out of a 25-person instance if you decide to attempt
    the 10-person version, and vice-versa. 10- and 25-person raids both
    have their own, independent progression paths, though the encounters
    should play out very similarly.

    Gamespy also interviewed J. Allen Brack, Lead Producer on Wrath. When asked about player reaction to players being unable to use thier flying mounts in Northrend immediatly, he confirmed that they would be 'unlocked' (again?) at level 77:
    Brack: Good question. It's really important from a player
    perspective to be grounded in the space. It's really hard to be
    grounded in the space if you can beeline everywhere. So finding and
    having the way that places should fit together is really important. We
    do have a plan for flying mounts, and letting players unlock their
    flying mounts at level 77 is going to be acceptable to the players once
    they get there. There'll be either a quest or a trainer that you can
    visit to unlock your flying mount which we'll expect you to use for
    your last three levels.

    Stay with WoW Stratics through the day as more details come in about the new expansion! ​
    UPDATE (12:38 AM PST): It looks like Gamespy is not the only one who got to visit Blizzard and get information! 1UP has a video interview with J. Allen Brack and Jeffery Kaplan with some really nice details on the new profession Inscription! You will be able to craft a scoll and be able to sell or give to other players or 'inscribe' your own spells. The example given was the Fireball Mage spell where it would add a DoT componet to the spell and the addition would be permanent. It will be intersting to see how this all balances out as spells could get very powerful compared to their non-inscribed versions. Knowing Blizzard though there will be some balance to it, but most min/max players will argue that it is required for maximum efficency in whatever you choose to do. ​