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Gargoyles Descend Upon Britain

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by Legends EM Feed, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Legends EM Feed

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    Jan 23, 2012
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    In the late hours of Saturdays Eve September 22nd, Gargoyles of an unknown origin descended upon the captital city of Britain in attempts to overthrow the city guards. Seemingly in league with raiders invading the city, the forces entered the city from the western plains of the city. Forces gathered upon hearing word from town criers that battle had erupted within city limits.
    With the help of players and city guardsmen, the Gargoyles were kept at bay as Raiders were slowly dispersed and arrested. a long ensued as several of the Gargoyles squad leaders were vicously holding ground near the warriors guild. With Commander Braddock arriving on the scene, players searched the area in hopes of finding clues to the reason for the attack and from which they came.
    Two days went by as Commander Braddock awaited word of any finding, in his office outside the gates of the sealed Castle Britainnia. At long last a clue scurried in the door as players were not the only ones on the case. Sherry the Mouse soon returned to share her findings near the cities moongate. A set of orders were found along the road underneath some brush as surely one of the fleeing Garoyles dropped the parchment while in retreat.
    Braddock was shocked upon the orders examination to find the document bearing the seal of the city of Vesper! Britain steadfast ally for years on years! Dismayed and in disbelief the old warrior returned to his office to further examine the document and prepare to alert the city council.
    Be weary citizens as treachery among cities grows rampant. With rioting and raiding still plaguing the streets word travels of other cities lashing out upon each other and poverty and mistrust spreads like wildfire. Reports have reached the capital of attacks in the city of Trisnic with chaos brewing as speculation of yet another act of city on city violence now occuring. Britain’s forces will be at the ready to aid those in need and quell the surge of violence in the realm.

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