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Gary Gygax dead... post your early days.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by eolsunder1, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    Decided to take this to OT since it really doesn't belong in the Hall. Since the great one is now dead (and as another poster put it.. he finally failed his fortitude saving throw). How about we talk about how we got started in the D&D/RPG playing.

    Mine of course was with the origional D&D. I'm old enough (40) to have started playing it in the beginning when the first modules/books came out. As a kid, it was the ultimate game. Not only did you get to hang around with your friends and have fun, you had a wild time fighting monsters.

    The first module I can remember vividly was "the Keep on the Borderlands" in which you as novice adventurers lived in a little keep in the wilderness, and ventured to a nearby hilltop of dungeons to hunt the miriad of foes about. A simple adventure, a couple random encounters with spiders/bandits in the woods, and the large cave ridden hilltop dungeons.

    From what I remember you had many dungeons. one contained orcs, one goblins (or kobolds, dont remember which) and as you went farther in, ones that had undead, ogres, and even a minotaur and medusa.

    I being the creative one, didn't just play the game. I had to be the DM. I had to totally draw out the keep and buildings on graph paper. I had to totally draw out the countryside with encounters. I had to invent things that would happen in the dungeon. It got me hooked. Had a very funny part where one of the characters was trying on a helm of alignment change. And he became the turncoat of the group, leading them all to death as his evil alignment took over. Of course everyone got mad so I restarted and didn't let them die LOL.

    It all drew to a max as we played through a module that I can't quite remember the name. I think it was something like the "Castle of Amber" in which the powerful mage Amber family summoned hero's to help with something and the higher level party got to explore the amazing Amber Castles. We trounced through the castle, through the puzzles, the challenges.. we met magical beings, my wizard was blessed with a pair of magical wings so he could fly. My brothers warrior was turned into a stone statue and we had to lug him about hoping to find a cure. We were on a timetable. As we progressed, by friend and I had to split up in order to complete the challenges before time ran out. His warrior fled to a far away castle to battle 100' tall attacking zombie giant. My mage had to fight into a tower where a true alien resided. In the end.. we won! And my brother in statue form got to sit on the sidelines and just watch. (I don't think we ever changed him back, he got bored and stopped playing).

    But many many fun times. After the group stopped playing I would often just buy modules and have fun with them myself. Then of course came the age of VIDEO GAMES! whoooo! Ultima on the old apple computer in the school library! how can you not have fun.

    Of course I kept my origional mages name in D&D "EOL Sunder" and have used that ever since as a login for gaming sites and characters. I often use many D&D names that I used to have over the years in many games still. SkyMath is one that I used alot, it was my name on the old AOL Dragonsgate text game. I played a flying dragon, so took a mages name from D&D "Math" and since my dragon was a flying mage, he became SkyMath. Tough huh.

    QuitzQuizar was another mage i used alot. I really liked the name so it stuck over the past few decades.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I was a child(3yo) When D&D first came out. I was around 10 I think when the D&D cartoon was on T.V.
    I started playing Pen and Paper when I was a teen. Played just about every D&D pc game to ever come out. Was greatly disapointed in DDO.

    Heres to the Grandfather of RPG's hope to see you in the RPG in the SKY. He may be gone but never forgotten.