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Gas (Poison) Trap Nerf Included in Publish on TC1?? (Edited)

Discussion in 'UO Factions' started by imported_Tina Small, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Athos_UO and Chrome have both posted in UHall that it appears that gas (poison) faction traps may have been nerfed in the publish that is currently on Test Center. If I'm understanding correctly, the deadliness of the poison may have been scaled back significantly. Athos states that the poison level is currently calculated under this formula: Poison Level = Tinkering Skill / 10 (when the tinkering skill is over 40.0 ). However, on TC1, it is being calculated under this formula: Poison Level = Tinkering Skill / 20 .

    I don't know where Chrome got his information. I believe both Athos and Chrome play in Japan. Perhaps the EA developers have provided them with more information than we've received??

    Here is Athos' post: Athos' Post About Gas Faction Traps on TC1

    Chrome's post: Chrome's Post About Gas Faction Traps on TC1

    Does anyone know anything more about this??

    Edited to add the following:

    I'm so silly....I think I goofed on the denominator for the proposed formula. I had a 5 and it probably should have been a 20, if I followed Athos' and then Chrome's posts correctly. Corrected it above and have sent a PM to Leurocian to inquire. Will post here if I get a reply.

    I'll admit this subject's gotta me pretty confused as it is because I didn't know there were 10 levels of poisoning to begin with....always thought it's just five. In any event, I just want to know if something's being tweaked and if yes why the publish notes didn't say anything about it.
  2. I sent Leurocian a PM Sunday evening asking about this issue. One of the questions I asked is whether a change to faction gas traps was put in the publish that is currently on TC1 and if it was connected to the nerfing of the Arch Cure spell. Leurocian's reply to me yesterday was, "This change was made last July around the time of the PvP balance pass. It appears some players are just now noticing this change."

    I still don't know where Athos and Chrome got their information and off in the corner of my mind I'm thinking maybe it would be wise to go check this on TC1 just in case the Japanese players got information about this publish that we didn't get; however, maybe the above answer is enough and there's nothing to worry about. I looked at the notes from the 8/9/2006 publish and saw nothing about faction traps.

    Does anyone else think this is worth investigating further? The gas traps certainly still work, don't really seem to be less potent than they were a year ago, and I also haven't seen anyone complaining about them either. Anyone want to join me on TC1 and see if we can check this out? Would have to wait till this evening, because I'm at work so I can't even look to see if I have any 30-day old characters there to mess around with. Grrrr.....

    *Has visions of future frustrations with checking faction changes on Test Center.*
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    How has this nerfed gas traps at all? You can still make level 5 poison traps, just have to be Grandmaster in Tinkering.
  4. JC, because of the vagueness of the information in Athos and Chrome's posts, I was concerned there were changes being made to faction gas traps.

    Leurocian sent me two more PMs today that confirm some changes were made to tinker-created poison-trapped boxes AND also to faction gas traps last summer, 7-8 months ago. I think now that perhaps those changes were what Athos and Chrome may have been talking about, perhaps because they had access to additional information on a Japanese players' forum. I looked back through last summer's publish notes and the only thing related to poison traps I could find was a change to keep you from being able to cure high-level poisoning by casting the regular poison spell on yourself (or someone else) or drinking a lesser poison potion.

    I asked Leurocian if he could please take a few moments to post some more details here about the change that was made last summer.