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Gathering Leather

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Ritournel, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Ritournel

    Ritournel Guest


    I would like to know which spot do you use to gather leather. In particular, for spinned and horned.

    I use myself :

    normal leather : Tokuno, homare, right to moongate, the Tsuki wolf. 25 hides per corpse.
    Barbed : Ice, the whyte wyrm ecause this spot is quite safe, the other monsters are not too dangerous.

    And what about you ? :)
  2. Trinsie

    Trinsie Guest

    Lizardmen of Despise are good for spined leather.

    I horned and barbed in destard with my tamer. Not sure what would be good for horned otherwise.
  3. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    If you use the stratics hunter guide, and advanced search you can put "spined" "horned" or "barbed" in the "loot" box, and it gives you a list of which beasties give that leather =) Typing "hides" gives you a list of all the beasts that give you any kind of leather

    I think the only thing I've really gotten horned leather off of myself is sea serpents when I am out fishing =)

    Definitely Despise lizardmen for me for spined leather too =)
  4. normal: polar bears are best they give 16 and spawn very fast, but lately I've jsut been buying them for 3 or 4 gp each at the tanner shop

    spined: I like the ratmen near Compassion in Ilsh - go like SW and find the desert area and there is a spot where they spawn non-stop. I like them because I can harvest arrows for my archer at the same time.

    horned: wyverns in the TLA desert - there is a spot to the north where they continuously spawn without a lot of other monsters

    barbed: my other characters are still training so I have a hard time with dragons. I go to a spot in Ilsh where there's a single nightmare that continuously respawns. It is only 10 hides but it's easy and consistent.
  5. StaggerLeigh

    StaggerLeigh Guest

    Horned: My fisherwoman skins all of her serpents. It's slow, but effective.

    Barbed: My tamer and her mare fight and kill mares in Malas.

    If I need normal leather or Spined I go to Jhelom bulls and then kill giant serps north of them.
  6. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Spined: Ratmen at Sacrifice (all 3 types - sometimes I go for the rat mages in the one spawn point in the mine), Lizardmen in Despise, or (if I need also need Bones for a BOD) Giant serpents either in Trammel Destard, or the various Treasure Map Islands that spawn them in Fel (as THB Guildmaster, one of my houses has all the runes, and people usually avoid those map spots like the plague on both facets, because of the serpents, and the relatively small size of the islands). The Alligators also give spined on those islands, so filling a beetle can be done rather quickly (stack the leather, then load the beetle only when you get enough to fully load you and it). The down side appears that the islands have their serpent spawn come to a near stop after you kill enough for 1200-1500 leather, which means you got to rotate to a different island between loads (there are 5 islands that are good for it - Amoeba, Valor, Bald, Temple and Skull; 7 if you count Serpent's Hold and North Jhelom, but they have hostile PK residents on some shards).

    Horned: Most often, the wyvern by the T2A lighthouse in Trammel (typically the only creature in the area and a near-instant respawn). However, eventually it will spawn over the water, and you either have to place a boat or kill it at range. Other areas include Trammel Destard (the area between the Serpents and the ramp to the Shadow Wyrm level spawns several drakes and wyverns, as does the area behind the bad air), and going out fishing. Lastly, a necro can farm horned quite well at the Ki-rin Passage off of Elemental canyon, killing the Ki-rin next to the poison ele room. You can also go to a different part of the passage to farm the nightmare for barbed.

    I typically farm normal leather in the Blighted Grove, honoring and killing Thrasher to raise honor (it gives almost as much leather as a lesser hiryu, with better fame/karma/honor gains and a chance for a ML Minor Artifact drop). A swordsman with a good dragon or reptile slayer can drop Lesser Hiryus in Tokuno in 2-3 hits (especially using armor ignore specials - the Dragon's End 10th anniversary artifact sword is devastating against them in this manner).