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General (Necromage)Tamer questions

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Lantash, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Lantash

    Lantash Guest

    First of all ( as usual ) sorry if it has been brought up before on some other threads.
    Im sort of a new to all the changes that were made since UO:rennessaince, plus what I knew mostly has faded :)

    1. How does honor virtue works ( I hear its pretty much only way to tame high dmg beasts solo ) ? Im mostly on KR client and when I invoke on honor virtue icon it says I dont have any points or something like that - how do I earn em if I cant use it ?

    2. Following on honor - among very little info about honor virtue I stumbled upon thing that u cant earn honor points if your pet is even a little involved in kill - How does tamers get those class-important honor points?

    3. Being a necromage tamer, can karma be locked while its "good" ( can it still be done ? ) and does it having good karma directly affect necromancy spells effectiveness like good karma affects chivalry ? I just dont like pixies and ki-rins attacking me :D

    4. and finally - no so tamers question - DCI increases existing % to defend or its plain % ? for example I have no parry no weapon skills whatsoever thus my defence chance is very very small I imagine - wearing +45% defence chance items does it actually means I have 45% to successfully defend or it increases my exsisting % to defend by 45%?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Guessing a welcome back is in order first ot :)

    Honour Stops all creatures from attacking you for the duration that it is invoked(up to 5mins at max level i believe). To earn honour you must first invoke the virtue on tou your target and then kill it.

    Pets used in the farming of honour merely slows it down, you will still gain honour but a meleee is apparantly more honourable, so gains faster.

    Karma can only be locked for gaining, so using necro you will always drop karma. Yes, negative karma does Affect Necromancy spells.

    Im not 100%sure but i believe it enhances your DCI you already posses, with 0 weapon skill or parry i believe it makes no difference how much DCI you have, youll pretty much get stomped by all except a mongbat!

    You're welcome, although alot of my info is probably not 100% accurate.
  3. EnigmaMaitreya

    EnigmaMaitreya Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I am going offer a different position on DCI and include Blocking (as in NOT Parry)

    What I have found (vs being a known truth as in seeing the code or stated by a Dev) is this.

    Two things can change your being hit .... noticeably (and give you noticeably better odds of surviving a Greater Dragon Melee attack).

    The higher the DCI the better your odds of defending against the attack. I do believe there is a 45% cap on this but I have seen other posts (not in the Tamer forum) that through mumbo jumbo can get it to 75%

    A Mage -0 Weapon (Staff of Pyros, Swords of Prosperity, Staff of the Magi) will translate your Mage Skill level to the Weapon Skill Level. This does NOT make you a melee person but it does trigger the ability to block the melee attack (as it has been explained to me and I do believe that thread is in this forum somewhere)

    After that it is your Resists (no not Resists Spells) and I do believe they are caped at 70% (but again I have seen post that suggest that through Mumbo Jumbo it can be raised higher). What this does is reduce the attack damage by the percentage amount, such that if you had 50% Physical Resist and a mob did 100 Physical damage to you, you would only take 50 damage.

    I played UO from the day the doors opened to about 8 months after Trammel went live. I returned about 16 months ago and most of this stuff I am totally clueless about, so I am taking my time and trying to bring my self up to speed on these changes.

    You can try most everything you see here as advice on TC1 (Test Center 1).

    Once you create your character (it wont matter about setting up the skills) you can customize the character how ever you want.

    some commands

    Help commands
    Help skills

    These should list out the commands and the skill names.

    you can do things like

    Set str 125
    set int 100
    set dex 10 (or what ever is the reaming stat pool, there has been a change on this publish of TC1)

    set magery 1200 (as in 120.0)
    set animallore 1200
    set animaltaming 1200
    set necromancy 1200
    set spiritspeak 1200
    set meditation 1000

    By doing this command

    give arties (you will see a list of give commands when you do help commands, that list does not include give seeds)

    This will place a box of artifacts in your bank box and you will find all kinds of items with all kinds of attributes on them.

    You will get 2 1,000,000 gold checks in the characters bank as well as a House Placement Tool. Placing a house on TC1 does NOT count against or check your one house per account rule. So you can place a house on TC1 and any one production shard.

    Welcome back, good luck and most of all have fun.
  4. uoBuoY

    uoBuoY Guest

    Quoted from Stratics:

    "Gaining Honor:

    You can gain Honor by engaging in honorable combat with monsters or NPCs. You can do this by double-clicking the Honor icon on the Virtue gump and targeting an appropriate opponent. You will face your opponent, bow to them, and speak the words, “I honor you.”

    You then must defeat your opponent in an honorable fashion.

    Honorable combat is defined as:

    * Allowing your opponent to damage you first.
    * Engaging in one-on-one combat.
    * Not using ranged weapons, unless you stay in the same spot where you honored your opponent, or you only damage your opponent while adjacent to them.
    * Not allowing your pets or summoned creatures to help you during the battle.
    * Avoiding the use of poison.

    To engage an opponent in honorable combat, your opponent:

    * Must be one that you can perform negative actions upon.
    * Must be at full health.
    * Must not already be honored by a nearby player.
    * Must be close to you, in your line-of-sight, and have a clear path to you.

    The amount of Honor you gain from defeating your opponent is determined by how closely you followed the above guidelines for honorable combat, as well as your opponent’s level of fame."

    The Devs have "said" that the exact same rules apply to Tamers with pets.

    Re: Honor gains: you can SoulStone all your Tamer's skills and make him into a warrior to speed up gains.
  5. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Ill clarify the earlier points i made,

    Without a mage weapon in hand you have ((anat+eval)+20)/2 defensive "skill". With a mage skill you have your mage skill as your defensive skill. If you have 120mage and use a -0mage weap you have 120 defensiv skill meaning a 120mob will hit you 50% of the time. This will increase with DCI.

    Without mage weap and elf at 120 eval you will have 70defensive "skill" meaning you will get trampled. About a 77%hit chance against you with a mob at 120. 53%at 45DCI.

    DCI is capped at 45, the reason people go higher is due to a few reasons. In PvM the only reason to exceed this is that Divine fury drops your DCI by 15%. In PvP Hit lower defence drops it by 20%.

    The honour thing, yes you can gain it faster without pets...but you honour succubus and send in a cu, very easy to gain honour. I have knight on almost all chars cept my smith.
  6. Honor doesn't work that way for pets, or archers or anything... I know, it is written on both Stratics and UOHerald, but it is wrong anyway.

    To gain max honor the easy way - Take a greater dragon, cu sidhe, or other favorite pet into the Fan Dancer Do Jo and kill succubus. Just be sure to honor before telling you pet to kill. I can kill about 100 an hour with my cu sidhe and reach max honor and fill up my bank with gold in no time.

    The rest of those rules, well they were strictly implemented as written. The only thing you really have to worry about is getting honor in before the succubus casts buffs on herself.
  7. EnigmaMaitreya

    EnigmaMaitreya Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Another quick and painless way, with tons of Gold is Thrasher in Blighted Forest. It does require a Bone Machete. Even with the reduced Weight of gold, I end up either leaving 2 to 3 times what I can carry on corpses or on the ground if I am needing gold and just take the stealther in and out.
  8. Divine Fury drops by 20. (according to KR)
    HLD drops by 25.
  9. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Just one point I wanted to make here... Honor is widely used and a real favorite toy with some tamers. However, the truth is that you don't *need* honor on a tamer at all.

    We have new equipment and pets, but the basic beat the pet up and lead tame method still works. Greater dragons are challenging like this, but I don't consider myself a super tamer and I've handled those fine without honor or peace etc. So don't feel that you absolutely must use honor, because it's really not essential with aggressive pets. All you really need is practice :)

    This thread has a variety of taming methods that might help you hone your tactics as a tamer. I find that the more methods you know, the easier it is to adapt when your favourite method isn't an option.