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Get rid of categories

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Guest, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Haven't played in a while...most of my sims were pre-EA's waiting for the Money Wipe...oops...I mean "Merge" to be finalized...so I was a bit surprised tonight going to my store, and finding that my money objects no longer work on my variety lot that happens to be in the store category. Bummer. One more way to pigeonhole everything, kill the creativity, and have cookie-cutter lots instead of originality. It was bad enough when they introduced categories all those years ago, now this. *sigh*

    Sorry, I know, it's probably old news to you "power players", but to me, it was new information and just one more thing that saddens me about the direction this game is going.

    Oh well.

    So, how exactly do I stock, if I've got no money...and how do I keep my store open if I have to go to money lots or a robo-factory to earn cash?

    I think my options are to:

    - Cheat with a bot, which I refuse to do
    - Buy a ton of simoleans, which is a foolish business choice given that they're not yet letting us sell our profits back, the lack of a market given the game's much smaller demographic than Second Life, and more draconian intellectual property right restrictions than Second Life
    - Realize that just because I had a really cool high-level "character" before the "Money Wipe" oops I mean "Merge" doesn't mean that this will continue and my five years of hard work has been "nerfed" (or actually whatever the opposite of "nerf" would be), and I should either dive into this head-first waisting all my time "leveling up" and earning money again (which ain't gonna happen cuz I got important things to do like read comic books lol), or just quit at this point
    - Stick around and just stick to role playing, considering there's SOOOO many other people out there that just want to have fun and not play yet another level-up/chase-a-buck game cuz there are so many other platforms for that where the enjoy-the-game pay-off versus time invested is so much more satisfying elsewhere to the point there have been entire threads devoted to how much folks hate watching their sims sit around and read books for hours on end. Yeah, I think I'll go this route, since there are SOOOO many folks who just play TS..oops, sorry EA...to have fun (rolls eyes)

    *sigh* So when DO we get to sell our stuff/money, anyways?