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Gift TAG!!

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Granjell, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Has anyone else gotten something in their mailbox with this label? I picked up a new shirt this morning and underneath it didn't say "from so and so," it said "Gift TAG!!"

    Is this a new thing to do with parties? How can it be TAG if I don't know who's playing? Am I just supposed to send someone else a shirt?:confused:
  2. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I've never seen it, but are you sure they didn't just mean it was a "gift label" and not a "tag, you're it"?
  3. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Nope - it said TAG in all caps, it didn't say I was it, I just assumed I was...
  4. alisagrace86

    alisagrace86 Guest

    mine said that too but that was because i bought wallpaper for myself so it was a GIFT FROM ME TO ME :D the best kind haha
  5. I noticed the same thing. Anything you buy for yourself is labeled that way now. At first I thought "Wow!! TT sent me a gift!!" then when it happened again I remembered that I bought that item for myself. I dont remember ordering the first item but I dont remember a lot of things!! The next couple that said TAG were the fishing pole and the gardening kit that I bought and I know I bought them. I made a couple new toons so was buying a lot and I specifically looked and sure enough, everything those toons bought for themselves was labeled that way. Kind of confusing, huh?rolleyes:
  6. alisagrace86

    alisagrace86 Guest

    omg you made me laugh so much :)
  7. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Well, I don't remember buying the shirt, but I may have. Why would they label it gift if you buy it yourself? and why "TAG!!" with two exclamation marks?
    IS a puzzlement!!
  8. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Have any friends named Tag? :D
  9. All I can figure is something messed up with all the updates. Im sure it will be fixed because it certainly makes no sense. Like I said, I dont remember ordering the first item that said that either but I probably did, I liked it a lot!! LOL
  10. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    No - and it's my LEAST favorite trolley game too!
  11. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    The game Tag is fun.

    I don't like.. The catching game, tug of war, the barrel game (keep the cogs from taking them), photo fun, diving game and the minnie game.

    I'm rather good at the minnie game and can usually get 2 treasures with the diving game, but I still don't like them.

    I like the swimming, cannon, matching, maze, factory (run from one end to the other), slingshot and the jungle isn't so bad either.
  12. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    I don't mind the catching game if I'm alone - I hate playiing it with others. I like the photo game except in Daisy Gardens, where they always seem to stick the toon you need two shots of in the maze, so you've got to catch them jumping or something to find them.

    Tag is the MOST ANNOYING GAME EVER!!! I hate the big head and the swirly thing it does, and I almost always end up letting the other toons win just because I find it so un-fun.
  13. My toons for the most part ride the trolley one time and one time only... to get thru the toontorial!! I have never played any of the new games except the one where you have the squirt gun and even then I just kind of ran, fell, ran, fell until the clock ran out (this was only because I had to go in there for my new toon!!). "Trolley games" is synonomous with "cruel and unusual punishment" in my book!!! Take me fishing any day!! I have to say that I am good at the tug of war and the cannon. My daughter is afraid of cogs and all she does is play trolley games. She will start screaming and yelling "Mommy HELP!!!" and I know right away it is the tug of war!!:thumbup1:

    EDIT: Oh, I had to play that camera game once too. Talk about torture!! Like, what are you supposed to do???? LOL
  14. susan4633

    susan4633 Guest

    my friend ordered the gardening kit for her toon and in her mailbox it said it was from moonlight mcwolf. she and i were amazed since you could never get that as a gift before and i certainly didn't send it to her.
  15. Dane1980

    Dane1980 Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    *runs up and smacks Granjell on the hiney*

    TAG, you're it!

    *runs off giggling*
  16. my niece got on after months of not playing (10 yrs old) and never saw the new trolly games. I was sitting watching and she picked them up the first time she played.

    I'm sitting back in my chair thinking (dang I'm old!).

    She got all the photo shoot the second time she played it. OOF!

    Did I just see a post from an MIA toon? Dane?

    As for the gifts, I'm thinking they might have something to do with the party and the gifts for the party.
  17. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Just tell her this.. Tug of war, just don't play it, let the cog win. Goes a lot faster. The barrel game (cogs steal the barrels), just let them and stay out of the way of the cogs. Goes much faster.

    It's what I do.
  18. SSniffleslam

    SSniffleslam Guest

    My little one loves the trolley games too (she'll be 6 in April) and she does the same EXACT thing when it comes to the tug of war!! It's hilarious now, but the first couple of times, I thought something was seriously wrong with her the way she was yelling.
  19. LOL but you must remember that when they win, you are pulled toward them!! That is not an acceptable situation to be in when you are a 7 year old girl who is afraid of cogs. Trust me, the screams start breaking glass!! I never get called for any other game so she must just run away from the ones with the barrels.... I have never seen it!!rolleyes:
  20. james64468

    james64468 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I am trying to name my new toon Prof. Tag :D The Name got approved.