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EM Fiction Gilforn’s Notes

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by EM Malachi, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. EM Malachi

    EM Malachi UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
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    By Gilforn

    I present my notes on moongates, moonstones, and facet magic. Hopefully, my research here will in time make the text of my books obsolete. Knowledge changes, but wisdom is forever.

    Our stories and lore are filled with stories of gates to other places, such as the Time of Legends. The histories concerning the stranger’s gate and the facet Minax strikes from confirm that other worlds or facets exist. Nystul’s Trammel need not be the end of our journey.

    Moonstones started to appear when Minax broke into our place from hers. Since these stones are the tool to travel between facets, I find it interesting that some side effect of her magic caused the spontaneous generation of this interesting substance. I have heard of a similar phenomena with blackrock where large castings using the substance generate small prisms of similar magical potential. While the chameleonic color of moonstones seem a far cry from blackrock, there are likely underlying rules for all magical substances. I do not have time to study them currently, nor do I have access to blackrock.

    Nystul’s response to my request was some excuse about the information not existing. I believe more must be known about the gate the stranger took from his world to Sosaria to defeat Mondain. How can there really be nothing about the legendary Siege Perilous gate in the Royal archives?

    I had tried for weeks to determine a way to create a stable and permanent gate between facets. Moonstones gates were so temporary, and the current Vas Rel Por spell is limited in where it can travel. I believe these limitations are not innate to the magic, but problems with our spells. Some of my experiments to produce more stable gates have ended catastrophically with the gate exploding moments after casting. The energy released was much greater than the mana I introduced into the spell’s casting. I wonder if it is possible to detonate an already present gate?

    I have gathered what notes I can about the natural moongates which shift their destination with the Felucca and Trammel moons’ prominence. I have discussed my research at length with Lord Blackthorn. While he did look bored at times, he follows my research better than anyone else, even Dryus Doost who argues with me constantly.

    I had a most strange dream last night that inspired a new casting:

    init kal vas gres
    trak sek-de ter-mer..
    re in ew tu-tim in-ten
    re grav beh
    i trak-por

    The gate that appeared was slightly less defined than simple gates, but that may because of my inexperience with this new spell. Its duration was much longer than any facet gate I have studied so far. What was really amazing was when I stepped through, I appeared in a strange land, neither Trammel nor Felucca!

    My discovery has been verified by Anon and the Council of Mages! They are jokingly calling the place Gilforn’s Facet. Actually, the historians in the Council believe the land bares similarity to the Lands of Danger and Despair in history. They are calling the place Ilshenar. I am grateful to the spirits that helped inspire this spell.

    I have been receiving scrolls and tomes daily from the Britannian explorers returning from Ilshenar. The land apparently was settled by humans at one time, the Anskitas, though their civilization declined in a strange way. Their scrolls refer to “facets” as Arktermar or “hidden worlds”, and at one time, their great mage Ulvol discovered he could tune moongates to move to different locations. While I believe I am figuring out a way to duplicate these magics, it would still be useful to have Ulvol’s notes or grimoire for a more detailed explanation.

    My method has been used to tune the natural gates to travel between the various facets. Now, there won’t be a gate in my study anymore.

    While not relevant to my current research, I found some interesting notes:

    The four traitors have been sent through the Justice Vasgres into the void. They are named Junin Pince, Martoo Saul, Xendella, and Kryss Miron Vehl.

    These are the named of the Followers of Armageddon from the famous trial a few years back. It seems we may have had some visitors from Ilshenar before I found it. I have asked the mage who shared the tome with me where he found it. He told me it was inside a place called the Wisp dungeon.

    This has me thinking of another mystery. When I inquired about the creation of Trammel, Nystul mentioned finding the spell in an ancient tome of unknown origin. I wonder if the source was Anskitas?

    I had a lovely discussion with Lord Blackthorn today about the lovely composite moonstone an expedition found in Ilshenar. I believe such an artifact is called an “Orb of the Moons.” Blackthorn asked me to expound on my theory of how one would make a prison facet. I believe that there are many more facets than we have discovered, more than we will ever find. Like on a gem or diamond, there are small cracks and scratches on the surface of reality, creating miniature facets. Some of these may be shapeless, or some may be strange reflections of other facets. They would be difficult to get to and even more difficult to escape.

    I seem to have misplaced my composite moonstone. I must be more careful with such relics.

    Original Gilforn Fiction