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Glass Daggers for Sale

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Shioni, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Shioni

    Shioni Guest

    A long while ago I ran a few characters over to meet Andrew in Moonglow. I was given a few glass daggers one for each character. Now I dont really play Europa all that much but a friend of mine just started on this shard and i wanted to try my luck selling the daggers so he could have a nice starting fund.

    Im not really sure how much they go for but i know they are rare as you cannot get anymore, I also know they are required by the shadow lords to quickly slay paladins.

    PM me if anyone wishes to buy ONE, as I don't want to make any mistakes and sell these before i know what they are really for.
  2. Trevelyan

    Trevelyan Guest

    UO.com actually says this:

    Obsidian daggers will be available to SL’s twice a day maximum to do extra damage against the Paladin NPC’s only.

    Nothing about glass daggers. But if youre selling them i'll buy them.
  3. Tgoru

    Tgoru Guest

    I'd like to buy one but im on Atlantic... if you'd transfer one to Atlantic i will surely pay for your troubles... tell me what you want and It is yours...
  4. Shioni

    Shioni Guest

    Obsidian daggers and glass daggers do the same thing according to Draconi

  5. Shioni

    Shioni Guest

    I'm afraid I only collected a few on Catskills, and Europa. And I don't plan on traveling across shards any time soon, this endeavor is so i don't give into the "buying gold trend"
  6. Shioni

    Shioni Guest

    I'm not aware of the net value for these particular items, however I noted that the only one selling on my home shard was slightly over 4 million gold

    I suppose I will try my luck selling them in Luna at 3:00pm EST 3/28/08
    my asking price will be 5 million but if you mention statics I will sell for 3 million.

    Ill only stick around 30 about minutes, because I have a small role playing event to pepair for back on Catskills.... http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=134614

    I just hope the EM event does not take long

    If anyone wants to make additional arrangements, PM me. I have five of these things i need to try and sell.
  7. Amantala EA

    Amantala EA Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Dec 20, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I've got a couple of the Glass daggers for sale if anyone wants them!