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Glitching - Why must they do it?

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Crazy Fireball, May 9, 2009.

  1. I Did a VP this morning, 4 hollys, 4 Small suits.

    Getting into the elevator was a challenge, i added Kathy into my group so that we can get on together, there was a bit of shuffle, a group of 130+'s. I knew them for a old fansite i was a member on, they where a rude bunch. We got on the elevator and everthing went well after that, but no, not really.
    When we got in, we got a 44 laugh dog, 76 bunny (You'll hear more about her) Me, and kathy. The bunny refused to help us at all, and when we tryed to heal echother, she would pick a sound gag or something to mess everything up, after a while, we made it out.

    The Skeli round was not fun at all, it was probally the longest skeli round i have ever been in! Kathy and I Got the 44 laugh dog, and a 50ish laugh Cat, the cat and dog both died, because the gags didnt work and my computer was acting up alot, the 76 bunny, was running around, glitched, what a suprise. When the toons both died, she got on our side, Kathy and i where saying that if you glitch it slows down the surver, and being with bob alot, i guess i refuse to heal glitchers and people who dont help. The bunny kept running around, saying she needed help buy kathy and i where saying "No you glitched blah blah" and she would complain. A 105 bear came over, healing us all, kathy and i tryed to work together and the bunny would pick something elce. this went on for a while.

    The pie round, she continously asked for a TU, we didnt heal her and left her at 58, i was at 95, got down to 60's. Thankfully we had people who knew how to work the VP pie round, we made it threw, losing nobody elce.

    Why do people glitch? Its so annoying and slows down TT!
  2. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    I don't know about it slowing down the server, but that aside, out of all the glitches or "holes" in the game, that one is by far the worst. I've done it a couple of times and it's a pain on both ends (for the glitcher and for the others). TT really needs to fix that one because it does nothing but cause grief. Heck, they fixed the flying glitch and that actually had some usefulness.
  3. Yeah, they fix things that are usefull.

    Sometimes i do that glitch if where with randoms and Kathy is on her uber, only to make sure she dosnt die.
  4. liod23

    liod23 Guest

    this game was designed for kids-- Kids = curious = gliches
    oh, this might be my lastpost, my new favorite(s); roblox, star wars knights of the old republic mmo, and grid
  5. Thats true.

    BTW, your signature is to big.
  6. liod23

    liod23 Guest

    k ill try to find a new sig