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GM+ Tailoring - Post Publish 21!

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Guest, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Since Publish 21 arrived many people have reported of gaining on items that they have 100% success chance of crafting (normal quality), so I am letting the old GM+ Tailoring thread move along and starting a new one.

    I have taken the liberty of copy-pasting this info/chart from this post by kazua so please reply to this thread with relevant info regarding skill gain post publish 21.


    Gain limit with your skillcap and item crafted.
    Left to right is your skillcap by using powerscrolls.
    This chart shows theoretical limit, so obviously you can't go beyond your skillcap.

    100 105 110 115 120
    091.3 093.8 096.3 098.8 101.3 Leather leggings 10 Hides
    095.5 098.0 100.5 103.0 105.5 Leather tunic 12 Hides
    099.6 102.1 104.6 107.1 109.6 Oil Cloth 1 Cloth
    103.8 106.3 108.8 111.3 113.8 Studded gorget 6 Hides
    107.9 110.4 112.9 115.4 117.9 Studded Bustier 8 Hides
    107.9 110.4 112.9 115.4 117.9 Studded gloves 8 Hides
    110.0 112.5 115.0 117.5 120.0 Bone Helmet 4 Hides+2 Bones
    112.1 114.6 117.1 119.6 122.1 Studded Armor (Female) 10 Hides
    112.1 114.6 117.1 119.6 122.1 Studded sleeves 10 Hides

  2. Okay...I just read this chart and had to go to the link to the other post to understand it. If I've got this right, then my 111.x tailor, scrolled to 120 needs to do:

    111.x --&gt; 113.8 Studded Gorget
    113.9 --&gt; 117.9 Studded Bustier or Studded Gloves (any preference? If so, why?)
    118.0 --&gt; 120.0 Studded Sleeves or Studded Female Armor (again, if you have an opinion, what is it and why?)

    I see no reason why bone helmet should even be in the chart. Sure it only uses 4 hides, but 6 hides are cheaper than 2 bones, right? At least that's true on my shard (even with the new dynamic economy pricing).

    I'm just thrilled to be back to making studded gorgets. No fails and less hides per piece made practicing! Yeah!

    [edit]I got my GGS gain fairly quickly at 111.5 off of a few studded gorgets which confirms this as the new preferred training method for 120 scrolled tailors.[/edit]
  3. Leanan Sidhe

    Leanan Sidhe Guest

    I have the same question...so my 103.7 tailor (ps 120) can make oil clothes til 109.6?
    I have noticed that in filling bods (leathers mostly) that I have actually been getting more than .1 gains in a night, has anyone else noticed this too?
  4. I just got 5 gains from 109 to 109.5 in one hour making oil cloths!
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yes, you will be able to gain on crafting oil cloths all the way to 109.6.
  6. wolvie415

    wolvie415 Guest

    This is great-very helpful. Now we just need something like this for smithing.
  7. I just gained .1 off a studded sleeve and I'm at 119.2 now. When I saw that, I went wtf! That's not supposed to happen. I came here straight away and saw this post and all I can say is WOOOOOHOOOOO. I had figured since I had used my +5 bonus for tailoring at 110, then got the 120, I was screwed into doing bone armor /php-bin/shared/images/icons/crying.gif But now that I saw this post, I can now enjoy getting that 120 /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrinking.gif

    <center>Quick folks, hit that 120 mark before O$I realizes that they goofed /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink2.gif </center>
  8. Boadicea,

    Thank you for this info - I just made it to Elder tailor weeks quicker than I expected!
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    About smithing, take a look here, though I don't know if this has been confirmed yet.
  10. wolvie415

    wolvie415 Guest

    I thought this is how the smithing chart might look, so I tried making plate gorgets (since I'm at 111 and scrolled to 115) but I ran out of iron after buring though only 800 ingots. I just got some more iron so I try it again today and see if it works.
  11. hey guys, look i might sound really stupid but ive used oil cloths to 109.6 im currently at 109.8..(got them off GGS) and not gaining off studded gorgets, anyone got any ideas, hehe i have 50k leather waiting to be torn to peices!!

    Cap is 120.0 :)
  12. wolvie415

    wolvie415 Guest

    It's normal to hit a wall around 110, so just keep making gorgets.
  13. Iorek

    Iorek Guest

    I believe that the harder something is to do, the better your chance to gain doing it. This is of course offset by the chance of succeeding though, so it is generally best to make things around your skill level.

    Once you have an equal chance of producing something though (ie. 100%), it makes sense to make the hardest object therefore. What I am planning is:

    100.0 - 109.6 Oil cloths (cheap as chips so take as far as possible)
    109.6 - 112.1 Studded Gloves/Bustier
    112.1 - 116.2 Studded Sleeves
    116.2 - 119.0 Studded leggings
    119.9 - 120.0 Studded tunic

    Of course, this is only what I think - i really hate gathering leather so have only got to 111 so far (approx 8k hides used doing this from 109.6). I'll let you know how I get on with the rest when i can find it in me to go massacre some cows.

    Oh, this is all assuming a 120 skill cap.
  14. Iorek

    Iorek Guest

    Lazy so not much leather gathered, will update as I get more

    111.0 - 111.6 1.7k used making gloves.
    111.6 - 112.4 2.5k
    112.4 - 113.8 5.6k Started on sleeves
    113.8 - 114.5 3.4k sleeves

    Realized I was being ambiguous with leather consumption - I have been recycling everything I made. If you want to sell all the items you craft, you will need to double these figures.
  15. Satch1151

    Satch1151 Guest

    Ok I followed the templet and I went from 109 to 120 with about 40k leather and 3 days thought it was going to take me forever this really helped.

  16. wolvie415

    wolvie415 Guest

    Today I went from 115.0 to 118.8 by recycling 16k hides. Now my skill gain is stuck.
  17. Satch1151

    Satch1151 Guest

    I ran into a wall I kinda switched to something else that was almost as hard I did tunics stud till I got a gain then went back to sleeves I did them all the way from 117.9 to 120.
  18. Is it usual to literally not get any gains from gorgets if your capped at 120?
    (as he types it he gets a gain) SODS LAW!!

    I seem to hardly get any gains off gorgets, just wanted to ask if anyone else has the same problem?

    Rod of Europa
  19. Satch1151

    Satch1151 Guest

    I did not have much trouble but if I did I would just go to something harder till I got a gain then went back and away they went again. Worked for me. The one thing that is really starting to get me mad is the BODS BS! I thought Pub 21 was supposed to fix this? for the last week or more I have gotten no joking here norm cloth crap! thats it nothing else I pull 3 times a day to.
  20. tazzi523

    tazzi523 Guest

    I did Legendary Tailoring. I was stuck at 118.5 and I didn't want to make bone armor... Uggg I didn't have enough bone collected, but I'm glad I put it off.
    I hit 120 off of studded tunics, once in a while i hit a dry spot and made a few bone tunics, and then I would gain again.

    Now I just have to get my smithy to 120.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Boadacia IMO this post is simply bogus. What since does it make to put up a chart that tells a person at 91 to make leather leggings when they should be making oil cloths?

    Why does this post not do better telling people what to make when rather than what they might make when? Isn't that the answer to many people's question, "what do I make to get to XXX"?

    I can never seem to get the BODs I need for a 120 scroll so I am no use for providing info to that point but I have some 115 scrolls and tailors to use them on. I am going to spend some time gathering better hard data for this thread from 100 to 115. Hopefully it will compliment the data provided by several posts about past 115 level gains.

    Ahh, now the dreaded leather gathering I must do to make this possible. Here cow. Come get some.
  22. Howeser

    Howeser Guest

    Thanks for all your help with this new chart I went from 111.2 to 120 in a little over 3 days using around 36k of leather,only used the items below and didnt hit any real slow spots just steady gains.I was really shocked at how good skill gains that I had, give it a try it does work,so now another Legendary Tailor on Europa !!

    113.8 Studded gorget 6 Hides
    117.9 Studded gloves 8 Hides
    120.0 Studded sleeves 10 Hides
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This thread is about GM+ tailoring (above GM tailoring). I looked at the old thread about GM+ tailoring and at all the posts about "I made a legendary tailor using no bones" and thought that this would be a greater help to alot of people gaining past GM than the old thread as we have just since publish 21 been allowed to gain from items that we have 100% chance in crafting, which never was the case before.

    Also, this thread gives us all an opportunity to reply here about our findings regarding these changes, share information, and give other people advice, which then later on can be incorporated into the FAQ.

    I have assumed that most people coming here to look for information regarding "How to GM tailoring" would take a look at the FAQs on top of the forum, but maybe I should edit the title of this thread?
    As you point out yourself, this post doesn't say "you should make this at XX", so people looking here anyway for what to make at 91 would see that they besides leather leggings also have the choice of making oil cloths.

    I think it would be great if you would post your findings about GM+ tailoring in a "make this at XX" style /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  24. Antiformal

    Antiformal Guest

    Has anyone tried using this new chart to just get to 110? If so, how did it go? How many resources did you use? How long did it take? I am at about 99, scrolled to 110, so I guess I will try this new chart and keep track of how much and how long if no one else has yet.
  25. *shrugs*
    Ive been trying it tonight with a cap of 120, at 99.6 tailoring I cant gain a thing, its beed 3 hours. Thats with oilcloths, but the chart says they should take me to about 109 or so..
    Does this still work?
  26. Lemia

    Lemia Guest

    I used oilcloths to get to 109.6, now I am on the studded gorgets, and I have just reached 110 (gained .4 in the past umm maybe hour). So it is working for me anyway.
  27. Le'a

    Le'a Guest

    I'm at 110.6 (scolled to 120) and have been following the guide. Unfortunately I'm not really gaining very fast making Studded Gorgets. Ive used atleast 5k hides just to get .6 gains. Is that normal? At this rate I'll need about 100,000 hides just to go from 110 to 120.

    My friend told me to just make Studded Tunics for quicker gains. I'll use more leather, but the gains will come quicker. What should I do?
  28. Lemia

    Lemia Guest

    Hmm that doesn't sound right. I've been averaging about .1 every 350 hides approximately (note: I am recycling items). Not sure what to tell you :/
  29. Well, I just recycled through about 2000+ pieces of leather, and not even a single gain yet.
    I'm at 108.1, scrolled to 115.
    Making studded gorgets.
    Yes, I have skill points turned down to suck from.

    I would try the oil cloths, but I just got about 40k leather from all the idocs (woohoo)...

    Oh, wait... nm I just gained .1

    But does this seem right to everyone else?
    .1 through over 2000 leathers?
  30. khellek

    khellek Guest

    Currently I am at 117.9 . I should be making Studded sleeves right? I have been trying for the last few hours and its still stuck at 117.9. Seems like I hit a wall??
  31. Lorden

    Lorden Guest

    I must admit, when I first looked at this guide, I thought it was way off base. But then what the F$^#, I gave it a shot. 520 oil cloths to go from 102.1 to 103.0. Can't go wrong getting those kinds of gains for such little cash.

    Thanks Boadicea
  32. BeastMan

    BeastMan Guest

    So now that we dont have to use bones to get to legendary......what's gonna happen to the prices of bones? I would think that the market for em just fell out after publish 21. Am i off base on this premise?
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It's a matter of information spreading. Not everyone trying to reach the legendary title knows bone armor is no longer a mush have requirement and so they will still pay premium prices for bone.

    Also keep in mind that bones are a long tedious process to gather in large amounts and BODs still have to have them. Because of those two factors you can expect that bones will hold a good price for a long time to come.
  34. (Copied from my "New Legendary Tailor on Hokuto" post.)

    After getting my Smith, Melkor, to Legendary earlier in the week, I just succeeded in getting my Tailor, Finrod Felagund, to Legendary tonight. (^^)v

    All in all it took a few days and around 40K of leather to get from 109.6 to 120.0. (For those who didn't know, 109.6 is the highest you can go with oil cloths when you are power scrolled to 120.)

    Here are the notes I took while doing it.

    I did my tailoring in batches of 1800 hides. 1600 went into my beetle, 200 into my recycle bag in my pack, which was empty except for a couple of hundred ingots, tinkering kit and lots of sewing kits which I periodically made more of. After using the first 200 hides, my pack could hold another 200, so I took 200 from the beetle and used them too. Now with my pack at 3/4 weight or so I recycled all of the things I made leaving me with 200 hides to start the process again.

    Each line lists the new skill level I got to with that batch of 1800 hides, followed by the change in brackets, and where necessary a note on what I was making.

    109.6 (start, making studded gorgets)
    110.0 (+0.4)
    110.7 (+0.7)
    111.3 (+0.6)
    111.9 (+0.6)
    112.8 (+0.9)
    113.6 (+0.8)
    113.9 (+0.3; changed to studded bustiers; wasted some hides here)
    114.0 (+0.1; still going slow and I was worried)
    114.5 (+0.5; back on form)
    114.9 (+0.4)
    115.9 (+1.0; Wow!)
    116.4 (+0.5)
    116.9 (+0.5)
    117.3 (+0.4)
    117.7 (+0.4)
    117.8 (+0.1; changed to studded sleeves)
    118.0 (+0.1; ouch this is slow)
    118.7 (+0.7; that's better
    119.0 (+0.3)
    119.4 (+0.4)
    119.7 (+0.3)
    119.8 (+0.1)
    120.0 (+0.2; about 275 leather left unused of this last batch)

    It was close towards the end - I ended up with only 2700 leather left in my stockpile. All in all it took me 23 batches of 1800, around about 41K of leather.

    Seemed slower than smithing...
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Great piece of information you have gathered there! Thanks for adding it to this thread /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  36. Silverbird

    Silverbird Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 3, 2001
    Likes Received:
    I can only agree .... best is to remove bone helmets from the chart. Since you cant recycle bone helmets its 4 hides + 6 bones vs 5 not-recycled leathers.
  37. Lakin

    Lakin Guest

    bone is only good for those pesky bone lbod's now /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    just started working my leg tailor scroll....100.7...all I can say is...if this still works...the 109.6 oil cloths thing....groovy...finally got a use for all that useless bod reward cloth /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    2000 bandages later...not a single gain....:-\......ya'll sure this oil cloth thing works?
  40. Badola Blazo

    Badola Blazo Guest

    I'm making bandages at this moment, currently at 108.8. Cheap and steady.
  41. Arauka

    Arauka Guest

    I havent played in a while and came to the boards to see whats new. I saw the post about oil cloths up to 99.6 and it seemed to good to be true. But I'm at 98.7 and I'm gaining about .2 per 120 oil clothes. Its awsome, so much skill so cheap!!!
  42. Almost at 110 but scrolled to 120.....

    Have been making oil cloths religiously since reading this post. cloths have taken me from 100 to my presnet sub 110 skill rating.

    Thank you Bodicea/*

    Now if I only spent enough time playing I would have money or enough hides to get me to 120.
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for the link!
  44. jotate

    jotate Guest

    Tiny rant to begin. Just spent 6 hours working from 104.6 to 109.6 on oil cloths. Went and retrieved my BOD expecting the heightened skill to make it at least something decent. 15 normal quality normal leather leggings. ~shakes head~

    Anyway, anyone have a definitive recommendation on what to make at this point? I know everyone basically has said studded gloves, but I just made 150 of them and got nothing. I'm poor and eating 600 leather for nothing makes me sad.
  45. stryder

    stryder Guest

    imagine my surprise... for over a month now, i've been blocked for non-payment (economic hard times - loss of job - full custody of my daughter)... i get enough money scratched up to restore my game and the first thing i wanna do is take my tailor to 120. so i come here looking for the best craft template for gains and VIOLA! y'all serve up the chart and i'm rockin'

    TY TY TY!!
  46. I just worked Tailoring from 103 to 115 and I can assure you that having tried several different pieces the studded gloves work the best. Gains slow down in a couple spots but Gloves always came through for me.
  47. The chart is dead on the money as far as oil cloths are concerned
  48. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/popcorn.gif
  49. Avalonia

    Avalonia Guest

    Id eat a 105 (can get them for next to nothing) then just make oil cloths to 100 and stop there. It might not be faster but you would still never have to work leather in order to gm /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif