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Going Down Memory Lane

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Black Sun, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Black Sun

    Black Sun Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Mar 19, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I didn't see a thread like this, and being that the thief class has always been a favorite of mine, I thought we should have a thread to swap our favorite thief stories.

    I've had a thief (in one form or another) since I started playing uo back in 2000. And after all this time I think my all time favorite memory is of the poor guy who was trying to move from one house to another using moongates and walking. This was back before AOS, I picked this guy up near the brit moongate. He had his pack fully loaded and was slowly making his way from the gate to his new house a few screens away. He must have been overloaded, because he kept stopping every few steps. The first thing I took off him was his crossbow. I don't think he even noticed, but when some of his rares went missing he suddenly noticed that. He must have tried his equip weapon macro or something because he got really mad all of a sudden when I appeared out of nowhere. I laughed at his tantrum and headed back towards the moongate. A few minutes later he showed up at the gate again. This time on the lookout. On the way to his house again, I snagged another couple items from his pack, and he got mad again and tried to attack me, but its hard to follow and kill a running thief when you're overweighted by your pack. I ran to the bank and made a quick deposit of my booty, and headed back to the moongate again to wait. The third time I wasn't so lucky. He came though the gate with a few friends. I tried for the hat trick, but as soon as they saw me I was shot, stabbed and set on fire before I made it 3 steps into my getaway. Later on when I ran into him he tried to talk smack about how he (and his friends) beat me down earlier, and how I was such a loser. That was when I reminded him about his rares that were now sitting in my bank box. That was when he told me to 'stfu n00b' and took off towards home. I had a good laugh over that one for a long time.
  2. Way back when I first started stealing in the T2A days (and playing with 56k / AOL) and spent my time around Minoc all day.

    I found someone afk with a couple of silver power weapons in his pack. I took the first one with a running snatch and he didn't move. I went back and took the rest before someone saw me.

    I still wasn't gm stealing. So later on I was training on my packy. I did that for an hour or so and was ready to take him back to the stables. A guy stops me "wait a sec" and respond "?." Then I lose connection. I lost connection a lot.

    I realize that it's the same guy that I stole from. I come back and I'm dead. I guess I forget to suicide myself to get rid of perma grey. I always imagined him standing over my ghost talking smack to me when I'm not even logged on.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hmmm, too many to list but one of my favorites was getting a warrior to follow me into my tower, trapping him in a corner and disarming stealing all his weapons/bandaids. With the aid of my 30 magery, I poisoned/punched him to death. Took about 15 mins. The conversation during said period was absolutley golden.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i used to sit in deceit and wait in the lich rooms. I stole more silver than i can remember. If i got lucky, the liches would kill the person too which only meant more loot for me.

    i miss those times.
  5. ShadowJack

    ShadowJack Guest

    Luring the PE was a hell of a lot of fun.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    stealing from monsters was fun to do also.. especially after they've looted someone
  7. chrae

    chrae Guest

    Cool, another nostalgia thread. Time for a good house lootin' story.

    I was out on Ice Island with a non-thief buddy roaming around the residential area searching for a house to loot. So we ran around hitting the AllNames macro looking for someone chilling out in their house. We found someone inside a two story L-shape which usually means it has decent loot. The plan was for him to dress up in shiny plate armor, fight some polar bears outside the house, and die so the house owner will open the door for the free loot while I rush inside.

    I polymorphed into a polar bear off screen, then walked the way NPCs do, then hid within camping distance (no stealth back then). My friend then lured a few polar bears on him and died after putting on a good show of trying to live. So there his body lay all decked out in shiny platemail, and the trap was set. It took a few minutes for him to take the bait, but he eventually came out and I went in. From there, the house loot went smoothly and was a fairly decent score, but nothing to get too excited about. Nothing exciting, except for another key/rune combo.

    We split up all the loot, then after making copies of the key, I went solo to investigate the key/rune. It was a large smith house loaded with all sorts of goodies and it was occupied. Since I had a safe backup of the key, I just walked right in all brazen and started taking stuff right in front of the guy. He was LLTS and called for help and 2 minutes later there were about a dozen of them swarming the house, and about 4 dragons. The owner also had a key, let the firepower in and I took a dirt nap.

    So I call in my TB buddies to assemble a looting crew before the owners could have a chance to evacuate the loot from the now, insecure house. We got together about 6 of us and made more copies of the key. To take control of the house, we had to get ourselves inside, lure the LLTS guys out, and steal all copies of the key so they can't open the door and let the dragons in. We had to battle for about 10 minutes just to get into the position where most of the LLTS are outside and TBs are inside.

    From there, we went to work. 2 of us working to gate the loot out to storage while 4 of us fended off their dragons and people. We lost control of the house a few times, but in the end we finally got all the keys and looted the rest of it in peace while laughing at the army stuck outside. All the junk that was left over, we put on the corpses of animals we summoned so when the corpses disappear, so do the items. Then we dropped a rune inside the completely empty house that was marked to West Gate with an inscription on it, "House cleaning, courtesy of the Trinsic Borrowers - payment is due"

    That's what house fighting was back then. These days, it's gimps hanging out on the porch of a house with their "remove thyself" macros, trying to get a cheesy kill dumping mana on fools. But times change... *sniff*

  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    great story. any story where LLTS gets it hard is a great one. good times.
  9. Charun

    Charun Guest

    EQ + LLTS lotto = Great Fun...
  10. Devilock71

    Devilock71 Guest

    I loved playing a bard theif back in the T2A days. the terra keep was a gold mine!! blocking doorways while watching some poor soul get smashed to bits. I used to piss off so many people!! They attack, peacemake, run off screen hide, recall to bank come back and just do it allll day. That was good times
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Aye, terra keep was awesome.

    I did a lot of moongate stealing. Made a UOA macro for my moongate of choice (usually yew or bucs) to gate me to a safe(ish) spot. The would snoop everyone at the moongate till a good item came a long. Steal, hop.

    It was impossible to defend against - except with usual thief defenses.

    Got a silver power viking sword from a trammie that way at yew. Came back to see if he had anything else, and he actually asked me to give it back!
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Not necessarily a thief moment, but I use to love the lotto games.. I'd wait til after the server stopped saving and buy up all of the lotto boxes and keep a log by my computer of what was in each of them.. Then I'd hang out until server up, make my rounds and resell at WBB for millions of gold in profit.

    But the best times were back whenever Bucs Den was the place to be. A couple of buddies of mine and myself would go box in some poor soul and completely steal everything he had. If he attacked one of us, we'd disarm/steal his weapon. Eventually he'd die of poison or a weapon.

    I also loved Deceit. No other time in UO will ever compare to hiding in the LL room and looting people. No other single moment in UO history will compare to the laughter and joy of watching people die so easily.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    the LL room in deceit was great. i used to spend a lot of time there too, and at the other lich spawn by the fire eles. it took tons of patience but i always used to love targeting someones silver weapon and waiting for them to recall and then stealing it just as soon as they began to cast. i could only imagine the look on their faces when they realized what happened after recalling out.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Tera keep was also a blast. Nothing like hiding in the spot where archers trained against the warriors. I always stole the arrows, any recalls/regs, and disarm/steal the bow. Ahh, the days of griefing players. le sigh.
  15. Cy4n1d3

    Cy4n1d3 Guest

    I remember way back b4 UO:R days when I first started playing, i was with a mage friend of mine in trinsic and we were running tthrough the jungle to the west with my theif and his warrior. stopped at someone house, unlocked the door (lockpicks worked then) and popped open his chest full of goodies. right as we were about to leave the guy opens his dorr and says "wtf are you doing here?" i stop looting face him and say, "oh sorry someone said i could log out here" and took off with almost a 750 K of stuff between the 2 of us.

    good times. i sort of mis the old days of actual Breaking and entering in UO but im glad I can keep arties in my house now instead of the bank [​IMG]
  16. GarthGrey

    GarthGrey Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I miss stealing runes right in the middle of a Kal Ort Por. :)