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Golem FAQ

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by chippac, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. chippac

    chippac Guest

    now that you've done all this fine work, wont you be so pleased to see it gradually move down the list into forum oblivion lol

    im not sure if the mods even read this forum
  2. Please keep this towards the top. Great work!
  3. Mo Verdigast

    Mo Verdigast Guest

    Fun with your new Golem: the Golem FAQ

    Here is my first attempt at answering frequently asked questions about Golems. Because Golems are created using tinkering skills, this FAQ belongs in the Tinkering Forum. Please PM me if you find an error and I'll correct it. Please make this post sticky!

    1. What are Golems?
    2. What materials do I need to make a Golem?
    3. What tinker skills do I need to have to create a Golem?
    4. What do I do with my new Golem?
    5. What do I feed my Golem?
    6. How do I heal my Golem?
    7. Oops, my Golem's losing the battle and something's happening to me. What's going on?
    8. Hey, my Golem's attacking me! Why did it do that?
    9. What do I do with my Golem when I don't want to keep it by my side?
    10. I get a message telling me that my Golem is annoyed. What do I do?
    11. My Golem doesn't seem to be paying attention. What's wrong?
    12. What can I hunt with Golems?
    13. What skills are useful for Golem controllers?
    14. What's the best way to kill a Golem?
    15. What does a Golem weigh?
    16. Why can't I control more than one Golem?

    1. What are Golems?

    A Golem is an artificial creature that can be created by a tinker. Golems are incredibly strong and resist poison and magical attacks. They are also immune to provoking and peacemaking, and can't be tamed by animal taming. Once created, a Golem will act like a pet and will do pretty much what you tell it to. Technically they are known as Iron Golems. Wild Golems are spawned by machines in Ilshenar known as Power Generators. You can also find Golems in Wrong.

    2. What materials do I need to make a Golem?

    You must gather the following materials:

    <ul>[*]50 iron ingots.[*]50 bronze ingots[*]5 gears made by a tinker[*]1 power crystal[*]1 clockwork assembly[/list]

    You probably know how to get ingots (if you don't, check out the Mining Forum) and if you're a tinker, you can make your own gears. Power Crystals are <font color=purple>purple</font color=purple> and can be found on the bodies of other Golems. Clockwork Assemblies are <font color=708090>gray</font color=708090> and also can be found on the bodies of Golems. Power Crystals and Clockwork Assemblies also may be found on Exodus Overseers, Juggernauts, and Betrayers. You can also buy Power Crystals and Clockwork Assemblies from other players and in player-run shops. Prices seem to range from 4000gp to 10000gp for Power Crystals and from 1000gp to 5000gp for Clockwork Assemblies Once you have all the materials in your backpack, double-click on the Clockwork Assembly and your Golem will appear.

    3. What tinker skills do I need to have to create a Golem?

    You need to have at least 60 tinkering skill to make a Golem. However, the higher your tinkering skill is, the stronger your Golem will be. If you don't have GM tinker skills yet, don't despair. As your Golem fights other creatures, it will train up. If you buy a Golem from someone else, you don't need any tinkering skill to control it. Only the tinkering skill of the creator affects the original strength of the Golem. You don't need animal taming, animal lore, or veterinary skills to control your Golem. Unlike other pets, you don't bond with your Golem; that is, the Golem doesn't become more loyal to you as you continue to use it. You can use Arms Lore on a Golem to see the skill level of the tinker that created it.

    4. What do I do with my new Golem?

    You can use most of the pet commands on your new Golem. Say "all follow me" to get it to follow you. After parading it around and showing off your new creation, you'll want to take it hunting. When you see something you want the Golem to fight, say "all kill" and target the creature you want to kill. If you get tired of leading it around on foot, you can use a Gate Spell and the Golem will follow you. If you use a Recall Spell, the Golem won't follow you. If you run too fast, the Golem can't keep up with you and will get lost.

    5. What do I feed my Golem?

    Nothing. They don't eat food.

    6. How do I heal my Golem?

    If your Golem is fighting with another creature, it will start to lose hit points. You can raise those hit point through tinkering. You must have iron ingots in your backpack and a tinkering tool. Double-click the tinkering tool and when the tinkering menu appears, click on the REPAIR button and select your Golem. If you are successful, your Golem will regain some hit points and ingots will be consumed. Once you've repaired your Golem, 12 seconds must elapse before you can attempt another repair. You must be standing right next to your Golem when you attempt to heal it.

    7. Oops, my Golem's losing the battle and something's happening to me. What's going on?

    If your Golem is losing hit points, you'll discover that you are also losing mana. So you might want to have good meditation skills and wear leather armor to regain mana quickly during battles. If your mana hits zero, you'll start losing hit points. So if it looks like you're going to lose a battle, run away! Once you are far enough away from your Golem, you will break the connection and save your own skin. If by some chance, the Golem survives, and you find it, the connection will be renewed and the Golem will once again be your willing pet.

    8. Hey, my Golem's attacking me! Why did it do that?

    If you're in war mode and you accidentally double-click your Golem, it will attack you, because it thinks you're attacking it. So be careful where you click. Once the Golem attacks you, you'll be surprised to see how fast Golems can move. You probably won't be able to outrun it and you may very likely die. If the Golem kills you, head for a shrine or a healer. When you're resurrected, the Golem has "forgotten" it was attacking you and is ready to do your bidding once again.

    9. What do I do with my Golem when I don't want to keep it by my side?

    Just like other pets, you can stable your Golem. Find a stable and say "stable" to the NPC. The stable will charge you 30gp per real week. When you're ready to pick up your Golem, say "claim" to the NPC at the stable. You can drop off your Golem at one stable and pick it up at another. Like other pets, you can transfer it to someone else, using a secure trading window. The price of Golems seems to range from 5000 gp to 10000 gp. Don't leave your Golem in your house when you log out. It probably won't be there when you log back in the next day.

    10. I get a message telling me that my Golem is annoyed. What do I do?

    Nothing. It's doing that because you told the Golem to guard you. The message is triggered when a hostile creature comes within range of you and your Golem. Just be aware that your Golem is getting ready to fight.

    11. My Golem doesn't seem to be paying attention. What's wrong?

    Like real-world pets, a Golem is easily distracted. You'll probably want to make a macro that says "all kill" and use it frequently. If the Golem doesn't seem to be attacking the right creature or helping you out, give it the "all kill" command. You will quickly learn that when you enter an area with your Golem, hostile creatures will attack you while your Golem stands by and idly watches. The minute you see a hostile creature, tell the Golem to attack it and hang back, ready to heal. Let your Golem do the fighting, but keep close watch to make sure your Golem didn't get distracted by another creature. When you're walking with your Golem, it may start going after a creature. If you don't want it to attack, quickly say "all follow me" and retreat. Make sure your Golem isn't outnumbered or in danger of fighting something too strong. Golems have short attention spans.

    12. What can I hunt with Golems?

    Your best bet is to attack creatures that rely on magic. For example, liches and gazers are pretty easy for your Golem to kill. Elementals are popular. But be careful against going up against some of the stronger creatures in Ilshenar. But last week, a Juka Lord wiped out my Golem in a few seconds and killed me too. You can use your Golem to kill Wild Golems, but you'll spend a lot of ingots healing your Golem.

    13. What skills are useful for Golem controllers?

    Useful skills for a Golem controllers include:

    <ul>[*]Tinkering - if you're creating your own Golems
    [*]Meditation - you'll want to regain mana quickly during battles
    [*]Mining - if you want to make your own ingots
    [*]Magery - you'll want enough to gate with scrolls[/list]

    Other combat and healing skills are of course useful and will vary according to your fighting style.

    14. What's the best way to kill a Golem?

    Depending on the characters you play, your tactics will vary. The Golem has a special attack called the Colossal Blow. This attack will stun the opponent and take the opponent out of war mode. However, the Golem only uses this special attack if it is targeted. Because the Golem can't hurt you if it can't touch you, archery attacks often are very effective. Golems can't be paralized, but a paralyze field will stop them. And magic and poison are worthless against them. Using a Golem against a Golem will work since you can heal your Golem while it kills the wild Golem, but you'll use up a lot of ingots.

    15. What does a Golem weigh?

    You can use scales to weigh a Golem. It weighs 10 stones. They're magical creatures.

    16. Why can't I control more than one Golem?

    Publish 16 changed the number of pets a player can control. Since the publish, a character gets 5 slots for pets. A Golem takes up 4 slots. So you can't control more than one Golem at a time. You can see the current status of your slots by looking at your Character Status gump. It will list the number of followers. For example, if you are controlling only a Golem, your follower status will read 4/5, meaning you've used up 4 of your 5 slots. This still leaves you room for a horse or ostard, but no more, and definitely not more than one Golem. If you have more pets stabled than you can hold, the stablemaster will give you a list of pets and you can choose which ones to redeem. Be careful! Apparently you can have at most 14 slots for stabling animals, but you have to have high animal taming, veterinary, and animal lore. So if you've stabled one Golem, you might not be able to stable another. And if you've got a Golem and you can't stable it or sell it, it won't be there when you log in tomorrow.
  4. Mo Verdigast

    Mo Verdigast Guest

    Added new section called "Why can't I control more than one Golem?" which discusses slots. Publish 16 introduced the concept of slots, which essentially limits you from controlling more than one Golem at a time. Before Publish 16, you could go hunting with a pack of Golems (a gaggle of Golems?) and wipe out anything you encountered. The fact that Golems are given 4 out of 5 slots indicates that Golems are still considered pretty powerful.
  5. Kofu

    Kofu Guest

    Great FAQ.

    Even gives me some vibes to return to UO one day /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  6. Kevy Kev

    Kevy Kev Guest

    Hey Mo!! GREAT FAQ!! Thanks very much for doing this...I have a couple more questions though...

    I'm at 85% Tinkering skill and I have a golem. You mentioned as it fights, that it will get stronger over time, just like other "pets". Will this eventually reach the "strength" of a GM Tinker?? Is there any way to measure the strength of my golem? Will Arms Lore give a different message depending on how powerful it is and how much fighting it has done?

    Also, you mentioned, "if you succeed at repairing"...what happens if you don't succeed? Is there a chance that you could weaken the golem?

    What if I trade/sell my golem to another player that does not have tinkering skill (or very low)...is there no way for him/her to repair the golem?

    Thanks in advance for any response...and once again, GREAT FAQ!!

    Joey the Bear (Baja)
  7. pismo

    pismo Guest

    With regard to evaluating your golem's abilities, the best way to do it is to find someone in game with 110 animal lore. They'll be able to tell you all of your golems stats and skills.
  8. MacHarsh

    MacHarsh Guest

    I agree with all the (following) favorable comments, and hope the moderators will choose to keep this at the top of the board.
    Thanks for your good work.
  9. Zrikz1

    Zrikz1 Guest

    nm found what i was looking for
  10. Vascht

    Vascht Guest

    Fantastic FAQ!

    I had no idea that golems took up four control slots, though. There go my dreams of my gnomish battle-tinker running around with two or three golems, charging through monster spawns.

    Still sounds fun!

  11. Trelim

    Trelim Guest


    I had no idea that golems took up four control slots


    Actually Its Three /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    I just had one out and i was on a horse and only 4 slots were used, this was changed before the publish hit, they told us 4, yet made it 3, just look, you'll see.
  12. Raziel00uk

    Raziel00uk Guest

    I lored someones golem and it was pretty strong ( almosyt 300 str ) huge resist 200 odd and 80- 90's in combat skills, this he gave to his friend, then he made one, I lored this and there was a huge difference, less than 100 in all stats, combat skills were int he low 50's and spell res was 47 ish, so training golems hsould work, however you cannot traing a skill beyond 100 and cannot train stats beyon 125, so I don't think you can train a golem to be like that made by a GM tinker.
  13. rileyrat

    rileyrat Guest

    Every golem has slightly lower magic resistance when they are first made. My golem even took damage from magery attacks for a bit. This all quickly changed and his resist is well over 200 now so I don't think the exact same rules aplly to golems as "normal" pets.
  14. Fuske

    Fuske Guest

    Hi all.

    So it's probably quite important to 'lore' your golem. -.-
    I have 2 qn's here.
    1.What's some good spawn for your Golem, what can it kill? Currently Im killing efreets 2 at a time in some dungeon. Kind of slow. Some magery needed. Killing earth elementals are fast...so kind of offsets with the efreets.

    2.What are some good skills for a tinker. I have 100 tink, 90+ magery and some in barding. But provoke is at 50+ only. I'm thinking of taking away my bard skills. Anyone got a good idea of what skill to get? I tought of archery, but my stats can't allow it. (100 str and int). Keep my bard skills ? My music I think its at 80+.
  15. rileyrat

    rileyrat Guest

    The music is easy to gm... Your golem can handle elder gaizers with minimal help if you can repair well. I make something like 30-40k an hour that way with another friend and his golem.
  16. DrAJ

    DrAJ Guest

    1) Has anyone done a study of iron vers bronze on amount healed?
    2) Has anyone done a study on amount healed per ingot (at GM Level)?
    3) Does amount healed depend on your skill in tinkering?
    4) Is 12 seconds between heals really correct?
    5) How many ingots are used in the healing process?
    6) What does arms lore tell you about a Golem?

    Thanks in advance to any that might answer this post!
  17. OB1

    OB1 Guest

    Since golems dont eat, can they bond to you?
    It would be VERY handy to summon my golem via crystal ball!
    If they cant bond, are they the ONLY 'pets' that cant?
  18. DrAJ

    DrAJ Guest

    Nope - cant bond - a real bummer
  19. OSI changed the timer to 60 seconds not 12. I always tell people not to sell or make non-gm golems. It's better to buy the parts then have a GM make it for you.
  20. **Power Crystals are purple and can be found on the bodies of other Golems. Clockwork Assemblies are gray and also can be found on the bodies of Golems. **

    HI where do i find other golems to fight, to get these items above? i have an old copy of uo, and do not have a way to get to the new lands. where can i find golem spawning? thank you. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  21. Oneshot13

    Oneshot13 Guest

    You can find golems in Wrong in the old lands.
    Good luck.
  22. Dargrimm

    Dargrimm Guest

    Does Blacksmithing skill affect golems in any way? I thought I heard someone saying that they had a GM tinker/ GM smith made golem, as if it made it more special.

    If so, Ill wait to make one until I GM that one too.
  23. Matthaus

    Matthaus Guest

    What is the going rate for a GMed Golem?
    What do GM tinkers charge for their Golem production?

  24. fortgeorge

    fortgeorge Guest

    I can sell my golems easily for 15-20k. This is on Catskills.

    Also, if someone asks me to make one for them from their parts then sometimes I charge them 3-5k. Although I do it for free alot of the time.
  25. pismo

    pismo Guest

    Everything has changed since AoS. Golems STINK now, can hardly kill anything without massive ingot healing, and are hardly worth the bronze ingots used to make them. Don't plan on making much money selling them. Just an FYI. See my post "Remind me again why I made a tinker..." for more info.
  26. PizzaDude

    PizzaDude Guest

    They spawn in the Shame Dungeon, but so do lots of Juka...
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Glad to have found this post...been so long since we made golems,
    a frined and I had forgotten all you did was dbl click the assembly. [​IMG]