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[Fencing] Golem training not work in a house?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Lord Roland Banethor, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Just curious, I've started trying to get my fencer up from gm to legendary. I started training with a golem.. I started at 101.4, and the golem is at 96.7. I got a GGS gain the first time I struck.. then played for about an hour with no gain. Left for a bit, then came back and tried again, but this time, right outside of my house instead of inside, and I got a gain. Just seems like it's going slower than normal.. I don't remember gains being that slow when I went to LG swords.
  2. Update..

    I don't think it's even the house. I noticed that eventually, my fencer would keep hitting the golem, but the golem would no longer take any damage. No number 1s popping up each time I hit, no white on his health bar, etc. If I'll all guard/all kill/all stop again, it'd start working, and I'd start gaining again.. still waiting to see how long it takes for that to happen again though.
  3. LionUWF

    LionUWF Guest

    hey buddy :)

    after it goes grey once and you have to all guard/allstop/all stay then it will just carry on going and taking damage.
  4. Awesome, thanks:) Working like a charm now!

    I recognize your name from before I joined UWF I think.. did I sell you a large tower on fire island?
  5. LionUWF

    LionUWF Guest

    You didnt im a customizable only guy :)

    but i am quite famous for being an egotistical git :p