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Good armour?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Riboflavin, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Riboflavin

    Riboflavin Guest

    Hello guys,

    I'm trying to build up a pure samurai, too. Pure in the sense of no necro.
    After reading alot of posts here and following the advices the character is slowly taking shape. Purpose is mainly PvM.
    Skills are so far (720 cap)...

    106.1 Bushido (saving for a 120 scroll)
    120 Fencing
    110 Tactics
    100 Parry (saving for a 120 scroll)
    96.x Healing (might reduce that when I get the parry scroll)
    60 Chiv (for travel and remove curse)
    110 Anatomy (might reduce it when I get the parry scroll)

    Stats (with +25 scroll):
    Str 113 (HP with suit: 116)
    Dex 114 (Stamina with suit/wep: 126)
    Int 28 (Mana with suit: 41)

    What I need to improve is my armour suit. At the moment I got a few resists at 60, but also some as low as 40. So I need badly better armour parts. I got a legendary smith/tailor. Plus some runic hammers and a barbed runic kit. Question is now... should I rather go for metal armour or leather parts? Any suggestions? Or is every hand-made part just too bad, anyway. And I should turn completly to artis?

    Using a vorpal blade mainly. Nice weapon while fighting repond creatures, imho. Disadvantage is that it is a one-handed weapon. Using no shield of course.

    Any other suggestions are gladly welcomed. [​IMG]

  2. Trukx

    Trukx Guest

    For armor I really build around 2-3 main pieces that provide me the direction of my suit and compliment them with crafted items or arties that may fit. If i can fit a bunch of arties in...great....but they arent always compatable.

    For starters---the head piece---there are a LOT of really good arties and rewards that go on your head for warriors (Mace and Shield, Folded Steel, Spirit of Totem, Ancient Samurai Helm....if you just need resists even a kasa of the Raja'n). I almost always start w/ a headpiece when building my suit.

    For the Chest---I like the heart of the lion....its cheap, its got a decent base of resists adn 15 DCI. I'll also go w/ a player made piece on this if one fits (I prefer tailor items so I can change pieces between my mage and my warrior; and when I craft I may get one that fits those characters as well whereas if im using smithy, odds are it wont be medable).

    Legs -- Fey Legs (with 20DCI)...again...cheap. Player made items also fit this one.

    Gorget -- Jackals. Wont use a warrior w/ one for the dex bonus alone.

    Arms - Player Made....odds are you will need high fire/poison and energy.

    Gloves - Generally I make up DI from jewelry/Talisman and Weapon so typically I craft mine. Stormgrip are also pretty useful....decent resists, DI bonus and Intel bonus.

    For crafting--general rule is that for Smith Runic hammers you make weapons and use the tailor kits for armor.
  3. Are you going for an actual "pure" Samurai, or a Sampire? There's a big difference in armor between the 2.

    For example, for a pure Samurai, I'd say start with Stormgrip, Rune Beetle Carapace, and Mace & Shield glasses. For a Sampire, I'd say go with Stormgrip, Heart of the Lion, Mace & Shield glasses and Royal Leggings of Embers.
  4. Riboflavin

    Riboflavin Guest

    Thanks for the input so far!

    @Trukx: Yeah, I forgot to mention. My suit includes an Ancient Samurai Helm. All other items are either loot or horned runic kit items. Stormgrip should be in one of the thousands chests [​IMG]. Guess I'll need to save for a jackal one, then. Thanks in particular for the advice concerning using the runic kits.

    @Connor_Graham: Acutally, I want this samurai without any necro. So no sampair. Red that sampairs are really strong and capable of soloing a few nice "end"-monsters. But... well, I'll stick with the pure samurai-warrior. [​IMG]
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I keep necro on my template, but here's what I use. Mace N Shield Glasses, Tunic of Fire, Jackal's Collar, Legs of Bane, Essence of Battle, Quiver of Infinity, Primer on Arms, Crimson Cincture, Crafted gloves and sleeves, HCI/DCI/DI Jewels. Works good. I would not run a Melee character without a Jackal's Collar and Mace N Shield Glasses, ditto with Archer. I have Fencing also and like to use weapons with Mana and Stamina leech over 40%.
  6. Acutally, I want this samurai without any necro. So no sampair. Red that sampairs are really strong and capable of soloing a few nice "end"-monsters. But... well, I'll stick with the pure samurai-warrior.

    Since that's the case, I'd then suggest Stormgrip, Rune Beetle Carapace, Mace & Shield Glasses, Fey Leggings, Jackal's Collar, Primer on Arms, then crafted sleeves to fill in the resists. If you're good on DI from jewels, you can substitute a Totem of the Void for the Primer on Arms for the addtional LMC. Load up on DCI to max if you can, and as much HCI as possible as well. For your weapons, look for ML, SL, SSI & DI.
  7. Riboflavin

    Riboflavin Guest

    Thanks alot for the suggestions on a good suit! Definitely, I'll keep them in mind (copied and saved them away) when going out for shopping/ crafting [​IMG].

    Cheers and good hunting!

  8. Kakitasteel

    Kakitasteel Guest

    this is what i currently run atm. i have 2 suits 1 is a sammy/ pally #1, #2 is pure sammy.

    #1. 34 HCI,44 DCI, Mr 1, HP Reg 4, HLD 30,Dmg inc 45,all 70's resist's, str 120, dex 150, int .34

    only 710 skill pt's but i lucked out and found the right jewelry for resists, skill's, and HCI/DCI.
    template is 120 swords, parry, bush, gm tact,anat 90 healing(gm w/ enhanced aids) and chiv @ 81.

    mace and shield
    heart of the lion
    legs of bane
    horned sleeves MR 1 18,22,7,6,18
    crimson cincture
    primer on arms tali
    quiver of infinity
    ring str +5, HCI 14, DCI 11, energy res 11
    brace chiv 12, parry 11, DCI 13, cold res 12, poison res 11

    #2 temp is 120 swords,parry,bush, tact, anat ,110 healing. str 108, dex 150, int 50.

    HCI 31, DCI 28, MR 3, LMC 21, HLD 30,HP Reg 4,Ref phy's 9. Dmg inc 66, all 70's resist's

    mace and shield
    legs of bane
    Barbed sleeves Ref phy's 9, 19,18,5,22,17
    crimson cincture
    primer on arms tali
    quiver of infinity
    ring str + 6 , HCI 11, DCI 12, LMC 6, cold resist 11
    brace dex + 4, DCI 11, dmg inc 21%, fire resist 11, energy resist 15
    Bronze robe + 3 phy's resist

    the reason i use leggings of bane is due to no resist and if you get hit w/ a mana drain your stuck w/ no mana for lightning strike, so i like to run as much HCI as i can get.

    not sure what shard your on but if your on origin hit me up i usually horde some decent stashes of jewelry, and armor.
  9. Wouldn't a pure Samurai not use Chiv? [​IMG]

    Chiv is a big mana hogger, so I can forsee you having mana issues unless you get a lot of MR/LMC, however, that will take away from other mods like DCI, HCI, and DMI.

    So I would suggest turning the 60 chiv into focus. You then only need about 6 MR, and 3MR would come simply from the Rune Beetle Carapace (1-3m).

    Depending on how much gold you have, you should then consider a jackal's collar (price has dropped considerably). If you want to achieve 150 dex on your char, it's the way to go.

    Fey leggins are then a good choice (elf only run around 50k - human run around 1mil) if you're looking to max out your DCI. Throw in the free slot on your back with a quiver of infinity (around 250k), and you've already got 25% DCI.

    Speaking of free slots, if you've got money, get a crimmy! Anyhoo that's a give, so moving on to helm. If you have 6-9mil, get either mace or folded glasses. Mace glasses are usually for those folks who PVP, as the HLD is very handy and it also gives +15 stats. The folded give you DCI, but you're already up to 25%, 15 more would put you at 40. So it's a decision that will come down to playstyle.
    Ancient Samurai is a good choice if you dont have lots of gold (250k).

    Next up are your gloves. I personally use crafted gloves with MR2, MI8, and resists you need. I suggest you go for this as well, rather than trying to build around arty gloves that usually have resists you don't need/want. Plus you really need the MR!

    Sleeves are much the same, you will want at least MR2 and then a mod such as MI or LMC. Sleeves are usually where you get the resists to fill out an all 70s suit. So the cost will likely be high in terms of Bkits used to get exactly what you need.

    Next you'll want to pick a talisman, likely a primer, you'll need the DMI.

    Finally your jewels; you'll likely want to get a ring of the vile for SR, dex, hci, and it has POI resist which will come in very handy if you picked fey leggings over bane (which is likely if you're going to PVM instead of PVP). Your bracelet should then have at least HCI and DMI, anything else is gravy!

    If you decide to keep chiv on your template, you wont need SR, but you'll still suffer from a lack of mana. This is why people run around with necro and chiv, to get both stam and mana without getting it from their equipment. They then can max out on HCI, DCI, and DMI, thus doing the most DPS in attempts to solo peerless and the like.
  10. Yukio

    Yukio Guest

    Just curious here since I'm just returning from a bit of a break. What are "mace n shield glasses" and "folded glasses?" I know about glasses and such but have never heard of these. Thanks!
  11. Trukx

    Trukx Guest

    They are rewards for turning things in for points at the britain library.
    Cost 800,000 points....or A LOT of turning things in. Each library attendant has different items they'll take for points.

    Mace and shield glasses:

    Hit Lower Defnse 30
    Strenght 10
    Dex 5
    PR 25
    FR 10
    CR 10
    PoR 10
    ER 10
  12. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    Yea mace and shield glasses are popular because of their mods.

    When you want to boost up to 150 dex.

    125, so you need 25 more. Most warriors do this by jackals (+15), mace and shield (+5) crimson (+5) for your +25 up to 150. Pretty easy to obtain and all 3 items are good for warriors and archers. So not only do you get the ok mods on the 3 items, your dex is 150 for faster bandages, and faster attacking.

    With the current game, i would say that those 3 items are a STAPLE for any warrior or archer.