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Good Morning ABM 4/23

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    set up breakfast goodies and sits for a spell with a good cup of hazelnut coffee.
    wow it is amazing how much stuff there is to do in uo and how long some of it takes me. I never seem to get it all done in the time I play. I firmly believe that my girls and guys in uo have a extreme gene in them for disorganization and kleptomania. I spend more time trying to find where i put things in game or ok which one used it last if i make them share.If you have multi accts how do you keep them organized and use them all.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Hazelnut myself. With cinnimon or is it cinomin or wait... cinamon. No cinnamon.

    I have the same issues. Its called packratatism. There is no cure. Just an occasional purging.
  3. I definatly agree.....I have 3 houses.......all 3 are trash piles!
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    (staggers in the room with a bad case of bedhead and wearing Dethklok pajamas)

    Mmm..... morningefferyone. Toolateforwafflez?
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yah but my purges never last. I was so happy i finished all my bard bods that Ii had sorted . Went to one of my other houses and found a few unsorted bods well there are now 69 bard bods 247 horned 312 spinned and 175 leather sitting there undone and i have not even logged in my tailors to see what is in the bod books there are carrying also not counting the 72 large bods spinned or higher have not turned in yet
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Morning [​IMG]

    *grabs a bit of tomato juice and eggs and toast*

    I actually HAVE been organising accts. and chrs. per acct. I keep thinking what ifs too much maybe...what if this xp dies ? what if they drop 2D UO tomorrow ?
    etc. things that have made me think to organise *as if they may not be ..a tomorrow* seems to be helping me organise better.

    If ya think it is difficult on one main shard ye play upon...try two. [​IMG]

    I have finally managed to *warehouse* 5 chrs. on Siege into ONE large twr. each one per chr. template has their own holiday items banked up, and whatever resources they per *template* may need for most part are banked up..which leaves their one remaining home for parrots, plants and those things...that do not stack. [​IMG] I went from multiple homes there down to one...removing all items per accts. per chr. to get possibly what was 3 max secureds full of items and things into ONE home of max secureds items things for the 5 of em.

    Now on Chesapeake..larger issue since those chrs. have 10 yrs of stuffs...whereas the Siegers only have 4 yrs of stuffs...but I placed a new home on Ches. just TO sort thru all my bods bods parts for tailoring and all the smith bods remain in my smiths home there...I AIM to get these all done filled out or tossed out possibly by the end of THIS month or end of May for sure. That will get rid of lots of junk..in and of itself alone organinsing filling processing the crafter bods smith and tailor both. When ya find you someway ended up with 4 lizardman statuettes ya think...ok keep 2 one per oldest acct and sell off the other 3 haha ...and one does not really need 30 reindeer nor 30 christmas trees although them spiffy christmas trees hard to *get rid of* ie sell off..but do we REALLY need all those ? noooooooooo nor 6 valentine cards per 20 or 30 chrs on 5 accts to keep noooooooooooooo soooo I am organising as if all those chrs. over all those years are trying to sort thru their tons of things to try to FIT it all into less homes less banks spaces less items count...pitch out that jewelry we may never use need nor wear...if it is bardic slap few of those TO the bards pitch the rest ...of those rings etc. etc.

    I am finding by thinking *what if* the computer dies, or 2D dies tomorrow...how much can I save per acct per chr. IN their bank box and in possibly ONE house 2 max not more...and find this helps me to really ...clear out stuff more so than just telling myself time for spring cleaning...in UO land...works now for me better to think.........this xp not getting any younger...2D can end tomorrow..so what if...and where will ya store it..to possibly pay for ONE acct. that maybe you will keep paying for ..just to stow ye stuff and chrs. in maybe only ONE house and acct... IF for some reason ...you are shut out of UO tomorrow...and that thinking helps me more to CLEAR out, way more stuff a lot more efficently.. lately.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    gronk *yawn*

    This black stuff isn't thick enough for my spoon to stand in by itself. That doesn't mean its decaf does it?

    I myself have chars on four shards and houses are (dis) organized in larger and smaller degrees. I have the benefit(always looking for a silver lining) of having lost two houses at the same the beginning of last October. So not too terrible recluttered yet. but I am working on it. Thanks for reminding me.

  8. Emil Ispep

    Emil Ispep Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 23, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Folgers w/ coconut creme.. Mmm. Had two of those big omlette sandwich things from the King. 2200 calories.. should be good for a few hours =).

    Got two accounts. One is 10 years, other is 3. Have two Tram towers next to each other, but turned one into a custom. Heh, theyre kinda messy.. No real method to my organizational madness. Next rainy day, im thinkin of condensing all the vendors/rares/display items into one building, and using the other for mass-pack-rat-storage. I had the roof of the tower covered with white snow piles, but took em out. Anyone interested in close to 200 piles of white snow? maybe a snowball fight perhaps.. muahaha.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Ah but which year of white snow piles are they ?

    *toss in the myriads of glacial blue snow piles too *

    ...wouldn't it be grand all these alike year of snowpiles...actually all stacked ?