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goodbye, And thanks for all the fish. (leavin uo)

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Return of Croft, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Well, 7 years of UO... and since day one, ive had fun playing my first MMO. I took on many roles durring the time I played here, to some, a fierce friend, to others a fierce enemy. Either way, When UO stopped making my time here fun I did what i could to entertain myself. Now though, I have had a reality check. with a 65% drop in subscribers, 3 failed versions of UO expansions, and the lack of new subscribers.. UO has become a wasteland of vet players hanging on to only the friendships they have formed over the years. Email is free, so I opted to stay in contact that way.

    I dropped my house on Origin, Atlantic and Lake Superior last night giving back to UO nearly 400 Million gold in cash and items over 60 artifacts back to the people i played withboth friend and foe. My Accounts are switched off, and a new game awaits me. I've done alot in this game, from guilds to brokering, and much more, but all that is for nothing now.

    I never thought I would leave UO, especially to play World of Warcraft. Somehow it seems traitorous. But the real betrayal is what happened when Orign handed the riegns over to EA. It saddens me that they pushed so many players away, including myself.

    Anyways, I wanted to make a small post here on these boards to let people know that I have left, and to apoligize for some of my aggresive behaivors to you in the game. UO is such a competitive game that it can sometimes bring out the worst in people. So to those of you that i have angered over the years, "my bad". Its never good to leave with a bad taste in your mouth..

    Well, enjoy the remains of UO.. I'll be over playing WoW for the next few years.

    I'de say see ya later, but i probibly wont. so..

    Good bye.

  2. Larisa

    Larisa Publishing Manager, Stratics Leadership Team
    Editor Reporter Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Editor Fallen Lords

    Sep 8, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Hey I didn't get nuffin!!! *pouts*

    *laughs* It was a pleasure meeting you Croft, and fighting at your side....the laughs we had will always be remembered. LLC will live on in the minds of those who knew you and DIDN'T think you were newbie Trammel Trash *winks*

    Take care of those beautiful girls you have, and keep in touch.
  3. blerick

    blerick Guest

    I have to agree with your views of what has happened to UO, where it is headed and who is still playing. I have been here for 10 years now, and not leaving just yet for the reason you said, in game friends. After you have played
    warcraft for a while, please post your views of it, as I would be interesed in how a devoted UO fan truly likes it after a few months of play.

    thanks and goodbye
  4. Cherie XX

    Cherie XX Guest

    Have a good one bro. I will hit ya up on icq. As for myself I am almost in the same boat [​IMG]
    Before I get banned again :O
    Have a good one
  5. UO versus WOW and why i wont be comming back, Phantom13:

    something ive noticed about wow, which is really cool.. is that alot of items in the game can ONLY be lworn by the person who looted them. Meaning... the economy is under really good control. I have played almost 2 weeks now, and im already up to level 28 out of a possible 70 on a frost mage. Each level is harder and longer to obtain, so my guess is that i will be playing WOW for a while to just git my cap. after that, is where the items come into play. It will take a long time to get all the items i want to have, which can mostly only be looted by me to wear them. Meaning i cant just farm gold, then buy them up, i have to get the items to actually drop for me.

    The WoW servers had some down time the other day.. and with 9,000,000 players, its no wonder. but while it was down i logged into my uo account and found that after walking 10 tiles, it wasnt even worth another step.

    UO has been like a bad relationship for me for several years. an abusive one at that.. When your in the abusive relationship you may not see how abused you really were. but once your out.. you feel like kicking yourself for having stayed so long. If i left WoW ide head over to Lord of the Rings Online.

    Saying Ill be back is like you owning a 76 toyota corrola.. then getting a 2008 porsche and saying " youll go back to that toyota corrola" It just isnt gonna happen under any circumstances.

    The overall feel of the game is community and general kindness. Its very rare to run into a player who is a jerk. UO brings the jerks out of the nicest people, MYSELF included. PvP is nice, no one hit kills if your fighting someone within 5-6 levels of where you are. and on the server im on atm, it can only happen if you agree to fight * which i always do* the interface of the game is awsome, you can tell Kingdom reborn tried to copy many aspects of it. Only wow runs SUPER smoothly.

    There are no hacks. zero. you log in with one running and your insta banned, no questions just good bye. thats a huge plus, cause many of you know playing UO with a cheat is the norm. WOW knew that people would use add on programs so they actually have a place for add on programs to be used in the disk files.

    All in all, im enjoying myself, i wont be back im on Windrunner server if any of you wanna stop by and say hi. they have a free 10 day trial right now.. the DL took me 20 minutes tops and you start playing right away, no credit card needed for the free trial or anything, just DL it at worldofwarcraft.com and boom you in.

  6. Well Croft it was nice knowing you. I wish you luck in your new adventures. My husband and I are waiting for War Hammer Online (which still isn't out yet!) but till then I will play uo as i still enjoy it. Have fun, as I know I will! [​IMG]

    Your friends always Raknid and Jo Cool
  7. Thank you croft for teaching me the ways of fel ...you'll be missed. [​IMG]
  8. <blockquote><hr>

    Ahh, I play WoW, UO and Pirates of the Burning Sea....and while I love all three to death (I'm working on my second 70 in wow) i have to say UO has something that they don't really have....

    A sense of community.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I'll have to agree with that. the thing about wow is that there are some things you HAVE to do in a group, but for the most part you play solo, even when in a guild. and the truth is that there is no benifit for the higher level players to teach newbies comming in.

    Asode from graphics and general game play.. if you took 100 new players and put them in WOW and UO... the UO players would probibly feel more welcome. Groups like AV who i have bashed in the past do a great job welcoming people and making them feel at home. yes thats a compliment Daine.

    but truth be told there isnt alot of compitition in WOW to be the best like there is in UO. I like myself alot better playing WOW because im less of a jerk LOL.

    but yeah, UO deffinately has the upper hand on community feel. then again, all small towns have that. WOW just hit 10 million players.. UO has 90k. most everyone knows everyone else in UO. hehe
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    In WoW&lt; i have to say it depends on the server.

    There are several guilds on Whisperwind dedicated to helping lowbies level.

    The one I'm currently in on bronzebeard is the same way "Avatara Descentia" (Sps?) We help everyone we can. I know Im notorious for making newbies level up to their first instance before I help them, then if htey don't listen to my instructions they're on their own. I've taught two warlocks and they've become excellent players so hopefully it will continue.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If it feels good do it at least for now. I was there all through Beta then on day one it was great but after the long run it gave me a feeling i was limited in choises. I had a huge war guild it was cool i think PvP plays smoother there and your right about security its much better in wow all in all wow is a great experience but here I am so its a testiment to one point of view.

    I like the sand box definition some give this and im really w/ you on feeling exploiters are horible in this game I feel UO needs a hero class a bunch of great Pvpers who in former days were the scourge but login just to give the true baddys a fanny tanning.
    maby in your off time you could do that for us but as i said before enjoy [​IMG]