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Goodman Memorial Magincia Beach 08/30/06

Discussion in 'UO Player Memorial Forum' started by Aricia, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Aricia

    Aricia Guest

    Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen..
    Thank you all for coming & sharing this day with me..

    I have a few words that I've written for this occasion
    but first a few acknowledgements.

    Thank you to everyone that helped me put out candles this evening.

    A sincere Thank you to Lady Rachel
    for always coming to my rescue during these events.

    My heartfelt thanks to Lord Lew & Doc of Jhelom, & Pink Dragoness
    for helping me keep Goodman's Rune Library open
    as I promised.

    Lord Sith created this beach memorial. I thank him for his advice & friendship
    and for helping me keep Goodman in our memories.

    It is my vow that his Library will survive and I hope you will continue to visit it
    to honor his memory.

    *bows her head*

    Have fun... be happy...be kind.

    Have fun... be happy...be kind.

    These are the words as I found them written by him in his character profile.

    A simple philosopy of life from a kind soul who by his actions
    and the countless hours of dedication to his fellow man,
    left a mark in two worlds.

    That mark is not easily forgotten by those of us who had the privilege of his
    company however brief or long..

    By many who did not meet him but used his rune library to explore Sosaria.

    This beach where we are standing, reverberates with his presence.
    It is here where our memories are strongest.
    It is here where most of us met him.

    This place where he built his beloved rune library that opened doors for us
    to places we could only imagine.

    It is here most of us came to explore the world of Britannia
    while he patiently waited for us to return to tell him stories of our adventures.

    It is here where he took the time to teach many of us the ways of the world,
    to give a word of encouragement, or to give whatever he had that would
    in some way brighten our day.

    He loved this world..
    he lived to help people, friends & strangers alike.
    He was immensely proud of his library.

    This kind soul vanished from our world one year ago today.
    A great light in our world has gone.
    The sadness we feel has not diminished with the passing of time..

    But perhaps by coming here today and filling this special
    place with the radiance of light...

    perhaps we can make him see that we miss him
    more than words or tears can express..

    If you can see dearest friend
    we will always remember you
    we will always love you
    and we will keep faith with your words..

    Have fun.. be happy.. be kind.


    August 30th marks the sad anniversary of the passing of Robert Francis Campbell aka Goodman of Goodman's Rune Library. This was the Candlelight Service in his memory.

    Thank you to those of you that attended. I know there were many more that would have like to be able to attend. There will be a memorial on Magincia Beach every year on this sad day.

    Thank you
    Andrasta, GRL